How Small Businesses Can Use Technology To Grow Faster

How Small Businesses Can Use Technology To Grow Faster

It is pretty evident that if businesses want to compete on a global scale, they need to keep up with the changing trends in mobile apps, technology tools, and attention-grabbing websites. That said, technology has not only changed the way people communicate but has also made communication easier.

Technology is one of the most influential factors in today’s business world. It has the potential to be the driving force behind most breakthroughs in business, whether large-scale or small. 

How Small Businesses Can Use Technology To Grow Faster

While technology can’t do all the work for you, it is certainly capable of making life a little easier (and business success possible) if your company already has solid foundations. However, it’s also true that with cutting-edge tech by their side, small businesses can boost their profit margins and become bigger and better than before!

Here are a few tech solutions that can provide the boost your small business might require:

Social media

Social media is the ultimate resource for small businesses. Social media has truly made it possible for small companies to compete with the big ones in ways that were previously unimaginable. It allows you to not only learn about your audience but also to monitor their every action, providing you with a plethora of information about what motivates them. 

Additionally, using social media, you can build trust which is vital because today’s consumers don’t like being lied to or tricked into buying things – they want to have complete transparency whenever possible. Importantly, social media allows brands a huge opportunity for outreach at virtually no cost!

Tools for Boosted Productivity

Although it would be ideal to have a limitless supply of hundreds of thousands of productivity experts at your disposal, the fact is that it will pretty quickly put a dent in your account balance. 

The good news for small company owners, however, is that owing to digital innovation, you don’t need a team of hundreds of productivity specialists. In truth, all you actually need is a laptop or smartphone with one or more tools that make accomplishing things on the road as simple as possible. For example, a video maker tool can be an excellent addition to all your social media marketing efforts as it can drastically reduce the time required to go from ideation to execution, allowing you to churn out engaging video content, on a regular and timely basis.

Analytical Tools

There are also many different ways you can use technology to help track the progress of your business. To stress-test your business and the data it generates, you can incorporate a range of tools. If you have the right analytical tools, you will have your finger on the pulse of your company’s key performance indicators, leveraging information to help with making educated decisions. 

For instance, you can calculate how many of your visitors use their mobile phones or tablets to browse your company website – or – you can evaluate the average load-time of your site. When it comes to telling whether or not your company is performing at its optimum level, there’s no limit to the amount of information available for analysis. With digital technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to pull up all sorts of reports that outline how things like net traffic volume, social media engagement, and conversion rates have changed throughout a specific time period.

Digital marketing campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns make it easy to speak directly with customers and get instant feedback on the fly, giving you an opportunity to experiment frequently with different types of marketing tactics. Additionally, digital marketing campaigns allow you to experiment rapidly and test repeatedly without having to go through long planning or development processes for each new experiment.

Performance-based advertising is an essential advantage of digital marketing over TV or radio, as you can track how many people saw your ad impressions and how many of those saw it more than once. You can also check how many converted from visiting your website to making a purchase and if they’ve shared anything about your product with their friends. 

Ease of Communication

Times have changed. And if you thought handing out business cards was the only way to contact someone new, then think again. Communication has become insanely simple and affordable! And as a business owner, it is only fair that you take full advantage of that.

In modern business, communication is fast and dirt cheap! Not only is it easy to get your point across (for times when you don’t have an hour to size up the other person over coffee) but if you really need to connect quickly with someone located in a different country, you can simply use Skype or any of the other messengers and enjoy immediate responses at little to no cost at all. With this in mind, there are collaboration tools that help us save time when communicating with others overseas.

Online Payment Systems

It’s amazing how much more accessible the business world has become with online payment platforms. Did you know that integrating an online payment system into your website can drastically increase the number of potential clients who can have access to your products and services? 

Online payment platforms are taking over the world. Paying for things online is much more secure and efficient. As a result, small businesses can have far greater access to customers who are seeking to procure services or products through another method of payment besides cash!


Technology is the backbone of any successful small business, it’s vital to the success of any small business owner. It can make life easier and it can make you more productive. We hope the points highlighted above can help you in that regard.

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