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A Comprehensive Guide to UFC 4 Button Configurations

by Oliver Taylor
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UFC 4 is an action-packed fighting game. It lets you enter a virtual octagon and become your own fighting champion. Knowing the button configurations is key in winning the game, especially if you’re on PlayStation® 4 or Xbox. It makes the game more fun and you can unleash some cool moves.

The controls are a bit different between PlayStation 4 and Xbox. This includes how you strike, kick, and defend yourself. Learning these controls will boost your confidence. It will also help you perform powerful strikes, precise kicks, and great defensive moves.

Complex combinations in UFC 4 should not scare you. This guide will help you understand the button configurations. We’ll share tips to start using the controls, dive into the best moves and how to combine them. You’ll soon be on your way to becoming a UFC 4 master.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and become a champion? Let’s start by understanding UFC 4’s buttons, controls, and game settings.

Getting Started with UFC 4 Controls

Before you jump into UFC 4, it’s important to know the basic controls. These are crucial for pulling off the perfect moves, whether on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox. Let’s check out the controls for each one:

PlayStation 4 Controls

PlayStation 4’s controls offer smooth navigation and accurate moves. Below are the main controls:

Action Control
Locomotion Left stick
Head Movement Right stick
Switch Stances R3 button
Strikes and Kicks Various button combinations

These controls let you circle the octagon, slip attacks, and perform powerful moves.

Xbox Controls

Xbox controls are much like those on the PlayStation 4. Here’s how to do the main moves:

Action Control
Locomotion Left stick
Head Movement Right stick
Switch Stances N/A
Strikes and Kicks A/B and X/Y buttons

Xbox controls also allow for fluid motion and accurate actions, perfect for controlling the octagon.

To be great at UFC 4, it’s key to get to know the controls. Practice your moves and combos. Now, armed with the basic controls, let’s move on to advanced strategies and combinations.

Advanced Techniques and Combos in UFC 4

After mastering the basics, it’s time to dive into UFC 4’s advanced moves. You can use a mix of strikes to hit hard and stun your foes. These include punches to the head and body, using various buttons and moves. Work on these to boost your fighting skills. Try out different combos to see what works best for you.

To win in UFC 4, you need to be a master of the advanced moves. By seamlessly combining strikes, you can confuse your opponent. This might help you secure a win. Make sure to use the right buttons to pull off powerful moves. This way, you can leave your rival dazed and open.

Effective UFC 4 Combos

Here are some effective combos you should learn:

  1. Lead Jab, Liver Kick, Left Hook (L1, Square + Circle, Square)
  2. Lead Uppercut, Overhand, Body Kick (L1, Triangle, Circle, X)
  3. Rear Straight, Rear Hook, Head Kick (R1, Square, Triangle, Circle)
  4. Rear Hook, Rear Uppercut, Spinning Back Fist (R1, Triangle, Square, Circle)

These are just a taste of the powerful combos in UFC 4. Practice them and use them wisely during matches. Always try different combos. This helps you find your unique fighting style. And it builds on your strengths.


Mastering UFC 4 button configurations is vital to becoming a champion online. Understand the controls and mixes for strikes. Kick off the game with a handle on defensive moves.

Try out advanced techniques to up your game. Stunning moves can turn the tide. With a world of strategies available, select what fits you well.

To win at UFC 4, practice and persistence are key. You’ll soon be throwing every punch and takedown with skill. So, jump in, learn the game, and aim to rule the octagon! Good luck!


What are the button configurations for UFC 4?

UFC 4 gives players different button setups to use in the fight. You can throw punches and takedowns confidently. These buttons change depending on if you play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox. Each console has its own set of buttons for strikes, kicks, and how you defend yourself.

How do I navigate the octagon in UFC 4?

For PlayStation 4, move around with the left stick. Use the right stick to bob your head around. The R3 button helps you change your stance. Different buttons do different attacks and kicks.

On Xbox, it’s pretty similar. The left stick is for moving, the right stick guides your head, and the buttons let you punch or kick.

What are some advanced techniques and combos in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, you can learn cool kickboxing moves that pack a punch. These involve hitting your opponent’s head and body in quick succession. By using various buttons and moves, these combos can really hurt your foe.

Keep practising these moves if you want to be unbeatable and deal a lot of damage.

How can I become a skilled UFC 4 player?

To be great at UFC 4, you need to know the buttons well. Understanding the controls is the first step. Learn all the different moves for attacking and defending. Trying out new and complex moves can make you stronger.

With enough practice and hard work, you’ll be good at UFC 4. This will make every punch and takedown you throw down strong and controlled.

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