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Achieving Platinum in UFC 4: Tips and Strategies for Success

by Oliver Taylor
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In UFC 4, aiming for the platinum trophy is key for fighters. So, how do you become the best and earn this top prize? Don’t worry. We’ve got a full guide with key tips and strategies for your platinum journey.

The “Blitz” trophy is known for being tough in UFC 4. You need to win all six fights in Blitz mode. You’ll face five hard rounds and a final challenge with specific rules like KO mode or punches only. One tip is to play with friends during off-peak hours. This boosts your chance of being matched with them.

Online, get ready for strong foes and changing game difficulties. The online mode ranks 6/10 for challenge. To get ahead, try the “Minute To Win It” mode in Blitz. It has a smaller room for mistakes, helping you win by decision. Playing with friends can also make victories easier.

Mastering game moves and combos is crucial. Start with the one-two combo – a jab and then a hard right. Keep learning new moves and kicks for more powerful attacks. But, remember not to overuse them to save your fighter’s energy. Wait for the right moment to strike and watch your rival’s stamina too.

Getting to platinum status in UFC 4 requires hard work, skills, and smart strategies both online and offline. Be it Blitz mode or Fight Week challenges, every win moves you closer to the top. With dedication and these crucial tips, you could be the next champion, holding the coveted UFC 4 platinum trophy.

Tips for Online Mode

When you play UFC 4 online, know you’ll face tough opponents. The game’s difficulty changes and is ranked 6/10. It won’t be easy, but getting the UFC 4 platinum trophy is a worthy goal.

Try the “Minute To Win It” mode in Blitz for a higher chance at winning. This mode demands precision but can lead to easy victories. Play smart to come out on top.

Playing with friends can up your game. Join forces with skilled players. Together, you can plan and beat your rivals. This makes the game more fun and competitive.

Don’t forget about the Fight Week challenges. Making the right picks during UFC events can bring more trophies. It adds a thrilling element to the game. Stay on top of the UFC events to choose wisely.

Winning the UFC 4 platinum is tough but doable. Use these tips in the online mode to do better. Getting closer to that platinum is worth the effort.

Online Mode Tips Summary:

  • Be ready for skilled players and the changing online trophies difficulty.
  • Try the “Minute to Win It” mode in Blitz for easier wins.
  • Play with friends to increase your victory chances.
  • Join the Fight Week challenges and make right UFC picks for more trophies.

Gameplay Tips and Combos

Mastering combos in UFC 4 is key to winning. You must balance strikes and grappling well. It’s about timing powerful moves just right.

The one-two combo is vital to know. It starts with a fast jab and ends with a hard right hand. This simple yet strong strike can surprise your opponent and lead to more moves.

After you get the one-two down, add more hits and kicks for better combos. Mix strikes in different ways to suit your style. Varying your attacks keeps you in charge and your opponent unsure.

But, don’t forget about your fighter’s stamina. Using too many big hits or moving a lot can tire them out. This makes you open to attacks. Watch your stamina and plan hits carefully. This way, your combos stay effective through the fight.

Example Combo:

Jab (L1) – Right Hook (R1) – Left Body Hook (L2)

Start with a jab to set up your attack. Hit hard with a right hook to throw off your opponent. Then, use a left body hook to finish strongly. Learning this combo boosts your offensive game to win fights.

Always keep an eye on your foe’s stamina. When they start to get tired, that’s your opening. Go all out with strikes and aim for the knockout.

Follow these tips to master combos and aim for platinum status in UFC 4.


To achieve platinum in UFC 4, you need perseverance, skill, and smart gameplay. Focus on mastering Blitz mode and completing Fight Week challenges. Learning strong combos is also crucial. Manage your stamina well and strike when the moment is right. Make sure to enjoy the process and celebrate each achievement.

To get the platinum, keep practising and getting better. This way, you’ll earn the top status in UFC 4. Never miss a chance to show your skills. Go for UFC 4 platinum with courage and determination.


How do I achieve the platinum trophy in UFC 4?

To get the platinum trophy in UFC 4, focus on challenging trophies. One tough one is the “Blitz” trophy. You need to win six fights in the mode. You also have online trophies.

Online, you’ll face skilled players in changing difficulty levels. Boosting with friends helps. Also, join the Fight Week challenges. Learning effective combos and managing stamina well are key to winning.

What is the Blitz mode in UFC 4?

The Blitz mode has five rounds and a final round. It offers daily challenges like KO mode and more. To win the “Blitz” trophy, you must win all fights.

How can I increase my chances of winning matches in the Blitz mode?

To win in Blitz mode, boost with friends during late hours. This makes it more likely to play against friends. Also, master the game offline first.

What are some tips for online mode in UFC 4?

Online, expect skilled opponents and varied challenges. The mode’s trophies are 6/10 in difficulty. A good strategy is the “Minute To Win It” mode in Blitz.

This mode has a quick pace and is good for fast wins. Boosting with friends can also help. Don’t forget about Fight Week challenges and making good picks in real-life UFC events.

What gameplay tips can help me achieve the platinum trophy in UFC 4?

For the platinum trophy, mastering combos is vital. Start with the one-two combo. It’s a left jab and a strong right hand. Then, add more strikes or kicks for longer combos.

Always watch your stamina. Strike when your opponent is open. Keeping an eye on their stamina can help too.

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