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Addressing Errors: Dealing with Exception Access Violations in Fallout 4

by Lucas Grayson
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Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic game that grabs your attention with its huge open world. However, some players face a big problem: Exception Access Violations. This issue can ruin your game in crowded places like Boston or Lexington. But don’t worry, we’re here to explain what causes this error and how to fix it.

Players who use lots of mods often run into Exception Access Violations. These mods can clash and cause your game to crash. Typically, you’ll see an error message with a long address, for example, “0x7FF6A0B1F1F7.” This is where the problem happened.

Looking at this address closely can tell you which mod is to blame for the crash. For example, an address that starts with 06 means it’s probably the sixth mod in your list. This info helps you find and fix the issue.

To avoid memory problems in big areas, try using Baka ScrapHeap. This mod is a great way to deal with Exception Access Violations. It helps your game run better, even in busy spots.

We will keep exploring why Exception Access Violations happen in Fallout 4. We’ll also share tips to solve this problem for good. So, stay with us to learn more!

Common Causes of Exception Access Violations

When you play Fallout 4, you might face crashes due to Exception Access Violations. It’s vital to know the causes. This way, you can solve the issues and get back to playing.

Heavily modded games: Lots of mods in your game can be a main cause. Mods add fun but too many can clash, making your game crash.

Memory issues in large areas: Fallout 4’s big cities like Boston can strain the game’s memory. This might cause crashes, especially when you move between areas.

Conflicts between mods: Mods that change the same things might not work well together. This can cause crashes when you load certain parts of the game.

Deleted or missing assets: If mods are looking for something that’s not there, your game might crash. This is common if a mod needs a special texture, model, or script that’s not in your game files.

Issues with specific game files: Sometimes, broken or outdated game files are the problem. This can happen when you install the game, update, or sometimes due to other apps on your device.

UMG (Unreal Motion Graphics) system errors: Faults in the game’s interface system can lead to crashes too. This happens when there are bugs in the UMG system or in its scripts.

To fix Exception Access Violations, you need to look into what’s causing the error. Check the crash logs, look for conflicting mods, and ensure you have all the needed game assets. Figuring out the root of the problem helps you find the right fix and enjoy smooth gameplay.


“Exception Access Violations can be a source of frustration for Fallout 4 players, but with a little troubleshooting and know-how, these errors can be overcome.” – Gaming Expert

Now, we’ll discuss how to troubleshoot and deal with Exception Access Violations. These steps will make your Fallout 4 playtime better.

Causes Impact
Heavily modded games Conflicts and instability
Memory issues in large areas Frequent crashes during transitions
Conflicts between mods Crashes upon loading certain levels
Deleted or missing assets Crashes due to missing resources
Issues with specific game files Corrupted or incompatible files triggering crashes
UMG system errors Interface-related crashes

Troubleshooting Exception Access Violations

Exception Access Violations can really mess up your time in Fallout 4. But, there’s hope. You can try a few steps to solve these issues. By doing this, you can get past the annoyances and enjoy the game more.

Ensure Game and Mods are Up to Date

Outdated game files or mods are often the reason for these errors. To stop this, you should always update your game and mods. This reduces the chance of problems and makes your game smoother.

Identify Mod Conflicts and Optimize Load Order

Different mods sometimes don’t get along and cause trouble. To fix it, look for any mods that might be fighting. Tools like LOOT can help by putting your mods in a good order. This way, your game runs better and doesn’t crash as much.

Enable Debug Symbols and Analyze the Call Stack

When a crash happens, turning on debug symbols and looking at the call stack can be smart. This helps you find what’s causing the problem. Then, you can sort it and stop the crashes.

Verify Game Files and Reinstall if Necessary

Corrupted game files can be a reason for these errors. To fix it, check your game files’ health. If the problem doesn’t go away, you might have to reinstall the game. Just make sure to save your progress and mods first.

“Dealing with Exception Access Violations needs a careful approach. By going step by step and tackling the possible reasons, you can sort things out. Then, you can get back to enjoying your time in the game’s world.”

Summary Table: Troubleshooting Exception Access Violations

Troubleshooting Step Description
Ensure Game and Mods are Up to Date Always update your game and mods to keep them working well together.
Identify Mod Conflicts and Optimize Load Order LOOT helps you manage mods and avoid clashes, making your game stable.
Enable Debug Symbols and Analyze the Call Stack Turn on debug symbols to see which mods or code are causing trouble. This knowledge is key to fixing crashes.
Verify Game Files and Reinstall if Necessary Try checking your game files first. If all else fails, reinstall your game with any important data backed up. This can fix many problems.


Dealing with Exception Access Violations in Fallout 4 can be tough. But following simple steps can help fix these errors. Players should look at crash logs and check their mod order.

To fix issues, keeping mods and game files updated is important. This makes sure everything works together well and avoids crashes.

When tweaking the game, it’s wise to make backups and test changes bit by bit. This helps go back to a working setup if anything goes wrong. Also, it aids in pinning down what’s causing the exceptions.

Troubleshooting needs patience. It’s about testing things until the problem is solved. With persistence, players can beat Exception Access Violations in Fallout 4.

By staying up to date and following the right steps, the game will run smoothly. This allows players to fully enjoy exploring Fallout 4’s world.


What is an Exception Access Violation error in Fallout 4?

An Exception Access Violation error in Fallout 4 is a specific issue. It can make the game stop, especially in busy places like Boston or Lexington. If you use a lot of mods, you might see this error. The message shows a code like “0x7FF6A0B1F1F7.” This code tells us where a big mistake happened.

What are some common causes of Exception Access Violations in Fallout 4?

Many things can cause an Exception Access Violation in Fallout 4. These include using lots of mods, problems with large areas like cities, mod conflicts, and missing assets. Sometimes, if a mod is not made well or if it’s missing something, the game can crash. Issues with how the game’s graphics are handled can also be a problem. This can happen when loading a certain part of the game or a save file.

How can I troubleshoot Exception Access Violations in Fallout 4?

Dealing with Exception Access Violations needs some steps. Make sure your game and mods are all the latest versions. This helps avoid problems. Look out for mod clashes that make your game unstable. You can use LOOT to sort your mods better.

If the error is in a save file, turning on debug symbols can give clues. This helps see the steps the game was taking when it crashed. Sometimes, fixing these crashes needs reinstalling parts of the game. Or making sure the game files are all okay.

How can I reduce the occurrence of Exception Access Violations in Fallout 4?

For fewer Exception Access Violations, look at crash logs and mod order. Sorting out mod clashes can prevent some problems. Keep your game and mods updated. This keeps everything working together well.

When adding mods or changing your game, do it step by step. Always keep backups of your game safe. With care and checking, you can make Fallout 4 crash less and enjoy playing more.

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