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Ascend in Fallout 76 – Get Your Jetpack Today!

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to get jetpack fallout 76

Are you ready to take Fallout 76 to new heights? With the introduction of the jetpack, you can now soar through the wasteland like never before. Unlocking this thrilling feature will allow you to explore unreachable areas, engage in exhilarating aerial combat, and navigate treacherous terrains with ease. It’s time to elevate your gameplay and discover new horizons in Fallout 76.

To unlock the jetpack in Fallout 76, you need to invest in the Boost Pack Training skill. By spending a skill point on this essential ability, you gain the power to equip and utilize the jetpack. Different boost packs offer varying levels of lift and maneuverability, allowing you to customize your aerial experience. For instance, the Starfield Boost Pack enables you to hover in midair, offering a stable platform for combat and exploration alike.

Equipping the jetpack enhances not only your combat capabilities but also your exploration prowess. Reach new heights as you ascend challenging climbs, traverse valleys, and effortlessly avoid fatal falls. With the Boost Pack Training skill, you can upgrade your boost pack to extend its usage time and potentially enhance its speed and height.

Don’t miss out on the exhilarating possibilities the jetpack brings to Fallout 76. Invest in the Boost Pack Training skill, equip a boost pack that suits your playstyle, and take to the skies. Unlock your true potential and experience the wasteland from a whole new perspective. Get your jetpack today and ascend to new heights in Fallout 76!

Unlocking the Jetpack and Combat Functionality

In order to unleash the true potential of the jetpack in Fallout 76, players must first invest a skill point in the Boost Pack Training skill. This enables them to unlock the extraordinary capabilities of this aerial marvel. Equipped with a boost pack, players can take to the skies and soar through the post-apocalyptic world, adding a whole new dimension to their adventures.

Once the jetpack is unlocked, its combat functionality becomes apparent. Within the confines of midair, players can activate the boost pack by simply pressing the jump button, propelling them to new heights and granting them the ability to maneuver swiftly. The versatility of the boost pack truly shines during combat, offering players enhanced agility to navigate the battlefield and gain the upper hand against adversaries.

Among the various boost packs available, the Starfield Boost Pack stands out as a remarkable example of the cutting-edge technology. This formidable piece of equipment, epitomized in the Starfield trailer, amplifies maneuverability, enabling players to effortlessly glide through the air while engaging in combat scenarios. The Starfield Boost Pack introduces an unprecedented level of freedom in aerial engagements, allowing players to fly side to side, swiftly evade enemy fire, and seamlessly take cover when needed. With this enhanced combat functionality, players can unleash a barrage of attacks on their foes from unconventional angles, catching them off guard and turning the tide of battle in their favor.

“The jetpack is a game-changer in Fallout 76. It adds a whole new layer of excitement and strategic possibilities to combat encounters. With the Starfield Boost Pack, players can dominate the skies and outmaneuver their adversaries with ease.” – Gaming Guru

To further showcase the impact of the jetpack’s combat functionality, let’s take a closer look at how it enhances a player’s abilities in different combat scenarios:

1. Flanking Maneuvers

The jetpack’s ability to perform lateral movements offers players unparalleled opportunities for flanking maneuvers. By swiftly traversing the battlefield from side to side, players can catch opponents off guard, attack from unexpected angles, and disrupt enemy formations. This tactical advantage can prove crucial in turning the tide of intense firefights and securing victory.

2. Evasive Tactics

During combat, the jetpack’s ability to provide temporary air superiority allows players to evade enemy fire with finesse. By utilizing quick bursts of propulsion, players can effortlessly maneuver in midair, evading incoming attacks and finding safe havens to regroup or plan their next move. This evasive capability grants players the upper hand in engagements, making them elusive targets and significantly boosting their survivability.

3. Vertical Advantage

The jetpack’s vertical mobility empowers players to seize a height advantage over their adversaries. By ascending to elevated vantage points, players gain a broader view of the battlefield, allowing them to spot enemies, plan attacks, and provide effective cover fire for their team. This newfound perspective can prove invaluable in strategic encounters, granting players the opportunity to control the flow of battle and dictate the terms of engagement.

Benefits of Jetpack Combat Functionality
Unparalleled agility during combat engagements
The ability to fly side to side, evading enemy fire
Increased mobility for flanking maneuvers
Evasion of incoming attacks with finesse
Height advantage for strategic positioning

With the jetpack’s combat functionality, players can traverse the battlefield like never before, defying gravity and harnessing the skies to gain an edge against their enemies. Each aerial maneuver with the jetpack contributes to the adrenaline-fueled excitement of combat encounters, making Fallout 76 an exhilarating experience like no other.

Exploring with the Jetpack and Upgrades

The jetpack in Fallout 76 opens up a world of possibilities for both combat and exploration. While it provides a significant advantage in battles, it also allows players to reach new heights and uncover hidden secrets in the vast wasteland.

One of the key features of the jetpack is its capability to help players ascend challenging terrain. Whether it’s scaling a steep mountain or navigating a treacherous valley, the jetpack offers the freedom to explore areas that were previously inaccessible. By activating the boost pack, players can hover and effortlessly overcome obstacles, reaching new areas and discovering unique locations.

Not only does the jetpack enable vertical movement, but it also prevents fatal falls. With precise timing and skillful deceleration, players can strategically slow their descent and avoid taking fall damage. This allows for fearless exploration of towering structures and hazardous landscapes, ensuring a safe landing with the assistance of the boost pack.

However, the boost pack has a limited usage time for each jump, making resource management crucial. To maximize the jetpack’s potential, players can invest in the Boost Pack Training skill. This skill enhances the duration of the boost pack, granting players extended flight time to cover greater distances and explore remote locations.

In addition to skill upgrades, players can further enhance their jetpack experience through crafting. By leveraging the research lab and armor sections, players can craft specific upgrades for their boost pack. These upgrades can offer a variety of benefits, such as improved speed, increased height, or extended usage time. Investing time and resources into crafting jetpack upgrades will undoubtedly elevate the exploration capabilities of any wasteland wanderer.

Unleash the full potential of your jetpack in Fallout 76 by embarking on thrilling exploration and customizing your boost pack with powerful upgrades. Soar through the skies and uncover the hidden wonders of the wasteland with confidence and style.

Benefits of Upgrading the Boost Pack Upgrades
Extended usage time Boost Pack Fuel Efficiency Upgrade
Improved speed Boost Pack Thrust Enhancement Upgrade
Increased height Boost Pack Altitude Boost Upgrade


The jetpack in Fallout 76 introduces an exhilarating new way for players to navigate and explore the vast game world. By investing a skill point in the Boost Pack Training skill, players can unlock and equip boost packs that provide varying levels of lift and maneuverability.

Not just limited to combat, the jetpack allows players to hover in midair, fly side to side, and ascend to previously inaccessible areas with ease. This makes it an invaluable tool for traversing difficult terrains and avoiding potentially deadly falls.

To further elevate their Fallout 76 experience, players can upgrade the Boost Pack Training skill and craft specific enhancements for their jetpack. These upgrades offer longer usage time and potentially improved performance.

Soar through the wasteland and explore every corner of the game world with the incredible jetpack in Fallout 76. Experience the thrill of soaring above treacherous landscapes and discover hidden secrets. Don’t miss out on this exhilarating gameplay addition – unlock and upgrade your jetpack today for an unparalleled adventure!


How do I unlock the jetpack in Fallout 76?

To unlock the jetpack in Fallout 76, players need to spend a skill point on the Boost Pack Training skill.

Can I use the jetpack without investing in the Boost Pack Training skill?

No, the jetpack will not function without the relevant skill point investment in the Boost Pack Training skill.

What is the Starfield Boost Pack?

The Starfield Boost Pack is a specific boost pack in Fallout 76 that offers improved maneuverability and allows players to fly side to side during combat.

How can the jetpack be used for exploration?

The jetpack in Fallout 76 allows players to ascend difficult climbs, cross treacherous valleys, and prevent fatal falls, making it useful for exploration.

How can I upgrade my Boost Pack?

Players can upgrade their Boost Pack through the Boost Pack Training skill and craft specific upgrades in the research lab and armor sections.

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