Julia Blackwood

Julia Blackwood is a technology enthusiast and expert writer for PCSite.co.uk. With a passion for all things digital, Julia stays up to date with the latest tech trends and innovations. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping readers make informed decisions when it comes to their tech needs. In her free time, Julia enjoys experimenting with new gadgets and exploring the digital world.

Top Laptops for Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading needs top-tier hardware for success. Traders must have powerful machines. These should run trading platforms smoothly, analyse data, and execute transactions without delay. Having a strong computer is…

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Using Cryptocurrency with Shopify

Cryptocurrencies are changing e-commerce, making transactions easier for sellers. With Solana Pay, Crypto.com, BitPay, and more, Shopify stores can do more online. What’s the big deal about taking crypto on…

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