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Best Movies About Cryptocurrency

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movies about cryptocurrency

The world of cryptocurrency has inspired several movies. They explore the interesting and new aspects of digital finance. These films include documentaries, thrillers, and comedies. Here are some of the top films about cryptocurrency to watch in 2024.

Banking on Bitcoin (2016)

“Banking on Bitcoin” is a leading documentary in the crypto movie scene, from 2016. It looks at the beginnings, community, and tech behind Bitcoin1. This film gives a clear view of how cryptocurrency started and its power to change the finance world.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)

“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” is a fascinating documentary from 20141. It starts from Bitcoin’s early days, with stories from its first supporters and influential people like Gavin Andresen2. The film looks deeply into how Bitcoin has evolved and its influence on finance.

Bitconned (2024)

“Bitconned” is an upcoming documentary to watch for, coming in 2024. It focuses on the story of Quadriga, a crypto exchange. It delves into the mysterious events of its downfall1.

Crypto (2019)

If you like thrilling crime dramas, check out “Crypto” from 2019. It follows a young agent as he uncovers corruption with cryptocurrencies1. This movie mixes finance, tech, and crime in an exciting way.

Dope (2015)

“Dope” is a comedy-drama from 2015. It’s about a group of teens who find themselves in the middle of a crime. It uses Bitcoin in its story, showing how they use technology to deal with a dangerous situation.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)

“Trust Machine” came out in 2018. It looks at blockchain’s big potential beyond just money1. The documentary talks with experts like Tim Draper and Mark Jeffrey2. It shows how this technology could change many parts of our lives.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (2015)

In 2015, “Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It” discussed traditional banks and how governments make money3. It asks questions about our money system compared to cryptocurrencies. It’s a film that makes you think.

Silk Road (2021)

“Silk Road” came out in 2021. It tells the story of an online market where Bitcoin was popular for buying illegal things2. This film looks at the dark web, cybercrime, and the use of Bitcoin in illegal activities.

The Good Wife, Bitcoin for Dummies (Season 3, Episode 13)

In “The Good Wife”, a season 3 episode called “Bitcoin for Dummies” focuses on Bitcoin. It’s fictional but it’s fun and talks about what Bitcoin means3.


Movies about cryptocurrency are growing in popularity. They not only entertain but also teach us about digital money and blockchain. As more people learn about cryptocurrency, we’ll see more interesting movies and shows about it.

Key Takeaways

  • Documentaries like “Banking on Bitcoin” and “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” give us a deep look at Bitcoin’s start and its community1.
  • Fictional movies such as “Crypto” and “Dope” show us the mix of crime and cryptocurrency, a different side of digital money1.
  • “Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain” explains how blockchain can affect different parts of life, not just finance1.
  • TV shows like “The Good Wife” also bring up Bitcoin, talking about its societal effects3.
  • The media is becoming more interested in cryptocurrencies. We see this in movies, both fiction and non-fiction, and TV shows3.

Banking on Bitcoin (2016)

“Banking on Bitcoin” is a gripping documentary. It explores Bitcoin’s past and its future role in finance. It looks at Bitcoin’s start and how important it is in the world of digital money.

The film talks about Bitcoin’s key moments, like its start by an unknown person, Satoshi Nakamoto. It also looks at how it became so popular. You’ll hear from early fans, experts, and fans. This gives a full view of the digital money change.

With talks and expert views, the documentary gives a deep look at Bitcoin changing banking systems. It looks at a money that’s not controlled by any one place. It shows the good things and hard things about this new way.

“The documentary takes viewers on a thought-provoking journey, raising questions about the future of finance and how Bitcoin could revolutionize the financial system,” said one viewer4.

The movie talks about Bitcoin’s good side but also its bad ones. It looks into Bitcoin’s link to crime and the issues of managing money without a main control.

One viewer said4, “Banking on Bitcoin” teaches well about Bitcoin but misses some deep points. Still, it’s a good intro to the topic, great for first-time learners.

People share stories in the film about losing money to fraud. This warns about being careful in the crypto world.

So, “Banking on Bitcoin” tells a strong, interesting story about Bitcoin. It’s good for anyone interested in the digital money world. It gives a lot to think about.

The film also features famous people like Charlie Shrem and Nancy Cannucciari5.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin (2014)

“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” is an exciting documentary. It takes you through Bitcoin’s history and growth. This digital currency has really caught the world’s eye.

The film came out in 20146. It shows how Bitcoin started small but has become a big deal in the money world.

The movie lasts 96 minutes6. It looks deep into the world of cryptocurrencies. It explains the challenges and chances they bring.

The documentary talks to big names in the Bitcoin world. People like Gavin Andresen and Brian Armstrong share their thoughts6. They help viewers understand Bitcoin’s journey and its future impact.

Both critics and viewers liked the film. It got a 67% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average of 6.1 out of 106.

Common Sense Media gave it 4 out of 5 stars6.

The movie was even up for a big award in 2014. It was nominated at the Zurich Film Festival for “Best International Documentary Film”6.

Public Opinion

“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” really made its mark on the public7.

Statistical Data Number of Viewers Percentage
Found the movie helpful 67 74.4%
Found the movie worth watching 51 72.9%
Considered the movie a good primer on Bitcoin 7 50%
Expressed negative views about Bitcoin being portrayed in the movie 8 33.3%
Found the movie informative about Bitcoin and its ecosystem 86 77.5%
Saw the positive influence of Bitcoin in the movie 47 74.6%
Appreciated the non-glamorous portrayal of Bitcoin in the movie 8 57.1%

Most viewers, 74.4%, thought “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” was useful7. 72.9% said it was worth their time7.

Also, 50% saw it as a great introduction to Bitcoin7. This shows the film taught a lot about Bitcoin.

But, 33.3% didn’t like how Bitcoin was shown7. Yet, 77.5% found it educational about Bitcoin and its world7.

Plus, 74.6% picked up on Bitcoin’s positive impact in the film7. And 57.1% liked that it showed Bitcoin in a realistic light7.

These numbers prove the movie’s value to its audience. It explained Bitcoin well and showed its good side.

Bitconned (2024)

“Bitconned” is a tense documentary. It uncovers the Centra Tech scam. It shows how three people used the crypto market to cheat others and make money. These themes explore greed, lies, and how cheating so many people can hurt us all.

The film looks at Centra Tech, a fake crypto bank card business, and its rise and downfall. Directed by Bryan Storkel, “Bitconned” tells its story in an exciting way. It mixes acted scenes with real people talking to tell the story well.

The movie also points out the bigger problem of not punishing financial crimes enough. It says we need more rules to keep the cryptocurrency world fair and safe.

“Bitconned” is more than a movie; it’s a warning about crypto scams. It shows the tactics used by scammers. This might make you think twice about trusting big financial companies. It shows we need more clear rules in the finance world.

Blockchain and crypto show new ways money can move. But, this also makes some people use it to trick others, as shown in “Bitconned.”

The film compares scammer stories to popular movies. It links the idea of getting rich quickly to well-known films like Scarface. This shows why some people might be drawn to these risky ways of getting rich and powerful.

“Bitconned” is both interesting and true to life. It tells the story of scammers falling and is praised for talking about greed and the downfall of people who chase too much. This makes it a film you won’t want to miss in the growing list of true crime documentaries.

Statistical Data Value
IMDb Rating 6.5/108
User Reviews 208
Critic Reviews 188
Runtime 1 hour and 33 minutes8
Genre Documentary8
Top Cast Brian Dijols, Sam Sharma ‘Sorbee’, David Eby, Ray Trapani, Robert Farkas, Hamza Murtaza Jafri8

“Bitconned” looks deeply at the Centra Tech scam. It shines a light on the bad side of the crypto market. This documentary shows why we need better rules to keep people safe when they invest in new money ideas.

Crypto (2019)

“Crypto” is an exciting thriller about cryptocurrencies. It shows the dark side of money laundering and corruption. It also looks at how digital currencies are changing the world9. Directed by John Stalberg Jr., the film follows Martin. He’s a young agent who finds himself in the midst of illegal money activities in his hometown. As Martin uncovers these dark secrets, he faces tough choices that question his values and allegiances.

The movie got a mix of good and bad feedback. Some liked how the cryptocurrency world was shown and the thrilling story. Yet, others felt it lacked in how the story was told and the characters’ growth. Rotten Tomatoes had more negative reviews than positive, with only one good review. Richard Roeper from The Chicago Sun-Times gave it 3 out of 4 stars9. Overall, the film struggled with its pace and inconsistencies in the plot.

Even with these challenges, “Crypto” made $20,440 at the box office in 20199. Filming began on June 15, 2018, in New York City and continued in Ulster County, NY. The movie lets viewers peek into the complexities of money laundering and the moral dilemmas it raises.

If you want to know more about “Crypto,” check out its Wikipedia page, Rotten Tomatoes profile here, or visit its IMDb page91011.

“Crypto” is an intriguing film about the dark aspects of cryptocurrency. It covers the difficulties faced by those fighting financial crimes. If you enjoy crime dramas, are curious about cryptocurrencies, or just want to watch a film that makes you think, “Crypto” is a good choice9Crypto

Stats for “Crypto” (2019)
IMDb Rating 5.2/1011
Box Office Earnings (2019) $20,4409
Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer Rating 17% based on 6 reviews10
Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score 55% based on 100+ ratings10
Runtime 1 hour and 45 minutes11
Genre Crime, Drama, Thriller11
User Reviews (IMDb) 7511
Critic Reviews (IMDb) 1711
Videos Available (IMDb) 411
Photos in the Gallery (IMDb) 3711

Dope (2015)

“Dope” is a film that mixes comedy, drama, and Bitcoin. It came out in 2015. The story follows Malcolm, a young student who loves ’90s hip-hop and learning.

Malcolm and his friends get caught in a tough spot. They use Bitcoin to sell drugs and try to break free.

The movie was made by Rick Famuyiwa with $7 million. It earned $18 million back. In its first three days, it made $6.1 million12. “Dope” got an 89% liking on Rotten Tomatoes from 150 reviews. On Metacritic, it got 72 out of 100 from 37 critics12. The CinemaScore gave it an “A-“12.

Key Statistics:

IMDb Rating Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating Metascore Total User Reviews Total Critic Reviews
7.2/1013 83%14 7213 13413 17813

The film stars Shameik Moore, Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemons, and more13. There are also 35 videos and 101 photos from the making of the film13.

“Dope” is in a group with movies like “Sorry to Bother You” and “Straight Outta Compton.” Their ratings vary from 6.9 to 7.813. One viewer said watching the film was like spotting something random in a boring car journey13.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)

The 2018 documentary Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain explores blockchain beyond digital currencies. It aims to make this technology easier to understand and highlight its potential impact on the world’s economy.

Many critics praised the film, giving it a 62 on Metacritic which means “generally favorable” reviews15. It received a high 90% on Rotten Tomatoes15. The Hollywood Reporter called it “eye-opening” and interesting for all viewers15. The Los Angeles Times praised it as a quick and insightful documentary about blockchain15. Yet, the New York Times had a different view, calling it a mix of overly positive views15.

Rotten Tomatoes reviews also point out the film’s fair look at blockchain’s ups and downs16. Directed by Alex Winter, it looks at how cryptocurrency started and its role in fighting poverty16.

An important lesson from the film is the need for rules on blockchain for its growth1516. The Hollywood Reporter says the film is hopeful about blockchain’s power to help people, if managed well15. Critic Ben Kenigsberg notes it talks about the importance of setting rules for blockchain and how it might support the current system15.

Wikipedia’s page explains how the film sees a bright future with caution against big companies’ control17. It highlights positives like tech leaders standing for freedom, such as Lauri Love17. The film has no violent or frightening scenes, but does talk about hard topics like Aaron Swartz’s death17. It does have some sexual and adult content17. The movie also criticizes big firms like Google, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon, and Netflix17.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (2015)

“Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It” is a gripping documentary. It explores the history of money exchange from ancient times to now. The film looks at how money has changed and affected our lives over the ages.

This documentary is the work of Torsten Hoffmann and Michael Watchulonis. It challenges the idea of central banks and big financial groups. It asks if they are part of what causes our economic challenges. The film also looks at how money is created by banks when they give out loans.

It features 27 experts in cryptocurrency. People like John Barrett, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, and more are in this film. They all talk about the possibilities and challenges of money in the digital age18.

The film has an IMDb rating of 6.9/10, which is quite good. User reviews on IMDb give it an average rating of 9/1018.

The documentary’s main aim is to show how Bitcoin could change our financial system. It talks about the power of a money system that is not controlled by banks or governments. This could change the way we use and think about money19.

As you watch, you’ll learn a lot about the pros and cons of digital currencies. It will make you think deeply about our future with money. The film aims to start important conversations about what money might look like in the years to come1819.

Statistical Data Information
IMDb Rating 6.9/1018
IMDb User Ratings 1.3K18
User Reviews on IMDb 1918
Average User Review Rating 9/1018
Critic Review Score 76%20
Audience Score 5/5 stars20
Audience Ratings 100+20
Audience Reviews 2220
Cast Members 27 individuals including John Barrett, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Jeffrey A. Tucker, Matt Miller, Naomi Brockwell, Roger Ver, Bruce Fenton, Paul Vigna, and more18
Film Runtime 55 minutes20
Exploration of Bitcoin’s Impact Disrupting traditional banking and government systems, potential as an alternative to national currencies, revolutionizing peer-to-peer money transactions, potential concerns about its legitimacy and criminal activities19

Silk Road (2021)

Dark web marketplace Silk Road is the focus of the thrilling crime movie “Silk Road.” It was released in 2021. The story tells how the online platform became famous and then failed, leading to both illegal actions and legal charges.

The plot follows Ross Ulbricht, the mysterious mind behind Silk Road, and DEA agent Rick Bowden. Rick is determined to catch Ross. Their stories show the challenges of dealing with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and their use for secret payments online.

“Silk Road” is 116 minutes long. It has an IMDB rating of 6.0/10, and a Metascore of 4121. The film shows the thrilling competition of intelligence and principles between Ulbricht and Bowden.

The cast includes actors like Jason Clarke, who plays Rick Bowden, Katie Aselton, who is Sandy Bowden, and Nick Robinson as Ross Ulbricht22. Their acting and the performances of the others make the characters feel real, adding to the story’s interest.

“Silk Road” talks about corruption, traps, and shows the two sides of its main people. It doesn’t paint them simple good or bad22. The movie raises questions about crime, police work, and the ethical problems of using technology.

Critics had mixed opinions on the film, yet its box office earnings reached $138,565 was from a small release23. People who watched it liked the suspenseful plot and the strong acting, even if they had some complaints21.

Key Information: Silk Road (2021)

Runtime 116 minutes22
Genre Crime, Drama, Thriller21
IMDB Rating 6.0/1021
Critic Reviews 5121
Top Cast Members
  • Jason Clarke as Rick Bowden22
  • Katie Aselton as Sandy Bowden22
  • Nick Robinson as Ross Ulbricht22

“Silk Road” is a gripping look at the dark web market’s impact on online crime. With its intense story, great acting, and deep questions, it’s a must-see for crime fans and anyone interested in our digital world.

The Good Wife, Bitcoin for Dummies (Season 3, Episode 13)

In Season 3, Episode 13 of “The Good Wife,” Bitcoin is at the heart of the plot. We see how it’s used in a legal and criminal context. Alicia Florrick, leading the show, deals with the challenges of digital assets in the legal world.

This episode highlights the merge of tech, finance, and law. It gives a positive view of Bitcoin’s potential while pointing out the legal obstacles. The audience learns a lot about the complexity of dealing with cryptocurrency.

A legal case involving Bitcoin is the main focus. Mr. Bitcoin, the anonymous creator behind the $3-each digital currency24, is pressured to reveal his identity24. There’s a chance he might face a long-time jail sentence24. This scenario showcases the legal issues of private digital currencies under federal laws24.

The story also includes personal tales. Dana uses a possibly fake document to get info on Will via Kalinda, which adds mystery24. Also, Zach’s girlfriend Nisa worries both Alicia and Jackie, showing family conflicts24.

Alicia supports Zach and Nisa’s relationship. She shows her love for her children deeply24. Will and Diane’s talk about prison visiting has a light, amusing touch. This balances the show’s serious legal content with fun24.

In summary, “The Good Wife” episode on Bitcoin offers a fun and thoughtful look at the digital currency. It asks about tech and law relations. This mix of drama and education makes the show worth watching24.


The movie world is buzzing with tales of cryptocurrency. It shows us the history and ups and downs of Bitcoin. These films range from real-life stories to gripping thrillers, making the topic accessible to all.

These films also highlight a big shift. Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming part of our daily lives. Millions of people are now using digital money, from all around the world. Even India lifted a ban on crypto, showing wider acceptance of virtual coins25.

The future of digital money looks bright. Experts predict a big jump in people using it in 2024, as more traditional investors join in26. There’s also a buzz around Central Bank Digital Currencies, making the market more competitive. With its high-tech features, blockchain is set to shake up many industries25.

But, there are risks too. The story of Richard Heart and Hex is a warning about possible dangers in the crypto market. It shows that you need to be careful and do your own research. A documentary explores Heart’s story, but it doesn’t wrap everything up nicely27.


What are some movies about cryptocurrency that I should watch?

You should watch these top movies about cryptocurrency. They are both interesting and informative:

What is the documentary “Banking on Bitcoin” about?

“Banking on Bitcoin” digs into Bitcoin’s beginnings and its financial world impact. It looks at big moments in Bitcoin’s story. And it chats with key figures in the crypto world.

What is “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” documentary about?

“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” tracks Bitcoin’s journey. It started small but now plays a big role in global finance. The film follows Daniel Mross, a programmer who became an early fan of Bitcoin.

What is the documentary “Bitconned” about?

“Bitconned” tells how the Centra Tech crypto scam unfolded. It focuses on three people who scammed millions with the promise of big returns.

What is the movie “Crypto” about?

“Crypto” tells a dark story of money laundering, fraud, and crypto. Young agent Martin must uncover these crimes in his small town. The movie is full of thrill and suspense.

How is cryptocurrency incorporated in the movie “Dope”?

“Dope” uses Bitcoin in a drug deal that goes wrong. The teens in the movie use it to sell drugs and deal with the trouble they’re in.

What does the documentary “Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain” explore?

“Trust Machine” talks about how blockchain might change the world. It explains the tech, not just Bitcoin. It shows uses beyond money, like for trustable voting.

What is the documentary “Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It” about?

“Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It” looks at Bitcoin’s story and future. It talks about money and privacy, and how Bitcoin might affect them.

What is the crime thriller film “Silk Road” about?

“Silk Road” tells the story of the dark web market Silk Road. It shows how Bitcoin was used, raising issues of legality and ethics.

How is cryptocurrency featured in “The Good Wife” TV series?

In an episode called “Bitcoin for Dummies,” the show explains the legal side of Bitcoin. Alicia Florrick learns about this new type of money, and its legal and ethical implications.

Why should I watch movies about cryptocurrency?

Crypto movies are both thrilling and thoughtful. They unpack the world of digital money. You’ll learn about Bitcoin’s past, present, and its big questions for the future.


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