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Breaking Down the Newest Update in UFC 4: Features and Fixes

by Oliver Taylor
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UFC 4 fans, get ready for a major boost in your gaming enjoyment! The latest update brings lots of cool stuff. It’s perfect for both old pros and those new to the game. You’ll be excited to dive back into UFC’s virtual ring.

In this update, the developers focused on what we wanted. They added Islam Makhachev to the fighter list. This makes sure the game is always fresh, with new faces to learn and love.

More big news: PRIME ICON fighters are now in the game. You can play as UFC legends like Khabib and Anderson Silva. It’s a chance to see how today’s champions match up with these icons.

This update also lets you customise your player card in new ways. Show off your unique style with fresh options. You can stand out and let others know you’re serious, in and out of the ring.

It’s worth noting, this update enhances your gaming journey without major changes to gameplay. And there’s more to come. UFC 4 is gearing up for lots of future upgrades and new features.

So, gear up and get ready to fight like never before. The UFC 4 update is a big step forward. Face new challenges with courage and skill. This is your chance to shine in the octagon. Let’s get this fight started!

Major Updates in the Newest UFC 4 Patch

The newest UFC 4 patch is packed with fresh content, making the game even more exciting. It brings new experiences and better gameplay. Here’s a look at what’s new in this update:

Play as Islam Makhachev

Fans asked for it, so developers added Islam Makhachev to UFC 4. Makhachev is praised for his solid grappling skills and success in the Lightweight class. Players can now choose Makhachev and face off against strong rivals.

PRIME ICON Versions of Legendary Fighters

This update also includes the PRIME ICON versions of UFC legends. These fighters are shown as they were at the height of their careers. The game now features stars like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Georges St-Pierre, and more. Each PRIME ICON fighter comes with a unique style, making gameplay more varied.

Free PRIME ICON Customization Pack

The patch gives players a free PRIME ICON pack for customising their profiles. This pack has options for making your player card unique. You can choose special moves, celebrations, and outfits. It’s a chance to make your player stand out.

Make sure you check out these cool updates in UFC 4. Get ready to play with Islam Makhachev and the PRIME ICON fighters. It’s time to show your skills in the updated Octagon.

Limited-Time PRIME ICON Customization Pack

Players can now get a special PRIME ICON customization pack in the latest UFC 4 update. This pack lets players make their gaming experience unique and show their love for PRIME ICON fighters.

The pack includes special Khabib PRIME ICONS profile customizations. You get new profile pictures and backgrounds featuring Khabib Nurmagomedov. Now, you can feel part of the PRIME ICONS world and show respect for a top UFC fighter.

This pack also gives you PRIME ICONS profile items, like pictures, backgrounds, and two flairs. These let you celebrate the legendary fighters who have made history in the octagon.

Additionally, you’ll have the chance to dress your character in exclusive PRIME ICON Muay Thai shorts and more. These items are special and will make your character look outstanding. Everyone will know you’re a part of the elite fighter group.

This offer lasts for a short time. Make sure to claim the pack before November 30, 2021, to not miss out. After this date, the pack will no longer be available.

This is your chance to make your UFC 4 game experience even better with the PRIME ICON customization pack. Show that you’re a big fan of these iconic fighters.

Overview of the PRIME ICON Customization Pack

Customization Options Details
Khabib PRIME ICONS themed profile customization New backgrounds and profile pictures featuring Khabib Nurmagomedov
PRIME ICONS profile pictures and backgrounds Exclusive access to profile pictures, backgrounds, and two flairs
PRIME ICON Muay Thai shorts Stylish and exclusive shorts for your character
Board shorts and Vale Tudo shorts sets Add variety to your character’s wardrobe with these unique sets


The latest update in UFC 4 brings many new and thrilling changes. It aims to make the gaming experience better for players. With Islam Makhachev now available, fans have someone new to cheer for.

The update also adds PRIME ICON fighters, which expand the game’s roster. Plus, there’s a new PRIME ICON customization pack for player profiles. This pack lets players make their profiles unique, enhancing their gameplay.

Even though gameplay updates are missing, this update sets the stage for what’s next. The developers are listening to what the players want. They promise to keep making the game better based on feedback.

In general, this new update in UFC 4 doesn’t just fix bugs and bring new stuff. It shows the team’s ongoing commitment to improve the game. With each change, they aim to offer a better gaming experience. This promise keeps the game fresh and exciting for everyone involved. So, be on the lookout for more good things to come!


What are the major updates in the newest UFC 4 patch?

The newest UFC 4 patch introduces Islam Makhachev as a new fighter. It also adds PRIME ICON versions of famous fighters.

Why was Islam Makhachev added to the game?

Gamers asked for more variety, leading to the addition of Islam Makhachev. He brings a new dynamic to the game’s fighter selection.

Who are the PRIME ICON fighters introduced in the patch?

In this patch, you can play as Khabib Nurmagomedov, Georges St-Pierre, and others. The list includes Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Alistair Overeem, and Joanna Jędrzejczyk.

What is included in the PRIME ICON customization pack?

This pack offers a range of ways to customize your fighter. You get themed profile options, profile images, and more. Also, you can wear unique things like Muay Thai shorts, board shorts, and Vale Tudo shorts.

Is the PRIME ICON customization pack available for a limited time?

Yes. The customisation pack won’t be around forever. You must claim it by a certain date to unlock all its features.

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