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Building Foundations: Identifying Concrete IDs in Fallout 4

by Julia Blackwood
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Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4. Here, survival and rebuilding are key. Creating sturdy foundations in settlements needs concrete. We’re going to cover everything about concrete in Fallout 4. This includes where to find and how to use it well. So, grab your Pip-Boy and start our concrete journey!

In Fallout 4, concrete is more than a crafting item. It is what turns your construction dreams real. Whether you’re making houses, water pumps, or statues, concrete is vital. The Wasteland Workshop add-on boosts its usefulness in settlements more.

Finding concrete in the wasteland can be challenging. You’ll find bags of cement as you explore. But, remember, you can get more by scrapping cinder blocks or old houses. Each cement bag turns into 5 units of concrete. This gives you the start you need for building.

For big projects, you can buy shipments of concrete. Vendors all over the Commonwealth sell shipments of 50 to 200 units. So, whether you save every cap or spend freely, concrete is available.

Let’s discuss where to look for concrete in Fallout 4. As you explore, you’ll find cement bags around the wasteland. But, specific spots like Tenpines Bluff and Graygarden will have more. Visiting vendors such as Connie Abernathy will give you more options.

With the knowledge of where to find and get concrete, you’re set. Build strong buildings, add beautiful décor, and grow a community. In Fallout 4, your imagination leads the way. So, with concrete in hand and tools ready, let creativity soar!

Stay tuned for more on concrete in Fallout 4. We’ll cover its uses and offer building tips in the next parts. Get ready to learn more about thriving in the post-apocalyptic world.

Characteristics of Concrete in Fallout 4

Concrete is important in Fallout 4 for crafting and building bases. This heavy material comes from crushed stone. It’s used to make strong foundations, water pumps, and pretty things in settlements.

To get concrete, players can find bags of cement. They can also collect it by scraping old houses or blocks. Each bag turns into 5 units of concrete, enough for many projects. They can also buy big shipments of 50 to 200 units if they need more.

The Wasteland Workshop expansion made more concrete available. Now there are shipments of 100 and 200 units. This gives builders a lot more to work with.

Concrete is great for building in Fallout 4 for many reasons. It’s strong and durable, perfect for the wasteland. Its weight also helps with stability. With concrete, players can let their creativity loose. They can make settlements that are beautiful in the tough world.

Knowing about concrete helps players make better bases. They can create settlements that make their game more fun.

Locations and Sources of Concrete in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, concrete is key for solid settlements. It’s vital for strong bases and nice extras. Knowing where to get concrete is crucial. Luckily, you can find it in many places and from different vendors in the game.

Start by looking for bags of cement across the wasteland. You can break them down for concrete. Also, you can find cinder blocks at certain spots. Scrapping these blocks provides more concrete.

Here are some places to find cinder blocks and therefore concrete:

  • Look around Tenpines Bluff to find cinder blocks.
  • In Diamond City, check around Home Plate for cinder blocks.
  • At Graygarden, near the Charles River, you can also find cinder blocks.
  • Explore the tunnels under The Castle for more concrete materials.

Besides finding concrete, you can buy shipments from vendors in the Commonwealth. Some sellers you should visit are:

  1. Connie Abernathy at Abernathy Farm.
  2. Daniel Finch at Finch Farm.
  3. Supervisor Greene in Graygarden.

If you’re near Goodneighbor, Diamond City Market, or Nuka-Town Market, visit the vendors. They offer concrete shipments, for your settlement projects. This makes it easier to turn your ideas into reality.

Build a Solid Foundation for Your Settlements

Knowing about concrete in Fallout 4 helps you build strong settlements. Start by looking for bags of cement and scrapping cinder blocks. Also, remember you can buy shipments from vendors.

By doing all this, you make sure you have enough concrete. With a good supply, you can build amazing settlements in this post-apocalyptic world.

Location Concrete Sources
Tenpines Bluff Cinder blocks can be scrapped
Home Plate Cinder blocks can be scrapped in Diamond City
Graygarden Cinder blocks can be scrapped
The Castle’s underground tunnels Cinder blocks can be scrapped


Knowing how crucial concrete is in Fallout 4, it’s key for creating strong bases in settlements. This material allows players to build solid foundations for homes and key structures. By finding cinder blocks and buying shipments, getting concrete is made easier and more practical.

With enough concrete, your settlement dreams can become real. You can create everything from secure fortresses to lively towns. Concrete gives strength and form to your building ventures in Fallout 4.

So, take on the challenge and show your imagination in Fallout 4’s building mode. Use concrete to lay the groundwork and turn your settlements into bustling areas. No matter your experience level, adding concrete to your building plans will boost your fun and make the game better.


What is concrete used for in Fallout 4?

Concrete is important for making bases, water pumps, and structures in settlements. It’s also good for decorations like statues.

How do I obtain concrete in Fallout 4?

To get concrete, you can break down houses or cinder blocks. You can also buy bags of cement from traders.

Where can I find concrete in the wasteland?

In wasteland, you’ll see bags of cement. Places like Tenpines Bluff have cinder blocks you can scrap for concrete. Home Plate, Graygarden, and the Castle’s tunnels are good too.

Which vendors sell shipments of concrete in Fallout 4?

Connie Abernathy, Daniel Finch, and Supervisor Greene sell concrete shipments. Towns like Goodneighbor and Diamond City have them too.

Why is understanding concrete IDs important for base-building in Fallout 4?

Knowing concrete IDs helps build better settlements. It’s key to making strong foundations and structures.

How can concrete be used to enhance settlement building in Fallout 4?

More concrete means better settlements. It lets players make stronger and nicer places in Fallout 4’s world.

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