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Camo Crafting: The Ghillie Netting Bundle in Fallout 76

by Julia Blackwood
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Fallout 76 Ghillie Netting Bundle

In the post-apocalyptic world of Appalachia, hiding is key to surviving. In Fallout 76, the Ghillie Netting Bundle lets players get really good at blending in. It’s your chance to become invisible and conquer the wasteland.

The Ghillie Netting Bundle came with the Wastelanders update. It has the Ghillie Suit and Ghillie Suit Hood, which look just like the plants of Appalachia. These outfits help you disappear, giving you a big advantage on your journey.

Getting the Ghillie Suit and Hood is a challenge. You have to play Nuclear Winter mode during the Survivors event and win them. Then, you can craft them at any armor workbench. This keeps you ready for sneaky missions.

The Ghillie Netting Bundle makes you look the part, but it doesn’t help you hide better. It’s all about getting into the role of the wasteland. So, it’s fun but not game-changing.

But wait, there’s more than the Ghillie Bundle in Fallout 76. You can find lots of outfits and bundles to make your character unique. From the Baaaad News Billy outfit to the Enclave Armor Paint Set, you have so many ways to stand out.

So, get your Ghillie Netting Bundle and start crafting your camo. It’s time to explore Fallout 76. The adventure is out there, waiting for you to leave your mark.

The Legendary Run paint scheme

The Fallout 76 Ghillie Netting Bundle is not just about looks. It includes the special Legendary Run paint scheme. This paint makes your gear and weapons a mix of green and brown. It’s perfect for sneaky moves in the game’s world.

The paint scheme works on many armours and weapons. These include combat, leather, marine, metal, robot, scout, secret service, and wood armours. Also, the hunting rifle. You need to reach a certain rank to unlock this look for each item. This makes getting it feel like a real achievement.

To get the Legendary Run paint scheme, you must climb the ranks in The Legendary Run. This means completing challenges and earning S.C.O.R.E points. With enough points, you get new rewards, including the Ghillie Netting Bundle paint scheme. This camo is ideal whether you’re moving through forests or rocky areas. It helps you stay hidden and look impressive.

Here are the rank levels needed for different armours and weapons:

Armor/Weapon Rank Requirement
Combat Armor Rank 15
Leather Armor Rank 20
Marine Armor Rank 25
Metal Armor Rank 30
Robot Armor Rank 35
Scout Armor Rank 40
Secret Service Armor Rank 45
Wood Armor Rank 50
Hunting Rifle Rank 55

Don’t miss getting the Legendary Run paint scheme. With the Ghillie Netting Bundle paint, you can better match your environment. It’s useful for sneak attacks or just looking cool. It’s a great addition for anyone playing Fallout 76.

Other Outfits and Bundles in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 lets you pick from a bunch of outfits and bundles. This lets players give their character a unique look. You can choose from playful, scary, or really strange ones. Here’s a look at some cool ones.

The Baaaad News Billy outfit: It’s great for those who love pranks. It has bright colours and a quirky design that stands out.

The Black Bear Mascot Outfit: It’s a fierce and fun mascot outfit. Perfect for outdoor adventures or tough fights, it gets you noticed.

The Blood Eagle Charmer Helmet: Wear this helmet to look like a Blood Eagle. It’s scary and makes you a threat on the battlefield.

The Blueridge Trader Outfit: This outfit shows you mean business. It’s both tough and stylish, perfect for the wasteland.

The Bone and Felt Antler Headbands: These headbands let you feel like a woodland creature. They’re great for blending in or finding food in the wild.

The Captain Cosmos Suit Bundle: With this bundle, you become a space explorer. It has a suit, helmet, and more to make you feel ready for cosmic adventures.

The Caravan Trader Outfit: It’s rough and ready, perfect for a trader on the move. Wearing it reminds you of the endless journey through settlements.

The Clown Suit: Wear this to bring joy and chaos. It’s a fun, bold outfit that makes you the centre of attention.

The Costume Bundle: This bundle offers many costumes. You can be a hero, a pirate, or a knight for any event or game session.

The Crypt Crook Bundle: It’s a spooky outfit set. Complete with a cloak and mask, it’s great for mysterious and dark characters.

The Cryptid Enthusiast Suit: This suit shows your love for cryptids. It’s designed with care and is a dream for cryptid researchers.

The Cultist Bone Headpiece: It channels the dark side with a bone headpiece. It makes you feel part of a cult with its look.

The Daredevil Bodysuit: Jump into danger with this suit. It’s perfect for stunts and looking cool as you do them.

More Outfits and Bundles

This list just scratches the surface. From Enclave armour paints to Fasnacht masks, there’s plenty to choose from. You can get these through the Atomic Shop, in-game events, and challenges. So, dive in and find your perfect look for the wasteland!


The Fallout 76 Ghillie Netting Bundle is a great way for players to improve their stealth in-game. It comes with a Ghillie Suit and Hood. These let players look cooler and hide better in the game’s worlds.

Fallout 76 has lots of outfits and bundles, not just the Ghillie one. You can find items to match how you want to play or look. Whether you want to be a scary cultist, a tough raider, or a top Enclave member, Fallout 76 lets you stand out.

As you make your way through the game’s world, you’ll find many styles to make your own. Let your imagination run wild. With so many outfits and bundles from the Atomic Shop, events, and challenges, you can create the look that fits your game perfectly.


How can I unlock the Ghillie Suit in Fallout 76?

To unlock the Ghillie Suit, play the Nuclear Winter mode during the Survivors event.

How can I unlock the Ghillie Suit Hood in Fallout 76?

This hood unlocks the same way as the suit. You need to play Nuclear Winter mode during the Survivors event.

Does the Ghillie Netting Bundle offer any stealth bonuses in Fallout 76?

No, the Ghillie Netting Bundle does not improve stealth. It’s just for looks.

Where can I craft the Ghillie Suit in Fallout 76?

Use an armor workbench to craft the Ghillie Suit. You must unlock it first.

How can I unlock the Ghillie Netting Bundle paint scheme in Fallout 76?

You unlock this paint scheme by playing The Legendary Run. Reach certain ranks with your armor or weapons.

How can I acquire other outfits and bundles in Fallout 76?

You can get more outfits and bundles from the Atomic Shop. Also, try in-game events and challenges.

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