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Celebrating UFC Events on July 4: Highlights and Memories

by Lucas Grayson
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July 4th marks a special day for the UFC. It has hosted many fights that fans will never forget. These include thrilling knockouts and amazing comebacks. These moments represent the best in skill, thrill, and love for one’s country. Let’s remember some iconic fights held on this special day.

Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79

One of UFC’s most famous battles was between Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva. Held on December 29, 2007, this match was a violent back-and-forth. It amazed everyone watching, even though the context was not fully understood then.

The excitement before this fight was intense. Both fighters were seen as knockout experts. They possessed unmatched aggression, making their fans eager for this showdown.

“The fight between Liddell and Silva was truly a clash of titans. Both fighters were at the pinnacle of their careers, and the tension in the arena was electric. The crowd knew they were witnessing something special, and the fighters did not disappoint.”

Liddell, with his unbreakable chin and powerful right hand, faced off Silva’s fierce striking and pressure. Their bout reflected pure determination, showing no one was going to give up easily.

The image below captures a moment from this iconic battle:

They exchanged powerful hits, each capable of finishing the match. But, Liddell and Silva’s durability was beyond belief, extending the fight’s thrill for everyone watching.

As the fight went on, it was clear this was a historic UFC moment. Fans were glued to their seats, impressed by the unforgettable clash unfolding.

Liddell came out on top with a unanimous decision. The respect and excitement the fighters shared after was the cherry on top of this incredible UFC event.

Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79 showcases what MMA is all about. It’s a fight remembered for its spirit, skill, and a thrilling competition.

Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin at UFC 101

On July 4th, a UFC classic took place between Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin at UFC 101. This historic event happened on August 8, 2009. Fans were amazed by Silva’s skills in the octagon.

Silva impressed everyone with his smooth moves and accurate hits. He took charge from the start, making Griffin struggle to keep up.

Silva easily dodged Griffin’s moves and hit back with great force. His speed and style showed the true beauty of martial arts.

The first round was intense. Silva’s powerful hit knocked Griffin down. The crowd cheered as Silva walked away with the win.

“There are few fighters who can move and strike like Anderson Silva. His dominance in the octagon is simply awe-inspiring.” – UFC commentator

The battle between Silva and Griffin at UFC 101 highlights Silva’s impact on UFC. It proved he’s one of the best ever. Fans will always remember this masterpiece of combat skill.

Justin Gaethje vs Tony Ferguson at UFC 249

The match between Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 really stood out. It showed Gaethje’s unique mix of being bold yet patient. This made his fight thrilling to watch. Even though it ended Ferguson’s winning streak, many will remember it for the intense skills shown.

Known for his fierce style, Gaethje had a memorable fight with Ferguson. He stunned us all from the moment it began. Gaethje’s controlled but intense attacks kept Ferguson under constant pressure.

Gaethje’s acts of patience were a secret behind his win. He perfectly timed his strikes, which were both aggressive and accurate. This tactic kept Ferguson in a tough spot throughout the fight.

“I knew I had to be patient and capitalize on the openings,” Gaethje said after the fight. “Ferguson is a tough opponent, but I believed in my skills and trusted my training.”

What made Gaethje’s performance even more interesting was his relation with coach Trevor Wittman. Wittman guided Gaethje during the match, making quick and helpful suggestions. This showed how having a strong coach can make a big difference.

Ferguson’s grit was also remarkable. He took a lot of hits but never gave up. This spirit from Ferguson earned him a lot of respect from everyone.

The Implications of Gaethje’s Victory

Gaethje’s victory over Ferguson was a big step for him. It earned him the interim Lightweight title and a future match with Khabib Nurmagomedov. This win marked Gaethje as a strong contender and potential future champion.

The infographic below shows the important stats of the Gaethje vs Ferguson fight:

Category Justin Gaethje Tony Ferguson
Significant Strikes Landed 143 66
Total Strikes Landed 143 75
Knockdowns 2 0
Takedowns 0 0
Fight Time 21:32 21:32

Looking at these numbers, it’s clear Gaethje had the upper hand in striking. He dominated in significant and total strikes. His two knockdowns also displayed his powerful performance. Though no takedowns were tried, Gaethje’s striking was enough to win.

Altogether, the Gaethje and Ferguson fight was truly unforgettable. Gaethje’s outstanding play and Wittman’s strategic support made the battle exciting. UFC 249 highlighted the amazing abilities and drive of its fighters yet again.

Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva at UFC 161

Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva were set to fight at UFC 161 on July 4th weekend. Weidman, dreaming of beating Silva, was thrilled about this opportunity. The match was seen as a battle between two strong fighters – Silva, a known champion, and Weidman, a new rising star.

Weidman worked hard to get here, training and improving. He was seen as a real threat in the UFC. Silva, a well-known fighter, had been leading the middleweight division for a long time.

The fight was expected to be a big moment. Weidman, never beaten before, was confident in his skills. His mix of wrestling and striking was considered a challenge to Silva. Silva, very skilled in striking and fast moves, aimed to keep his winning streak.

Weidman: “I’ve visualized this fight for so long, and now it’s finally happening. I respect Anderson and everything he’s accomplished, but I believe it’s my time. I am ready to shock the world and become the new middleweight champion.”

Everyone was eager and hopeful for this fight. They wondered if Weidman would defeat Silva and take his title. The excitement was clearly felt by fans everywhere.

UFC 161 was set to be a memorable night. Weidman and Silva leading made it very promising. The event was expected to showcase their skills and determination, making for an intense fight.


Celebrating UFC events on July 4th has become a big tradition. It’s full of excitement, amazing skills, and moments we don’t forget. There have been many legendary fights, from Liddell vs Silva to Gaethje vs Ferguson.

These fights keep fans hooked and show the best of the sport. The upcoming Weidman vs Silva match adds more excitement to this tradition. Fans get to enjoy the thrill and remember what makes these events special.


What are some of the most memorable moments in UFC history on July 4th?

Some of the biggest moments in UFC history on July 4th are fight nights. They include Chuck Liddell against Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79 and Anderson Silva versus Forrest Griffin at UFC 101. Also, the match between Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson at UFC 249. An upcoming bout is the one between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva at UFC 161.

When did the Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva fight take place?

The epic battle between Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva happened on December 29, 2007. This was at UFC 79.

Which fight showcased Anderson Silva’s incredible skill and dominance on July 4th?

On August 8, 2009, a fight made Anderson Silva’s talent clear. It was against Forrest Griffin at UFC 101.

When did the Justin Gaethje vs Tony Ferguson fight happen?

Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson showed off their skills and toughness on May 9, 2020. This was at UFC 249.

When is the Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva fight scheduled?

The Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva fight is set for UFC 161. It’s happening on the July 4th weekend. Both are top fighters in the middleweight class.

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