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Companion Customization: Overhauling NPCs in Fallout 4

by Lucas Grayson
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fallout 4 npc overhaul

Welcome to the Fallout 4 NPC overhaul, where you control how your allies look and act. For serious Fallout 4 fans, changing your companions’ look and skills might feel like something missing. We’re showcasing an amazing mod that changes how NPCs can be updated, letting you make them your own.

There’s something players have wanted for a while. They wanted more from their companions to make the game more interesting. They wanted smarter AIs for both friends and foes to increase the fun and challenge during battle.

And the mod that fulfils these wishes is here. It introduces the ability to fully customize companions and NPCs. No more being stuck with generic, uninteresting characters. You can now change the look of your friends, settlers, and even your character.

This mod gives you a special ring item to start your customizing journey. Just wear the ring, and you get lots of options to change the way your characters look. You can add different facial features, paints, and tattoos, making each character unique.

But wait, there’s more. This mod also brings you 1000 unique and customizable NPCs. Just think about wandering the wasteland with a crew who look and act just how you like.

It’s easy to make these changes too, with the Mod Configuration Menu. This allows you to tweak your NPCs smoothly, ensuring your game stays fun and engaging.

The mod also makes your companions much more useful in fights. They’ll help you take down enemies, no longer just watching you fight. This makes every battle more dynamic and intense.

And enemy AIs are getting an upgrade too. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes to make enemies smarter and battles more challenging. This makes every adventure in the game more exciting and thought-provoking.

To sum up, this mod is a game-changer for Fallout 4 players. It brings deep customization for characters and improves AI for a better game experience. With more mods and updates on the way, the world of Fallout 4 is set to keep getting better.

The Mod: Customizing Companions and NPCs

Fallout 4 fans always look for chances to make their game unique. A groundbreaking mod now lets players do just that. It takes customizing companions and NPCs to an exciting new level. With this mod, gamers have the power to shape their game, making it unlike any other.

“The mod adds a special ring item that allows players to fallout 4 companion customization the faces of companions, settlers, and even themselves,” explains the first source.

By using this special ring, players can change faces with great detail. They can add face paints and tattoos too. This means everyone’s game character can look exactly how they want, making each game truly personal.

But it’s not just about faces. The mod brings over 1000 unique and customizable NPCs for players to recruit. This huge selection lets players pick their ideal companions and settlers. It really lets you create the world you want to see.

“Most of the customization is done through hotkeys defined in the MCM (Mod Configuration Menu),” notes the second source. “This streamlined approach ensures a seamless and intuitive experience.”

This mod doesn’t stop there. It replaces several other mods, cutting down on extra downloads. This makes things easier and gives players even more ways to tweak their game.

Plus, there’s the special holotape feature. It helps players manage their NPCs and give them commands quickly. This makes the whole experience feel more interactive and real.

With this amazing customization mod, the world of Fallout 4 is truly in your hands. Your game world can be as creative and unique as you dream. It’s a new era for Fallout 4, full of endless possibilities.

Improving Companion and Enemy AI

In the realm of Fallout 4 modding, there’s a push to make the game better not just through looks. Players aim to upgrade both the look and intelligence of their in-game friends. These mods seek to make your companions smarter, so they’re more helpful and not just passive in fights. The desire for challenging enemies is also high, wanting foes that make combat exciting and demanding.

Current companion AI often falls short, leading players to see them as dead weight during fights. Everyone wants a buddy that actively supports them, not just by looking impressive. They hope for partners that not only think but fight smart, making the game more interesting.

Luckily, there’s a mod that addresses this issue head-on. The “Fallout 4 Companion AI Overhaul” does what it says, revamping companion intelligence. With this mod, your partners become true fighters, enhancing your combat capabilities.

But the challenge is not just about friends; it’s about the enemies too. Players desire a game where opponents are as cunning and adaptable as they are. Overcoming smart enemies can be very rewarding.

The push for smarter enemy AI showcases players’ desire for a true challenge. They look for adversaries that require more than just force to defeat. Strategic victories over intelligent enemies are what they crave.

Modding Fallout 4 isn’t only about visual tweaks; it’s about making the game’s world come alive. By changing character and enemy behavior, players can feel deeper and more real challenges. The community continues to develop AI-enhancing mods, ensuring a limitless and exciting experience in the game’s universe.

The Importance of Improved AI

Better AI changes the game in more ways than making it look and feel harder. It makes the game more involving, requiring thought and skill. Every fight becomes a unique event, thanks to challenges brought on by smarter characters and enemies. With these mods, players can truly unlock Fallout 4‘s full potential, showing a world that is both vast and perilous.


The Fallout 4 NPC Overhaul mod discussed gives a deep way to tinker with game characters. Players wanted smarter allies and foes, and this mod steps in to meet those wishes. It makes the game’s world richer for players.

This mod hands players the keys to alter their companions’ look and actions deeply. They can adjust faces, make schedules smoother with face paints and tattoos, and even add special rings to reshape traits. Plus, it brings in 1000 new NPCs that are ready for players to make into friends or settlers.

Also, the modding scene keeps growing. This means more mods and better tweaks for Fallout 4 are always on the way. Together, they pull the game up, especially in how smart allies and enemies are.


What does the mod mentioned in the first source do?

The mod lets players change how companions, settlers, and themselves look. They do this with a special ring item.

How can players customize the appearance of NPCs and companions?

Players use a unique ring item included in the first mod. This lets them change faces, apply paints, and add tattoos.

How many customizable companions and settlers does the mod mentioned in the second source add?

The second mod lets players work with 1000 customisable and unique characters. These can become either companions or settlers.

How can players customize companions and settlers using the mod mentioned in the second source?

Most customisation is done through special keys in the MCM. This stands for ‘Mod Configuration Menu’.

What additional features does the mod mentioned in the third source provide?

The third mod has a holotape. It helps manage NPCs and give them orders. This makes it easy to handle companions, replacing the need for other mods.

What improvements do players want for companion AI?

Players think companions should fight better. They want them to take more action against foes. They also wish for smarter and more active behaviour.

Does the mod mentioned in the second source improve companion AI?

Yes, this mod works to make companions smarter. It also includes lots of ways to customise them.

What are players looking for in terms of enemy AI improvements?

Players long for mods that make enemies tougher and smarter. They want foes to be more challenging and strategic in battle.

How does the mod mentioned in the third source address these concerns?

This mod tackles issues with NPC and companion customisation. It also sharpens enemy AI, giving players challenging battles.

What can players achieve with the mod?

By using the mod, players can change how their companions look and act. This makes the game more real and tough.

Are there other mods being developed to enhance the Fallout 4 experience?

Yes, there are. Many people in modding communities are working on new mods. These mods fix current issues and make the game better.

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