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Creating the Ultimate Jon Jones Build in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Ready to dominate like Jon Jones in the virtual Octagon of UFC 4? Jon Jones is top-rated, with 5 stars overall. He shines in both striking and grappling, making him a feared opponent.

To build Jon Jones’ best version in UFC 4, focus on his striking and grappling. Also, boost his health. You’ll need to choose his moves and skills wisely. This way, you can beat anyone in the game by playing like Jones.

Feeling ready to show what you can do in the Octagon? We’ll explore Jon Jones’ style, strategies, moves, and how to build his skills. This is how you create the ultimate Jon Jones in UFC 4.

Understanding Jon Jones’ Fighting Style and Strategies

Jon Jones has an amazing way of fighting that mixes striking and grappling. His style is quick and full of different moves. This combo sets him apart in the UFC. Let’s look at what makes Jones unique in the Octagon.

Utilizing Striking and Grappling Techniques

Jones can switch between hitting and wrestling smoothly. This keeps his opponents guessing and worried all the time. His long arms offer a big advantage, letting him keep his distance and bother his rivals.

“Jones’ reach gives him a decisive advantage in controlling the distance and dictating the pace of the fight.” – UFC commentator Joe Rogan

What makes Jones stand out is his excellent clinch skills. In close fighting, he uses his knees and elbows well. This hurts his opponents and helps him plan his takedowns.

Mastering Takedowns and Ground Control

Jones is not only good at fighting from a distance but also up close. He’s great at taking down and controlling his opponents on the ground. He often uses his elbows and knees to hit hard from a top position.

To fight like Jones, people should work on their striking, wrestling, and clinching. These skills let them control the fight, make opponents tired, and do well on the ground. Focusing on controlling the fight from the ground and striking effectively will make them better at using Jones’ tactics.

If people want to be great at UFC 4, they must understand Jon Jones’ way of fighting. By using his versatile striking, excellent clinching, and ground control, they can make their virtual Jon Jones very successful.

Choosing the Right Moves and Skills for Jon Jones

Creating the best Jon Jones build in UFC 4 is all about the moves and skills you pick. We’ll explore the top tips for making Jon Jones shine in the Octagon.

In UFC 4, you can customise your fighter’s moves and skills. This lets you fight like Jon Jones does. To really boost Jones’ power, choose moves that fit his striking style and his grappling strength.

Let’s talk about striking first. Jones uses moves like spinning elbows and kicking low from the side. These surprise his foes and hurt them badly. Using these moves with your Jon Jones will improve your striking and help you win fights.

Jon Jones is also great at grappling. To copy his success on the ground, pick moves like taking your opponent down, submitting them, and controlling them on the ground. Getting good at these moves can help you win by dominating on the floor.

Balancing Offensive and Defensive Skills

Besides moves, it’s key to balance how strong Jones is in attack and in defence. Only focusing on attack could make you weak when your opponent is good.

Put some of your skill points into blocking, defending, and avoiding hits. This makes your Jon Jones hard to hit and ready to counter with your own strong moves or by taking your foe down.

UFC 4 Jon Jones Moves and Skills

Let’s compare a build that’s mainly about attacking to one that’s more balanced:

Offensive-focused Build Well-balanced Build
High striking power Moderate striking power
Low defensive capabilities Strong defensive capabilities
Relies heavily on knockout punches Capable of enduring and countering opponents’ strikes

The attack-heavy build hits hard but is weak against strikes from foes. The balanced one has good attack and can take hits well. This means you can both attack and defend effectively.

Experimenting for the Perfect Build

There are lots of moves and skills to try. Finding the best mix for your Jon Jones means trying different combos. Keep in mind how you like to play and what you’re good at.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Failure is just a stop on the way to success. If your first try doesn’t work out, don’t give up. Keep changing and improving your skills until you build the best Jon Jones.


Building the best Jon Jones in UFC 4 is all about strategy. It’s key to focus on improving your fighter’s skills and choosing the right moves. Work on his striking, grappling, and clinch to really play like Jon Jones.

Mastering ground control, like Jones, can give you an edge. It’s important to learn takedowns, submissions, and how to control the fight on the ground. This strategy can help you win in UFC 4.

Remember, attack and defence are both important. Creating a balanced fighter is key. This way, you can experience the same success Jon Jones has. You’ll be a strong player in the virtual Octagon.


Can I customize Jon Jones’ move set and skills in UFC 4?

Yes. In UFC 4, you can make your fighter like Jon Jones. This includes customising moves and skills.

What are some optimal moves for Jon Jones in UFC 4?

Good moves for Jon Jones are spinning elbows, oblique kicks, and spinning back fists. These moves work well with his unique striking style.

Should I focus on developing Jon Jones’ striking or grappling skills?

To make Jon Jones the best, work on both his striking and grappling. Also, boost his health for the ultimate build.

How important is ground control in Jon Jones’ fighting style?

Ground control is key for Jon Jones. He’s great at takedowns and controlling the ground. He uses elbows and knees for fierce attacks there.

What approach should I take when building a Jon Jones character in UFC 4?

Focus on making Jon good at striking, grappling, and clinching. Also, train him for strong ground control. Balance offence and defence for his best performance.

Can I replicate Jon Jones’ versatile fighting style in UFC 4?

Yes. By improving your fighter’s striking, grappling, and clinching, you can mimic Jon Jones. Just remember the importance of ground control and top position striking.

How can I maximize Jon Jones’ effectiveness in the Octagon?

Play around with different moves and skills. Find what suits your style best and matches Jon Jones’ strategies.

What is the key to creating the ultimate Jon Jones build in UFC 4?

To make a top Jon Jones in UFC 4, choose your skills and moves wisely. Develop his striking, grappling, and clinch skills. Also, focus on strong ground control and both attack and defence.

Can I emulate Jon Jones’ success by building the ultimate Jon Jones character in UFC 4?

Yes, with the right approach, you can be a powerhouse in UFC 4. This lets you experience the same victories as Jon Jones in the virtual world.

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