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Current Amazon Cryptocurrency Prices

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amazon cryptocurrency price

Current reports show that Amazon tokenized stock FTX costs $8.23 USD. This price could change quickly due to market risks1.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amazon tokenized stock FTX is currently priced at $8.23 USD1.
  • The price is highly volatile and carries market risks1.

Amazon Tokenized Stock FTX Price Overview

The current price of Amazon tokenized stock FTX is $107.00 USD2. This shows the stock’s value right now on the platform. Keep in mind, this price can change because of market shifts and how investors act.

Amazon tokenized stock FTX has seen N/A3 in trading over the last 24 hours. This figure tells us how much activity there has been. It also shows the stock’s popularity and how easy it is to buy or sell.

Right now, we don’t have the top or bottom prices for the last 7, 30, or 90 days2. Knowing these rates helps investors see how the stock has done and how risky it is. Without this data, it’s harder to guess where the stock’s price might go.

We’re also missing the highest and lowest prices ever recorded for this stock2. These figures are key in understanding the stock’s past performance and what might happen next. Lack of this info could mean investors are missing out on crucial details.

Even with missing numbers, investors can still look at current trends and data to plan their moves with Amazon’s tokenized stock. Staying informed and watching how the stock does can open doors for smart investments.

Market Cap and Circulating Supply

Specific data for the Amazon tokenized stock FTX’s market cap and circulating supply is not yet available4. But, knowing about these numbers is key in the cryptocurrency world.

Market cap shows the total value of a cryptocurrency. It’s found by multiplying the price of each token by how many tokens are out there. This gives an overview of a cryptocurrency’s value and scope. On the flip side, the circulating supply indicates how many tokens are moving in the market.

Understanding market cap and circulating supply helps investors figure out a cryptocurrency’s growth potential and stability. A big market cap shows it’s a popular choice with room to grow. Meanwhile, a high circulating supply affects how easily the token can be bought or sold.

The exact numbers for the Amazon tokenized stock FTX’s market cap and supply are unknown right now. It’s wise for investors to keep watching the market and reliable news. This way, they stay up-to-date with any changes. This information is crucial for making smart investment choices or tracking the stock’s performance.

Note: The statistical data mentioned in this section is provided for informational purposes only4.

Voting on Amazon Tokenized Stock FTX Price

Many investors are now turning to cryptocurrencies and blockchain for trading. The demand for tokenized stocks, like Amazon’s, is growing. FTX is a platform that lets users trade various tokenized assets, including Amazon stock tokens. FTX stands out by letting users vote on the price of Amazon’s tokenized stock. This gives them a say and a feeling of participating in the market.

Voting on Amazon’s tokenized stock price at FTX brings users closer to the market. It lets people share what they think about the stock’s current value. You can vote on whether the stock’s price will go up, down, or stay the same. This is based on your own analysis and research.

But remember, the outcomes of these votes don’t get shared with the public5. Still, the voting feature lets users actively take part in the market. They might even shape the market’s feelings about Amazon’s stock price at FTX.

FTX has added voting to its trading to create a more open and clear space for traders. This makes users stay connected and lets them change the market over time. It brings a democratic feel to buying and selling these stocks. Users get to help set the stock’s price.

The feature gained notice as tokenized stocks became more popular. FTX’s voting feature makes it stand out. While other places might have tokenized stocks, FTX lets users share their thoughts on Amazon’s stock price. This aligns with the open and democratic ideas of blockchain and decentralization. The approach is new and keeps trading interesting for users.

As more people look into tokenized stocks, FTX and similar platforms will likely get more features. The vote-on-price feature for Amazon stock at FTX is part of this. It shows there could be more ways for people to get involved and influence the market. It makes the market exciting and interactive for everyone.

Price History and Percent Changes

Learning about the price history of Amazon tokenized stock FTX gives great insights. It shows how the stock has performed over time. Different sources help us understand the price ups and downs and the corresponding percent changes6.

The highest closing price for Amazon stock has been 189.50 on May 09, 20246.

And, the 52-week high was 191.70, which is 1.4% higher than the current price6.

The lowest stock price in the past 52 weeks was 118.35. This was a 37.4% drop from the current price6.

Over the last year, Amazon’s stock averaged 154.866.

The percentage stock changes for Amazon showed big swings. In 2024, it went up by 24.44%. But in 2022, it went down by -49.49%. Over the years, these changes have varied, from 2020’s 76.26% to 2021’s 2.38%6.

This data tells us that Amazon stock prices change a lot, with big ups and downs each year6.

To really understand shorter-term price changes, we should look at link 2. The data shows trading prices over the last few days, weeks, and months. It includes points like Open, High, Low, Last, Change, % Change, and Volume7.

The Price Performance part of the data talks about historical Highs and Lows with Percent Change from the period’s start. These could be for 5-Day up to 20-Year periods, shown in daily, weekly, or monthly data7.

Link 3’s stats give more on Amazon’s stock price history. The top closing price was $189.08 on June 21, 2024. The lowest was $119.57 on October 26, 20238.

Also, the record volume traded was 125,309,300 shares on October 27, 2023. The least traded was 22,378,400 shares on November 24, 20238.

Looking at single days, the biggest increase was $10.44 on June 21, 2024. The largest fall was $8.77 on October 30, 20238.

On a normal day, about 40,000,000 Amazon shares are traded. This shows how active and available the stock is8.

In a year, Amazon’s stock price moved between $119.57 and $189.08. That’s quite a big range, showing the stock’s potential for gain or loss8.

Generally, Amazon’s stock FTX has been going up. But, it had its share of ups and downs due to various factors and how investors felt8.

The average adjusted close price for Amazon’s stock is $165.00. This is the “normal” price the stock has ended trading at, based on the data8.

Reviewing Amazon FTX stock’s past prices and changes can be very helpful. It gives investors and traders insights into what the stock has done and might do in the future6.

Additional Information on DAMZN Token

The DAMZN token is linked to Amazon in the crypto market. It mirrors Amazon shares and lets people invest using blockchain tech. This makes the DAMZN token an interesting choice for those wanting to expand their investment options.

The price of the DAMZN token is currently $29.97, up by 0.35%9. Even though we don’t have its market cap yet, the trading volume in the last 24 hours was $91. This shows there’s a lot of interest and activity around this token.

The DAMZN token’s supply is limited now, which could make it more appealing to investors. Also, it hit an all-time high of about $3,939.83 on 31.03.20229. This is impressive, hinting at its potential for more growth and profit.

Recently, some tokens, like those worth $64,335, $3,495.63, and $588.92, gained value9. Looking at these successes might offer clues about how the DAMZN token could perform. It might show us the way the crypto market is moving.

The DAMZN token is available on Binance, a top crypto exchange. This makes it easier for investors to check out the token’s possible benefits.

Fiat Price Conversion for DAMZN Token

To really gauge the DAMZN token’s value, look at its price in different currencies. Right now, it’s worth $6.881466. This lets investors see how it’s doing in various markets.

It’s also key to track the DAMZN token’s price changes over time. In the last day, it dropped by 0.53%10. Over the longer term, in 30, 60, and 90 days, it fell significantly. The drops were -83.88%, -91.97%, and -92.77%10. These numbers underline the risks of investing in the DAMZN token.

Moreover, in the last 24 hours, the token’s price ranged between $6.841489 and $6.97858710. This data is useful for traders looking for chances to buy or sell within a day.

Market Cap and Circulating Supply of DAMZN Token

The DAMZN token has no circulating supply currently9. So, it’s clear there are not many tokens available for trading. Yet, we’re still waiting for its market cap info10.

Despite the missing market cap data, the DAMZN token is getting a lot of attention for its Amazon connection. Future changes in the Amazon market could greatly impact the DAMZN token’s demand and value.

A visual representation of the statistical information mentioned earlier is presented in the table below:

Token Information Values Reference
Current Price $29.97 9
Price Change in the Last 24 Hours 0.35% 9
Trading Volume (Last 24 hours) $91 9
Circulating Supply 0 DAMZN 9
All-Time High $3,939.83 (31.03.2022) 9
Price Change (last 30 days) -83.88% 10
Price Change (last 60 days) -91.97% 10
Price Change (last 90 days) -92.77% 10
24-Hour Low $6.841489 10
24-Hour High $6.978587 10
Market Cap $0 10

Based on this consolidated information, investors can evaluate the DAMZN token’s potential. It’s meticulous research that helps in making informed decisions. Always do your homework before investing.

Circulating Supply and Market Cap of DAMZN Token

The DAMZN token’s current state shows us it’s important to look at its supply and market cap. The supply is shown as 09, but its exact market cap isn’t10. Supply means the total tokens available for trade. This tells investors how easy it is to buy or sell the token. Market cap, on the other hand, shows the token’s value. It’s the supply’s worth in the market.

Knowing the market cap number for DAMZN is tricky, but it’s key for understanding its growth potential9. To find the market cap, we multiply the token’s price by its supply. This gives a hint of its value against other crypto. A rising market cap shows more people are confident in the token.

Learning about DAMZN’s supply and market cap helps investors see its market now and tomorrow. Supply shows how much you can trade. Market cap indicates its value and market place. Both these facts are crucial for deciding if investing in DAMZN is smart.

Circulating Supply and Market Cap of DAMZN Token

Comparing Circulating Supply and Market Cap of Selected Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency Circulating Supply Market Cap
DAMZN Token 09 Not provided10
Bitcoin 18,812,775 BTC $1.1 trillion
Ethereum 117,390,787 ETH $420 billion
Ripple 46,998,204,361 XRP $95 billion

The table above lets us compare how different cryptocurrencies stand in the market. Even though we can’t see specific data for DAMZN10, keeping an eye on these numbers is vital. It helps us grasp its competition and potential growth.

All-Time High and All-Time Low of DAMZN Token

The DAMZN token has seen big changes in its price. It hit both very high and very low points. These ups and downs tell us a lot about its history and how people view it.

The highest price it ever reached was $3,893.41. This big number shows how much faith people have in the Amazon Tokenized Stock Defichain. It also shows that the market values what Amazon represents.

“The all-time high of the DAMZN token clearly demonstrates its desirability and attractiveness as an investment option.” 10

The token has also dropped in value. This happens when the market is uncertain or when people are not very interested. We don’t know the exact lowest price, but it did drop. Even with these drops, the token remains interesting for those in the trading world.

Seeing the DAMZN token’s price change so much teaches us about the crypto market. Changes happen quickly. And these changes can be good chances for traders to make money.

Historical Price Changes

Looking at the bigger picture, the DAMZN token’s value changes a lot over time. It can be very different in just a few hours or over months. This shows us how it has done over various periods.

In the past day, its price dropped by -0.53%. This change indicates the market is still moving a lot. And may still have more changes to come.

Over seven days, the token went down by -17.34%. Watching prices over these longer times can give us a better idea of what might happen next.

Over 30 days, its value dropped by -83.88%. And in 60 days, it was -91.97%. These long-term drops show us a lot about its future. Investors and traders look at these to understand what might come next.

“The DAMZN token’s price changes in the last 30 and 60 days illustrate the need for long-term perspective when considering its investment potential.” 10

  1. The DAMZN token reached its highest ever price at $3,893.41. This shows how much the market trusts Amazon’s value. 10
  2. We don’t know the lowest price, but it shows the market can be very uncertain. 10
  3. In just 24 hours, the price changed by -0.53%, showing ongoing movement. Changes over 7 days and longer tell us even more. 10

The DAMZN price will keep changing. Market conditions and what people think can make it go up or down. Knowing the highs, lows, and past changes is key for making smart choices.

24-Hour Trading Volume of DAMZN Token

The DAMZN token’s 24-hour trading volume stands at $23.25 USD, showing a lot of market action10. This means many people are interested in buying and selling this token. It looks like a good choice for those involved in cryptocurrencies.

This high trading volume tells us the DAMZN token is easy to buy or sell fast10. Traders like this because they can make deals quickly. It also means there’s a lot of interest in this market, with prices that change a lot.

By using the high trading volume, investors and traders can act quickly when needed. This lets them be adaptable to what the market does. Lots of trading also helps show the real value of the token.

The DAMZN token stays in demand because of its active trading10. People can react fast to new market trends, grab good chances, and join in on price changes thanks to all the trading.

For anyone looking for big trading chances in the cryptocurrency market, tokens like DAMZN are key10. With its strong 24-hour trading volume, DAMZN is clearly a major player. It’s an asset many find interesting in the crypto world.

To learn more about the DAMZN token and its market excitement, keep reading. The next parts of this article will cover it all.

Fiat Price Conversion for DAMZN Token

To understand the DAMZN token’s value in different fiat currencies, we look at conversion rates from trusted sources.

One source says the current price of the Amazon Tokenized Stock Defichain (DAMZN/USD) is $6.88146610. This is a key number for converting it to other currencies.

In the past 24 hours, the DAMZN token’s price changed by -0.53%10. This shows how cryptocurrency prices move up and down often.

We use trusted platforms for converting DAMZN into other fiat currencies. Binance has a chart with rates for many major currencies like TRY, RUB, and EUR.

Another source tells us DAMZN’s current USD price is $29.97, with a 0.35% increase9. This shows how much it’s worth in US dollars, which is a widely used currency.

The supply of DAMZN tokens available is currently 0102. With such a small supply, the token could be more valuable.

Cryptocurrency prices change fast, but understanding how to convert them into traditional money helps. It lets investors and traders see the DAMZN token’s value in various money systems using reliable market information.

To get a full view of DAMZN’s price history, market cap, and how much has been traded, check out 3commas. They offer in-depth data, including the highest and lowest prices the token has had.

Currency Conversion Rate
USD $29.97
TRY Conversion Rate for DAMZN to TRY
RUB Conversion Rate for DAMZN to RUB
EUR Conversion Rate for DAMZN to EUR

Conversion rates for cryptocurrencies like DAMZN can change quickly due to market shifts. It’s best to use reliable platforms for up-to-date conversions.


Currently, the Amazon tokenized stock FTX is priced at $8.23 USD. But, we don’t have all the details like its market cap or circulating supply11. The DAMZN token, with a circulating supply of 0, reached an all-time high of $3,893.4112. Anyone investing must know that cryptocurrency prices can change a lot, bringing high risk11.


What is the current price of Amazon tokenized stock FTX?

The latest price of Amazon tokenized stock FTX is .23 USD from multiple reports.

Is the price of Amazon tokenized stock FTX volatile?

Certainly, its price changes a lot due to market risks.

What is the 24-hour trading volume of Amazon tokenized stock FTX?

Unfortunately, details on its 24-hour trading volume are not available now.

What are the highs and lows for Amazon tokenized stock FTX in the last 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days?

Reports don’t currently show the recent highs and lows for Amazon tokenized stock FTX.

What is the market cap of Amazon tokenized stock FTX?

At the moment, the market cap’s figure for this stock isn’t available.

What is the circulating supply of Amazon tokenized stock FTX?

Data on the circulating supply of Amazon tokenized stock FTX is unavailable from sources.

Can users vote on the current price of Amazon tokenized stock FTX?

Users can indeed vote on the stock’s price. Yet, sourced reports don’t confirm any votes’ details.

How has the price of Amazon tokenized stock FTX changed over time?

Updates on the stock’s price changes, including percentage shifts over various time spans, are available from the sources.

Is there additional information on the DAMZN token?

Yes, there’s more info on DAMZN, like its prices in various currencies. It’s tradable on Binance.

What is the circulating supply and market cap of the DAMZN token?

The circulating supply of the DAMZN token is 0. The market cap detail is missing.

What is the all-time high and all-time low of the DAMZN token?

The highest ever DAMZN price noted is ,893.41. But its lowest price remains undisclosed.

What is the 24-hour trading volume of the DAMZN token?

Within the last 24 hours, DAMZN’s trading volume was .25.

Can the DAMZN token be converted to different fiat currencies?

Yes, the DAMZN token can be converted into various fiat currencies. Conversion rates are available for trying.

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