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Customizing Moves in UFC 4 Online: A How-To Guide

by Lucas Grayson
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how to change moves in ufc 4 online

Welcome to UFC 4 online, where victory depends on skills, strategy, and custom moves. It’s vital in becoming a strong fighter to tailor your moves to your style. We’ll show you how to tweak your moves and climb to the top in UFC 4 online.

In UFC 4 online, each fighter has unique moves that you can adjust. You might like powerful strikes or expert grappling. Adapting your moves to your strengths is crucial.

Start by going to the fighter’s section to adjust moves. You can swap out moves to better fit your style. Try new combos and be daring.

UFC 4 online is all about being adaptable and customising your moves gives you that edge. This way, in the octagon, you’ll surprise and outplay others. To win, you have to predict your opponent’s moves while keeping them guessing.

By tweaking and personalising your moveset, you can outsmart your rivals with attacks they won’t expect. With effort and a smart set of moves, you can become a champion in UFC 4 online.

Now you know how key customizing your moveset is. Next, we’ll dive into transitioning and gaining grapple advantage in UFC 4 online. Watch out for our next guide section.

Transitioning and Building Grapple Advantage

In UFC 4 online, transitioning and building grapple advantage are key to winning on the ground. If you can master these, you’ll have a better chance at beating your opponents. It’s about taking control from the ground up.

The Art of Transitioning

Transitioning means moving smoothly between grapple positions. This lets you keep control and aim for better positions or submissions. Here are some tips to improve your transitioning game:

  1. Stay patient and watch your opponent. Take your time to see what they might do next. Then, make your move to get into a better position.
  2. Know your transition options well. Understand how each one works. This knowledge will make your decisions sharp during fights.
  3. Choose the right moment to transition. Transitioning at the perfect time can surprise your opponent. This could lead to a successful move on your end.

Building Grapple Advantage

Building up your advantage in a grapple means you’re in control. To do this, focus on these strategies:

  1. Create space by using strikes and movement. This way, you can transition better and control the fight more.
  2. Learn to reverse your opponent’s positions. This can mess up their plans and help you take the lead. Make sure to practice your reversals.
  3. Find and use your opponent’s weak spots. Whether it’s their defense or specific moves, targeting their weak areas can keep you ahead.

In UFC 4, getting good at transitioning and taking control on the ground needs practice. You need to know when to move and have a good sense of what your opponent might do. With solid skills in these areas, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with on the mat.

Transitioning and Building Grapple Advantage Techniques
Technique Description
Submission Transitions Smoothly transition from one submission attempt to another. This keeps your opponent guessing and defending constantly.
Sweep Transitions Use sweeps to change your and your opponent’s positions. This way, you get more control and put them under pressure.
Ground and Pound Hit your opponent from above to hurt them and create chances for better moves or submissions.
Cage Transitions Make use of the cage to control your opponent’s movement. This helps in setting up your next moves more easily.

Defending Transitions and Utilizing Grapple Advantage

Playing UFC 4 online well means mastering two key skills: defending against moves and using groundwork to your advantage. Understanding these tactics can help you dominate on the ground and control the fight.

Defending Transitions

To stop your opponent’s moves, you need sharp senses and quick reactions. Always try to guess where they’ll go next. Remember these hints when blocking their transitions:

  • Watch what your opponent does and be ready to stop them.
  • Use the joystick to stop transitions towards the direction they’re aiming for.
  • To block a move, press the right trigger and move the joystick correctly at the same time.
  • Look after your opponent’s stamina. If they’re tired, their transition attempts might fail, giving you a chance to attack.

Utilizing Grapple Advantage

Grapple advantage is about controlling your opponent’s position on the ground. Being in control lets you switch to better spots and hit them hard or try submissions. Follow these steps for a smarter grapple game:

  • Think about where you want to end up and choose your moves carefully.
  • Add strikes to your moves to keep your rival defending and stop them from attacking back.
  • Learn to fake moves to trick your opponent and create chances for strong attacks.
  • Take care of your stamina, as it’s key for successful moves and keeping control.

Remember, it’s not just about reacting; it’s about outthinking your opponent too. Guess their next move, plan your response, and take your chance to lead the match.

UFC 4 Ground Defense

Looking at success rates in UFC 4, good defense stats often mean doing well overall. High numbers in stopping and making moves show a strong ground game. And more submission tries could mean using your positions to win fights.

By getting good at stopping moves and using your ground advantage well, you can beat your rivals in UFC 4. Get ready to enjoy the thrill of winning against others online.


Customising your fighter’s moveset is key in UFC 4. Knowing how transitions and grapples work helps in online play. By following our guide, you can make a strong fighter. They’ll be ready to win any match. So, tweak your moves and rise in UFC 4!


How do I customize my fighter’s moveset in UFC 4 online?

To customize your fighter’s moveset in UFC 4 online, here’s what you do. First, [Step 1]. Next, [Step 2]. Lastly, [Step 3].

Why is transitioning and building grapple advantage important in UFC 4 online?

Transitioning and gaining a grapple advantage are vital in UFC 4 online. They help you control your opponent. It allows you to use strong attacks on the ground.

How can I defend transitions and utilize grapple advantage in UFC 4 online?

To defend transitions, remember [Tip 1], [Tip 2], [Tip 3]. Utilizing grapple advantage involves [Tip 4], [Tip 5], [Tip 6]. Knowing these strategies is critical in UFC 4 online.

Why is customizing moveset and understanding transitions and grapple advantage crucial in UFC 4 online?

Customizing your fighter’s moveset and knowing about transitions and grapple advantage matters a lot. It’s key to being powerful in UFC 4 online. This guide shows you how to make a strong, adaptable fighter. They will succeed in every match.

How can I take my skills to the next level in UFC 4 online?

To improve in UFC 4 online, start by customizing your moveset. Use the tips from this guide and keep practicing. Adapting and improving your skills will make you a top player in the game.

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