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Definitive Guide: Leaving the Institute Fallout 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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how to leave the institute fallout 4

Leaving the Institute in Fallout 4 can be a real challenge, especially when faced with the underground bunker and its perplexing labyrinth. However, fear not, wasteland explorer! There are ways to successfully exit this mysterious facility and continue your thrilling journey in the post-apocalyptic world.

Upon arrival at the Institute, you will traverse through a narrow pathway until you finally encounter Father, the enigmatic leader of this technologically advanced society. At this crucial moment, you will be presented with a monumental decision: to join the Institute or to explore further without their influence. If you opt for the latter, a series of quests await you, including meetings with all four department heads.

One essential encounter is with Dr. Li, the esteemed expert in Advanced Systems. During your conversation, she will mention the installation of a chip in your trusty Pip-Boy, unlocking the ability to swiftly travel in and out of the Institute. This invaluable upgrade will undoubtedly aid you in your future endeavors.

Alternatively, if you reject Father and his enticing proposition, retracing your steps to the room where you initially arrived will reveal the Network Scanner. Utilizing this ingenious device, you can teleport your way out of the Institute, leaving behind their enigmatic shadows.

While these methods provide efficient means of escape, it is important to acknowledge potential bugs and glitches that may hinder your fast travel plans. Should this unfortunate circumstance arise, your best course of action will be to reload a previously saved game before entering the Institute.

Remember, brave wasteland explorer, your journey is in your hands. Whether you choose to align yourself with the Institute or embark on a new path, the definitive guide to leaving the Institute in Fallout 4 equips you with the knowledge and understanding to make an informed decision that will shape your post-apocalyptic destiny.

Meeting the Division Leaders

After meeting with Father, you’ll be tasked with meeting the division leaders in the Institute. These leaders represent different factions within the Institute and play crucial roles in its operations. By having conversations with each of them, you can gain insight into their responsibilities and the overall workings of the Institute.

The Division Leaders:

Name Role
Allie Filmore Director of the BioScience division
Newton Oberly Head of Robotics
Dr. Li Chief Engineer in the Advanced Systems division
Clayton Holdren Leader of the Synth Retention Bureau
Justin Ayo Head of the SRB’s Advanced Systems division

During your conversations with the division leaders, you’ll have the opportunity to ask them additional questions, dive deeper into their areas of expertise, and understand their perspectives on the Institute’s goals and philosophies.

Learning from the division leaders can provide valuable insights that may influence your decision on how to proceed. Whether you choose to cooperate with the Institute or find a way to leave, their inputs can help you make an informed choice.

In particular, Dr. Li will play a pivotal role in modifying your Pip-Boy. She will install a special chip that grants you the ability to freely teleport in and out of the Institute, simplifying your navigation between the Institute and the wasteland.

Do note that the division leaders may not always be in their offices or the same location throughout the day. You might find them in their working places, the cafeteria, or their quarters, so be thorough in searching for them in the Institute.

Using the Scanning Holotape

As part of your journey in the Institute, you’ll be required to use the scanning holotape. This is a crucial step in progressing through the game and unraveling the mysteries of the Institute. To initiate the process, you’ll need to locate and interact with a computer terminal within the Institute.

Here are the steps to use the scanning holotape:

  1. Approach any computer terminal in the Institute.
  2. Access the terminal menu.
  3. Avoid selecting any options from the menu.
  4. Instead, press the load holotape key/button.
  5. Choose the Network Scanner tape from the list.
  6. Confirm your selection to initiate the network scan.

It’s important to note that the game will not mark a specific computer terminal on the map to complete this objective. Therefore, you need to explore the Institute diligently and interact with any available computer terminal to execute the network scan.

Once you have completed the network scan, the quest associated with the scanning holotape will be considered finished. At this point, you have the choice to continue working with the Institute or utilize quick travel to leave the facility.


Leaving the Institute in Fallout 4 is a crucial decision that shapes your journey through the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Fortunately, you have the freedom to choose whether to align with the Institute or forge your path independently. By embarking on the questline and meeting with the division leaders, you can acquire valuable knowledge about the Institute’s inner workings and make an informed decision about collaboration.

If you decide to part ways with the Institute, there are multiple methods to facilitate your departure. You can make use of the fast travel option provided by Dr. Li’s chip installation in your Pip-Boy, allowing seamless movement in and out of the Institute. Alternatively, you can teleport out by retracing your steps to the room where you first entered and utilizing the Network Scanner. However, it’s crucial to remain vigilant of potential bugs or glitches that may hinder your fast travel. In such cases, reloading a previous save is advised to ensure a smooth exit.

Remember, the fate of your character in Fallout 4 lies in your hands. The choice to join or leave the Institute carries significant weight, and it’s up to you to determine the path that aligns with your principles and objectives in the wasteland. Embrace the freedom of choice and embark on a thrilling adventure that resonates with your personal journey in Fallout 4.


How do I leave the Institute in Fallout 4?

To leave the Institute, you can choose to complete a series of quests and meet with all four department heads. Alternatively, you can retrace your steps to the room where you were transported in and use the Network Scanner to teleport out. Please note that fast travel may be affected by bugs or glitches, in which case you’ll need to load a previous save before entering the Institute.

Who are the division leaders in the Institute?

The division leaders in the Institute are Allie Filmore, Newton Oberly, Dr. Li, Clayton Holdren, and Justin Ayo. They represent different areas of the Institute, and you’ll need to have conversations with each of them to gain more insight into their roles and operations.

How can I use the scanning holotape in Fallout 4?

To use the scanning holotape, interact with any terminal in the Institute. Instead of selecting any options from the menu, press the load holotape key/button and choose the Network Scanner tape from the list. Confirm your selection to initiate the network scan. Please note that the game will not mark a specific computer terminal on the map for this objective.

Is there a fast travel option to leave the Institute?

Yes, once you have completed the necessary quests and met with the division leaders, you can choose to use the fast travel option to leave the Institute and continue your journey through the wasteland.

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