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Delivering a Haymaker in UFC 4: Power Punching Guide

by Lucas Grayson
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how to haymaker in ufc 4

In UFC 4, getting good at landing big punches is key to win fights. The haymaker is one of the most powerful strikes. I’m here to show you how to use it. With this guide, you’ll learn tips and tricks to beat your rivals with one punch.

So, what makes the haymaker so strong? Imagine throwing a big, sweeping punch with all your might. This is a haymaker. It gets its power from your hips and body turning. When it connects with your opponent, they’ll feel it.

Using the haymaker is simple, but timing is everything. Add it when your foe least expects it to really hurt them. Mixing it with other strikes is a smart move. It makes your attacks harder to defend against.

Yet, throwing a haymaker isn’t without its downsides. It’s a big, slow punch, so it might not hit. Missing leaves you open to getting hit back. Be careful and smart about when you use it. This minimizes the danger.

This guide will cover everything about the haymaker in UFC 4. You’ll learn how to use it well, understand its risks, and make it a powerful part of your fighting style. Are you excited to master the haymaker and level up your game?

Ready to become a powerhouse in UFC 4? Join me, and we’ll start learning how to throw the perfect haymaker step by step!

Types of Strikes in UFC 4

UFC 4 gives you many types of strikes to use. These include lots of punches for a smart fight strategy. Knowing how to do each punch is crucial for winning fights.


Straight punches, like the jab and cross, are your basic quick attacks. Jabs hit the face fast. Crosses are strong, straight punches from the back hand. They help set up combos and keep your distance.


Hooks are curved punches done with an arm bend. You throw them from the side to hit the head or body. They pack a big punch and can really hurt your opponent when used right.


Uppercuts are for close-up fighting. You throw them up towards the chin. They get their power from your legs and hips. So, they can do a lot of damage from short range.


Overhands are big, looping punches at the head. They’re great against tight defences or dodges. Using them well can surprise your opponent and lead to big wins.

Mixed Combinations

In UFC 4, you can mix different strikes together. This lets you fool your opponent, find openings, and make each punch stronger. Trying out lots of combinations is key to a smart game plan.

Getting good at all types of strikes in UFC 4 makes you a strong fighter. You can use speed, power, and accuracy to win any fight. These strikes work in all sorts of situations, giving you the upper hand.

Strike Description
Straight punch Quick, straight punch aimed at the opponent’s face. Ideal for setting up combinations.
Hook Arcing punch thrown with a bent arm. Effective for targeting the opponent’s head or body from the side.
Uppercut Short-range punch thrown upward towards the opponent’s chin. Suitable for close-range combat.
Overhand Looping punch thrown over the top, usually targeting the opponent’s head. Effective against opponents with tight defenses.
Mixed Combinations Sequences of strikes combined to deceive opponents, create openings, and increase punch effectiveness.

The Haymaker Technique in UFC 4

The haymaker is a big punch in UFC 4. It can finish a fight by using all your striking power. To be great at the UFC 4 haymaker, learn how it works first.

For a haymaker to work, make sure to surprise your opponent. A fast wind-up and using your hips and shoulders will make your punch strong. Timing and hitting the right spot are very important.

Put your weight behind the haymaker to make it stronger. Move your weight from back to front foot when you hit. This will make your punch unstoppable.

But, the haymaker has its risks. It leaves you open to being hit back. So, use it carefully and mix it with other hits.

Join the haymaker with other hits like jabs and kicks. This keeps your rival unsure and opens chances for the haymaker. Be varied in your hits to be a better fighter.

Practice, imagine, and hit with accuracy to win at the haymaker in UFC 4. Train hard. Use power, speed, and skill to make the most of this hit.

Minimizing the Risks

The haymaker is strong but risky. To be safe and hit hard, follow these tips:

  1. Know the right distance to use the haymaker. Being too close or far makes you an easy target. Stay at the best spot and wait for the right time.
  2. Watch your opponent’s moves as you strike. Defend yourself against counterattacks. Keep your head moving and use your arms to block.
  3. Don’t be too regular with your haymakers. Change when, how fast, and from where you hit. This keeps your rival unsure and unbalanced.
  4. Good footwork helps set up the haymaker. Be light on your feet and ready to move fast. This makes your strikes more effective.

Use these tips to lower haymaker risks, land strong hits, and stay in control of the fight.

Now you know how the haymaker works in UFC 4. It’s time to practice. Get good at power punches. Hit with haymakers that shock your rivals.

UFC 4 Haymaker Technique


Learning how to throw a powerful punch, like the haymaker, is key in UFC 4. Know the different strikes and improve your skills. This way, you can fight better in the game.

Get ready to use your power punches in UFC 4. Make each punch count. Be sharp and strong to beat your opponents. Fight hard and win to become the best.

Use your strength and get better at throwing punches. Whether you play with friends or online, show your skills. Let everyone see how good you are in UFC 4.


How do I deliver a haymaker in UFC 4?

For a haymaker in UFC 4, use the right buttons on your controller. On Xbox One, hit RB and RT together. If you’re on PlayStation 4, press R2 and R2 at the same time. Aim for the head for the most damage.

What is the purpose of the haymaker in UFC 4?

The haymaker is a heavy punch in UFC 4. It aims to hurt or knock out your opponent. But, you need to be smart when using it. If your haymaker misses, you could be in trouble.

Can I combine the haymaker with other strikes in UFC 4?

Sure, you can mix the haymaker with jabs or hooks in UFC 4. This can surprise your opponent. Try different combos to see what’s most effective for you.

Are there any risks associated with throwing a haymaker in UFC 4?

Throwing a haymaker does have risks in UFC 4. It’s a big, slow punch that your opponent might see coming. Missing leaves you open to get hit. Be careful when throwing a haymaker.

How can I minimize the risks associated with the haymaker in UFC 4?

To lower haymaker risks in UFC 4, try a few things. Feinting can trick your opponent into a mistake. Also, vary your strikes and how you move. Keep your opponent guessing to stay ahead.

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