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Delivering Powerful Kicks: Best Techniques in UFC 4 Career Mode

by Marcin Wieclaw
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best kicks in ufc 4 career mode

Mastering powerful kicks in UFC 4 career mode can be your key to victory. You can use strong kicks like roundhouse kicks and leg kicks. These moves help you take control of the fight.

This article shares some top kicking techniques in UFC 4 career mode. We’ll cover everything from basic strikes to more advanced moves. Our aim is to boost your game with valuable insights.

Adding these striking methods to your fighting style will give you an advantage. Techniques like straights, hooks, and roundhouse kicks all have their uses in the Octagon. They can help you outdo your opponents.

We’ll also go over the details of each move. This includes their mechanics, advantages, and any risks. We want to make sure you’re fully prepared to use these kicks effectively in UFC 4 career mode.

Keep an eye out for the most powerful kicking techniques. With this knowledge, you can rise to the top in UFC 4 career mode.

Striking Offense: Straights, Hooks, Uppercuts, and Overhands

In UFC 4 career mode, striking techniques are key to winning fights. Mixing straights, hooks, uppercuts, and overhands keeps rivals guessing. It’s important to know how and when to use each one for success.


Straights are powerful and go right down the middle. They help keep your opponent away and start combinations. Landing a straight can break your opponent’s flow, creating chances for more punches.


Close up, hooks do a lot of damage. A hook can hit your opponent’s head or body square. To make hooks really count, put your hip and body into them. This skill can turn the tide of a fight.


Uppercuts are great for foes coming forward or trying to grab you. A clean uppercut to the chin or body can stun your opponent. It’s all about using your legs for power and picking the right moment. Well-timed uppercuts can really shake up a fight.


Overhands hit the hardest but tire you out quickly. These big, arcing punches are sneaky over the top of guards. They work well on fighters who protect their face or drop their hands. Use overhands sparingly but smartly for big impact.

Focusing on straights, hooks, uppercuts, and overhands can make you an unbeatable striker in UFC 4. Practice hard to get your timing and aim spot on. Soon, you’ll be landing hits that stun your foes.

Technique Description
Straights Direct, powerful punches aimed down the centerline to intercept and create openings.
Hooks Devastating punches thrown at close range to cause significant damage to the head or body.
Uppercuts Upward strikes ideal for countering opponents leaning forward or attempting takedowns.
Overhands Powerful, looping strikes thrown over the top of an opponent’s guard.

Striking Offense: Roundhouse Kicks, Leg Kicks, Spinning Kicks, and Cage Kicks

Kicks are vital in UFC 4 career mode. They let fighters use strong attacks and win fights. Learning and using different kicks well can help you win more often.

Roundhouse Kicks

Roundhouse kicks are strong and fast. They can end a fight or hurt an opponent badly. But, you should not use them all the time. Mix them with other moves to stay safe.

Leg Kicks

Leg kicks hurt your rival’s legs and slow them down. This makes it harder for them to hit you. But, your opponent might stop your leg kicks. So, make sure to use them wisely.

Spinning Kicks

Spinning kicks surprise your opponent and can make a big impact. They need quick thinking and skill. But remember, they can be risky. Save them for moments that can really turn the fight around.

Cage Kicks

Kicking when your opponent is cornered can be very powerful. It lets you hit them hard while they can’t move much. Learning how to do this well can help you control the fight.

Using a mix of these kicks can keep your rival guessing and put you in control. But, make sure to work on your timing and skill. Practising these kicks in UFC 4 will help you be a strong fighter in the Octagon.

UFC 4 Career Mode - Kicking Techniques


Learning the top kicks in UFC 4 career mode is vital to take over the Octagon. Use a mix of strikes like straights, hooks, and kicks to control the game. Make sure to plan your moves wisely to win and stay safe.

Up your game by landing big kicks in UFC 4 career mode. With accurate strikes and smart moves, you’ll have the advantage. Aim to hurt with your kicks, keeping your rivals on guard.

As your UFC 4 career moves forward, improve your strikes and try out new combos. Mastering these moves will gain you respect and success in the Octagon world. Join the game, show off your skills, and be a UFC 4 champion.


How do I master powerful kicks in UFC 4 career mode?

To master powerful kicks in UFC 4, focus on doing them well. Learn roundhouse kicks, leg kicks, and body roundhouse kicks. Also, use cage strikes. Practice these kicks a lot. Then, use them smartly during fights to make them work best.

What striking techniques should I incorporate in UFC 4 career mode?

In UFC 4, you need many striking techniques to win. Learn straights, hooks, uppercuts, and overhands. These strikes have different uses. They can stop your opponent’s strikes, hurt them up close, or counter their moves. By mastering these moves, you’ll get ahead in career mode.

Which kicking techniques are effective in UFC 4 career mode?

Kicks are key in UFC 4. Try roundhouse kicks, body roundhouse kicks, and leg kicks. Add spinning and cage kicks too. Perfectly placed roundhouse kicks can finish a fight. Body kicks wear down your opponent. Leg kicks cause ongoing damage. Use them wisely to stay safe from your opponent’s counters.

How can I maximize the effectiveness of my striking techniques in UFC 4 career mode?

To be great in UFC 4, mix up your attacks. Use straights to stop your opponent’s moves. Hooks cause damage up close. Uppercuts and overhands counter your opponent’s actions. Choose your kicks carefully and use them so you don’t get caught. By using these techniques the right way, you can take control in the Octagon.

What is the importance of incorporating a variety of striking techniques in UFC 4 career mode?

In UFC 4, using many striking techniques is crucial. It helps you adapt and take advantage of your rival’s weak spots. With a wide range of moves, you become a strong, skilled fighter. Use these moves smartly. Play to your strengths while covering your weaknesses. This strategy will help you become a UFC 4 champion.

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