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Determining the Best Fighting Type for Dominance in UFC 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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best fighting type in ufc 4

In UFC 4, the choice of best fighting type is critical. The new archetype system lets players customise characters. They can choose styles that match how they play.

Each fighting type has its own strengths and weaknesses. These can greatly affect your success in the game. We’ll explore the top fighting types in UFC 4. This will give you data-based insights to help you win against others.

The Vanguard – BJJ Specialist

The Vanguard in UFC 4 suits those who love grappling. It’s made for players keen on ground techniques and defense. With skills like “Nightmare” and “Craft,” it’s great at stopping submissions. This makes it perfect for fans of BJJ seeking to win with submissions. Yet, it might not be the best for those who prefer striking. Also, it takes more work in fights that stay on their feet.

Choosing the Vanguard means you’ll shine in stopping grapples and submissions. You can boost your standing game with skills such as “Wake up call” and “Taekwondo.” This improves your chances of winning and taking opponents down.

Key Features of the Vanguard Archetype

  1. Focuses on grappling-based techniques
  2. Emphasizes defensive strategies against submissions
  3. Utilizes perks like “Nightmare” and “Craft”
  4. Strong defense in grappling and submission situations
  5. Can enhance stand-up game with perks like “Wake up call,” “Skirmisher,” and “Taekwondo”

Fans of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) will love the Vanguard archetype. It lets you be a BJJ star with great ground skills. This archetype is all about strong defense and winning with submissions. It’s a powerful option in UFC 4.

“The Vanguard archetype truly embodies the essence of a BJJ specialist. Its defensive capabilities and submission expertise give players the tools they need to control the fight on the ground and secure victories through well-executed submissions.” – BJJ Magazine

For those into the strategy of mixed martial arts and a focus on grappling, the Vanguard is perfect. It lets you become a BJJ expert in UFC 4. With its abilities, you can climb to the top. It’s a top-notch choice for taking on the octagon.

The Powerhouse – Boxer with Knockout Power

The Powerhouse in UFC 4 focuses on punching. This guy can dominate the octagon with powerful and accurate hits. He’s not built for extra power but does get “Fast Hands” to make his punches faster and more precise. This type is great for those who love to stand and strike, dealing massive knockout blows.

However, battling opponents who prefer grappling might be hard for the Powerhouse. This is because his defence on the ground isn’t as strong.

To win as a Powerhouse, you must rule in punch exchanges. Use your mighty fists for knockout wins. Remember to move your head well and pick your timing right to avoid getting taken down by grappling masters.

It’s key for Powerhouses to use their quick and precise punches to both avoid and beat their rivals.

Let’s talk about what the Powerhouse is good and not so good at:

Strengths Weaknesses
Devastating knockout power Weaker defense against grappling
Exceptional punch speed and accuracy Less effective in ground-based situations
Control the octagon with imposing striking Challenges against skilled grapplers

Knowing these strengths and weaknesses will help you come up with better plans. Plans that will let you crush your rivals with the Powerhouse.

Powerhouse archetype image

The Sniper – Precision Striker

The Sniper archetype in UFC 4 is a great fit for those who think before they act. It’s for players who love responding to their opponent’s moves. Quick and accurate shots make the Sniper a master at causing big damage.

Players pick perks like “Crazy Legs” and “Frontal Assault” to make every move count. They mainly focus on kicks. This variety of kicks keeps their opponents on their toes.

Snipers love to set traps for their rivals. They make it look like they’re open for a hit, but it turns out that’s a big mistake for their opponent. This strategy not only frustrates the competition but also gives the Sniper an edge in the match.

The Sniper style thrives on careful planning and timing. Players who like to tactically attack their opponents shine with this archetype. It’s all about waiting for the right time to strike and then making it count.

Key Features of the Sniper Archetype:

  • Patient and counter-striking playstyle
  • Utilizes precise and well-timed strikes
  • Focused on kicking techniques
  • Enhances speed and accuracy with perks
  • Creates opportunities for counters

Choosing the Sniper archetype means diving into a style that’s all about precision. It takes discipline, strategy, and the skill to pounce at the right moment. The Sniper way is thrilling for those who love to outsmart their opponents.


When deciding the best fighting type in UFC 4, it all depends on how you like to play. The Vanguard is for those who love to grapple and stop their opponents with submissions.

The Powerhouse is perfect if you enjoy big hits and stand-up fights. It lets you use powerful punches to keep control and scare your rivals.

Fans of waiting for the right moment will like the Sniper. They wait for mistakes and then strike fast and hard. This can really mess with other fighters’ heads.

Every fighting style in UFC 4 has its pros and cons. Choosing the right one for you is key. Try out different types to see what fits your style best. Then, go into the game and show them what you’re made of!


How do I choose the best fighting type in UFC 4?

To pick the best style in UFC 4, consider how you like to play. Every type has its strong points and downfalls. Go for the one that matches your game plan and skills.

What is the Vanguard archetype in UFC 4?

The Vanguard style is about grappling. It’s great for defending against holds and submissions. This style is for players who like to use submissions to win matches.

What are the strengths of the Vanguard archetype?

It’s very good at grappling and defending against submissions. Players can get better at stand-up fighting. They also have more chance to make takedowns with boosts like “Wake up call” and “Skirmisher.”

What is the Powerhouse archetype in UFC 4?

The Powerhouse type is all about striking, especially with punches. It lets players dominate the octagon with strong, accurate strikes. If you prefer to stand and strike, this type suits you well.

What are the weaknesses of the Powerhouse archetype?

The Powerhouse style might find it tough against grapplers. It’s not as strong on the ground. Players should try and win in stand-up fighting. Use strong punches to get knockouts.

What is the Sniper archetype in UFC 4?

The Sniper style is for those who like to wait and then counter-strike. It’s very good at using precise and timed strikes to surprise opponents.

What are the strengths of the Sniper archetype?

This style focuses on kicks. It has perks to make kicks faster and more accurate. Players should look to counter-strike. Use these powerful kicks to damage opponents.

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