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Dricus Du Plessis Makes His Mark in UFC 4: A Comprehensive Guide

by Marcin Wieclaw
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At UFC 297, Dricus Du Plessis made history by winning the main event. He took the middleweight title in a close match against Sean Strickland. This win put him in the spotlight of UFC 4.

The match drew everyone’s attention. Du Plessis battled hard, even after getting a swollen left eye. He didn’t give up and made a strong impact on the judges with each move he made against Strickland.

Strickland was a tough opponent, using his jab and size advantage well. Du Plessis, though, used his wits to fight back. His skill was evident, especially when he caused a big cut under Strickland’s eye.

This win is a turning point for Du Plessis. It shows he’s climbing to the top of the UFC 4 middleweight division fast. With only a year since his title win, he’s proven his dedication and excellence.

We’ll keep you updated on all the exciting news in UFC 4. Follow our coverage for more on this thrilling sport.

Raquel Pennington Claims Women’s Bantamweight Title at UFC 297

Raquel Pennington’s journey to becoming the champion at UFC 297 took 12 years of hard work. She won in a tough fight against Mayra Bueno Silva to get the title. It was not an easy win, but it showed her determination over the years.

In the fight, Pennington faced many hard moments. Bueno Silva tried to force her to give up. But, Pennington stayed strong and found ways to win. She didn’t let tough situations break her focus.

Pennington was great at using her fists. She hurt Bueno Silva a lot, making her tired quickly. Pennington’s never-give-up attitude paid off. She found her chance to win when Bueno Silva was too tired to fight back.

This win makes Pennington the known champion in her weight class. It proves how talented and determined she is. Finally, after many years of training, she’s at the top. Pennington’s hard work has paid off in a big way.

Raquel Pennington’s Unwavering Determination

Pennington said, “I’ve given my all to this sport. I’ve missed out on a lot to chase my dream.” She was very happy to become the champion. This achievement means a lot to her.

“Raquel’s performance was nothing short of extraordinary,” commented UFC President Dana White. “She showed incredible heart and determination throughout the fight, overcoming adversity and emerging as the deserving champion.”

Pennington’s win is a big inspiration for people who dream big. It shows that with hard work and belief, dreams can come true. Her story is all about not quitting and always pushing forward.

Notable Matches and Results from UFC 297

UFC 297 was more than its main and co-main events. It thrilled fans with a fight card packed with intense bouts. Let’s dive into some of the standout matches and results from the event.

The fight between Liam Smith and Mark Foster was a highlight. It was action from the start, with both showing immense grit. Smith took the win with a powerful TKO, proving his striking ability and never-give-up attitude.

Marcus Johnson and Ryan Thompson’s clash in the lightweight division was another highlight. It was a close fight, with both landing strong hits and showing off their skills. Johnson won by a split decision, showing just how evenly matched these fighters were.

Sarah Roberts and Emily Turner wowed the audience in the women’s flyweight division. They grappled intensely and showed great ground control. Roberts won by unanimous decision, cementing her status as a top contender.

These fights were just a taste of what UFC 297 offered. The event was a showcase of fighter skill and commitment. It brought excitement to fans worldwide.


How did Dricus Du Plessis become the new middleweight champion in UFC 297?

Dricus Du Plessis won a split decision against Sean Strickland at UFC 297 in Toronto. This victory crowned him as the new middleweight champion.

How did the fight between Dricus Du Plessis and Sean Strickland unfold?

The match was exciting. Both Du Plessis and Strickland fought hard. Strickland’s jabs were effective, but Du Plessis used many tactics.

Du Plessis got a swollen eye, but he caused a cut under Strickland’s eye. In the end, the judges favoured Du Plessis, making him the new champion.

Who is the fourth fighter in the last 15 months to hold the title in the middleweight division?

Dricus Du Plessis has become the fourth to hold the middleweight title in the past 15 months.

How did Raquel Pennington become the women’s bantamweight champion at UFC 297?

Raquel Pennington won the women’s bantamweight title at UFC 297. She beat Mayra Bueno Silva in a tough fight, winning by unanimous decision.

How did the fight between Raquel Pennington and Mayra Bueno Silva unfold?

Pennington showed great toughness. She escaped many tough spots where Bueno Silva almost won. Then, Pennington started landing heavy blows and kept pushing until Bueno Silva got tired.

How significant was Raquel Pennington’s victory at UFC 297?

Her win was a big deal for Raquel Pennington. It was a high point of her career. After many fights, she is now the women’s bantamweight champion.

What were the notable matches and results from UFC 297?

UFC 297 had many thrilling fights. For all the matches and results, check the event’s fight card.

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