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Effective Ground Elbow Techniques in UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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how to elbow on ground ufc 4

Hoping to outshine your rivals in UFC 4? Learning how to use ground elbow moves is crucial to win in the ring. These blows are forceful and can lead to serious injuries. They also open up chances for submission moves and can even knock your opponent out. So, we’ll discuss different ground elbow techniques to help you get ahead in the game.

First, let’s look at the elbow strikes in UFC 4. There are two key types: cutting and smashing elbows. Cutting elbows aim to cut the skin, making your opponent see their blood. This can lower their morale. Smashing elbows hit deeper, targeting muscles and organs. They cause damage inside, weakening your opponent.

Now, we’ll cover the different techniques. There are many elbow strikes you can use during the game. These include the horizontal, downward, upward, spearing, dropping, reverse, and spinning elbows. Each one can cause specific types of damage. You should use them based on your opponent’s location and weaknesses.

Ready to up your game in UFC 4? Let’s explore each technique further. We will uncover the secrets of powerful ground elbow strikes!

The Horizontal Elbow

The horizontal elbow is a versatile strike for close combat or clinch fighting. This technique is very effective in UFC 4. Players can land powerful hits on their opponents.

There are two ways to do the horizontal elbow. You can use the outer forearm or the elbow’s point. Each way has its own benefits for different situations.

To use the forearm, the striking arm should swing parallel to the floor. Keep the elbow a bit bent. This move can push an opponent away. It can also surprise them with a strong hit to the body or head.

For the point of the elbow, align your elbow correctly for maximum effect. Swing your arm parallel to the floor. This aims the elbow at weak spots on the opponent’s body or face.

Mastering the horizontal elbow needs practice and precision. Generating power right through your body and a good follow-through is crucial. This can really hurt your opponent.

Adding the horizontal elbow to your UFC 4 moves can change the game. It opens up many ways to attack. You can then control the fight, making it easier to use other moves.

Advantages of the Horizontal Elbow

This move offers several benefits in the octagon. Here’s what makes it a strong choice:

  • Effective in close-quarters combat situations
  • Can be used to club opponents with the forearm or cut them open with the point of the elbow
  • Offers versatility and adaptability in different scenarios
  • Provides the element of surprise, catching opponents off guard
  • Can create openings for follow-up techniques and combinations

To gain advantage in UFC 4, master the horizontal elbow. Work on your execution and timing. This will make your strikes more effective.

Technique Instructions
Horizontal Elbow with Forearm 1. Swing your striking arm parallel to the floor.
2. Keep your elbow slightly bent.
3. Strike the opponent using the forearm.
Horizontal Elbow with Point of Elbow 1. Swing your striking arm parallel to the floor.
2. Align your elbow to maximize the impact.
3. Strike the opponent using the point of the elbow.

Remember, mastering the horizontal elbow needs practice, timing, and awareness. Try different strategies. Add this strong strike to your moves for success in the octagon.

The Downward Elbow

In UFC 4, the downward elbow is a key move. It uses body rotation and gravity for strong hits. It hits the head, chest, or other weak spots.

To use the downward elbow, players move their arm at a 45-degree angle. They push their elbow downwards with power. The movement and angle make the strike more effective.

This move can turn the tide in UFC 4. It lets fighters hit when their opponents are open. The downward elbow fits well in many fighting combos, making it a must-know for fighters.

downward elbow ufc 4

Perfecting the downward elbow takes practice and timing. It’s key to judge the distance and body position right. Doing this means the downward elbow is a strong tool in fighting.

A well-done downward elbow can cause heavy damage. It stops the opponent’s flow, maybe leading to a knockout. This move needs accuracy, quickness, and understanding your rival’s moves.

The strategy behind the downward elbow

The move is smartly used in different times. For example, it’s great against a takedown. It can flip the fight by stopping the takedown and keeping control.

In close fights, like the clinch or on the ground, it’s very effective. These situations are perfect for a sudden and powerful downward elbow. This can surprise and win right away for the striker.

Benefits of the Downward Elbow Striking Techniques
1. Capitalizes on gravity and body rotation for increased power 1. Horizontal Elbow
2. Versatile attack that can target multiple areas 2. Upward Elbow
3. Potentially causes significant damage or knockout 3. Spearing Elbow
4. Counters takedown attempts with forceful strikes 4. Dropping Elbow
5. Can disrupt opponent’s rhythm and control the fight 5. Reverse Elbow
6. Enhances ground and pound effectiveness 6. Spinning Elbow

Learning the downward elbow boosts a fighter’s skills in UFC 4. Its power and flexibility can change a fight. This technique is too important to ignore.

The Upward Elbow

In UFC 4, the upward elbow packs a big punch. It can hit your opponent hard, much like an uppercut. This move aims to strike the bottom of the chin, a spot that can cause a knockout.

Here’s how to do it right:

  1. Get close to your opponent, but not too close.
  2. It’s vital to defend yourself well while getting ready for the hit.
  3. Twist your body to create power for the strike.
  4. Raise your arm up straight, keeping it close to your head.

This move can really shake up your opponent. A well-aimed hit can put them out of action, giving you the upper hand in the match.

Making the upward elbow work takes hard work and skill. You need to get the moves right and time them perfectly. This can make a big difference in your success in UFC fights.

“The upward elbow is a powerful hit that can surprise your opponent. With practice and confidence, you can master this move.” – UFC Champion

The Spearing Elbow

The spearing elbow is a unique move in UFC 4. It lets players gain a strategic edge. To use it, fold your arm so the elbow points forward.

When you use this move, you should lunge forward. This uses your body’s push to hit with a strong blow. You aim the elbow at the opponent’s chest, shoulder, neck, or face for a powerful attack.

This move comes from traditional martial arts like those in the Philippines and Indonesia. It’s great up close or as a surprise move. It catches opponents off guard.

“The spearing elbow is a game-changer in UFC 4. Its unique folding motion and forward strike make defense hard. This strike can turn a fight around. It brings excitement to a player’s moves.” – Legendary UFC Fighter

To get good at the spearing elbow, you need practice, accuracy, and the right moment. Getting this move right can help you damage your opponent heavily. It might even lead to a knockout victory.

Key Steps to Execute the Spearing Elbow:

  1. Assume a fighting stance with the arm folded, elbow pointing forward.
  2. Lunge forward, generating power through the lower body.
  3. Extend the folded arm, driving the elbow towards the target area.
  4. Make contact with the opponent’s chest, shoulder, neck, or face, aiming for maximum impact.
  5. Follow through with the strike, maintaining balance and readiness for subsequent actions.

With regular training, players can learn the spearing elbow well. They’ll know when and how to use it right. This knowledge helps in making strong strikes and beating opponents in UFC 4.

Using the spearing elbow in UFC 4 helps improve your fighting skills. It’s a key move for winning battles and impressing others.

Advantages of the Spearing Elbow Disadvantages of the Spearing Elbow
– High damage potential – Requires precise timing
– Unpredictable and difficult to defend against – Exposes the fighter’s position during execution
– Effective in close-quarters combat – Relatively short reach
– Can disrupt opponent’s rhythm and strategy – Leaves the fighter vulnerable to counter-attacks


Mastering ground elbow techniques is key in UFC 4. These strikes can hurt your opponent badly. They can cause cuts, serious damage, and even lead to knockouts. By learning and practicing various elbow strikes, you can improve your game.

Ground elbow moves in UFC 4 give you many options. They let you target different body parts to find weak spots and make openings. Using these moves helps you beat your opponent, control the fight, and win.

To become great at ground elbows, you need to be patient and work hard. With practice, you can use these moves effectively and at the right time. A well-timed elbow strike can overpower your opponent and get you closer to victory in UFC 4.


How can ground elbows be used in UFC 4?

Ground elbows are key strikes in UFC 4. They help players control fights. These strikes can harm opponents and even knock them out.

There are two types: cutting and smashing elbows. Cutting elbows aim to cut, causing a lot of blood. Smashing elbows target muscles and organs under the skin.

What are the important elbow strike techniques in UFC 4?

Several elbow strike techniques are crucial in UFC 4. Players can learn the horizontal, downward, upward, spearing, dropping, reverse, and spinning elbows.

How do I throw a horizontal elbow in UFC 4?

The horizontal elbow is a handy strike, great in tight spots. It can club or cut an opponent.

To throw it, swing your striking arm flat, using your forearm or the elbow’s point.

How do I throw a downward elbow in UFC 4?

The downward elbow is powerful, using body movement and gravity. It hits the head, chest, or other body parts.

To use it, move your arm at a 45-degree angle in a downward swing.

How do I throw an upward elbow in UFC 4?

The upward elbow is like a strong uppercut. It aims for the chin, a knockout spot.

Throw it by swinging your elbow up. Your hand should slide by your head.

How do I throw a spearing elbow in UFC 4?

The spearing elbow is unique. It involves folding your arm with the elbow forward. Then, lunge to hit your opponent’s chest, shoulder, neck, or face.

This move comes from Filipino and Indonesian martial arts.

How can ground elbows improve my performance in UFC 4?

Ground elbows are vital for success in UFC 4. They cut opponents, cause damage, and can knock them out. Adding these strikes to your game can improve your performance.

It helps you control fights and aim for victory in UFC 4.

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