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Elevate Your Fight: Does Tekken 7 Have Rollback?

by Marcin Wieclaw
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does tekken 7 have rollback

Are you tired of inconsistent online battles in Tekken 7? Look no further! We’ve got exciting news for all Tekken enthusiasts. The game introduces a groundbreaking feature that revolutionizes online gameplay – rollback netcode.

Rollback netcode is a game-changer for the online fighting game community. It overcomes the challenges of latency and slowdown, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience. Tekken 7’s director, Katsuhiro Harada, has confirmed that the game employs rollback netcode to provide players with an unprecedented level of responsiveness and consistency during online battles. This means you can say goodbye to frustrating input delays, lag spikes, and unreliable connections.

So, how does Tekken 7’s rollback netcode work? Let’s dive deeper into its mechanics and understand why it’s a game-changer for the fighting game genre.

Understanding Delay-Based Netcode in Fighting Games

Delay-based netcode is one of the most common implementations in fighting games, serving as an alternative to rollback netcode. In delay-based netcode, the game intentionally introduces artificial input delay for the local player to synchronize with the delayed arrival of the opponent’s inputs over the network. By aligning the inputs, both players can execute their moves on the same frame.

However, delay-based netcode faces challenges when it comes to consistency, particularly during network fluctuations. When there is a spike in the connection, the game may pause and wait for the input to arrive, resulting in a less smooth and uninterrupted gameplay experience. This inconsistency can frustrate players who expect a seamless and responsive gameplay flow.

“Delay-based netcode struggles with consistency, especially during network fluctuations.”

Another limitation of delay-based netcode is its sensitivity to the distance between players. As the distance increases, the travel time for network packets also increases, requiring more artificial input delay to synchronize the gameplay. Consequently, players may experience higher input delay, leading to slower response times.

Furthermore, delay-based netcode treats all connection issues equally, regardless of the game state. This lack of prioritization means that players have no escape from a bad connection, as the game continues as usual, even in suboptimal network conditions.

Overall, delay-based netcode fails to deliver the consistent and responsive gameplay experience that fighting game players expect. Its susceptibility to network fluctuations, sensitivity to distance, and inability to prioritize connection quality make it less ideal for providing a smooth online gaming experience.

Challenge Issue
Consistency Struggles to maintain consistent gameplay during network fluctuations.
Distance Sensitivity Increases input delay as distance between players grows.
No Escape from a Bad Connection Treats all connection issues equally, regardless of the game state.

The Case for Rollback Netcode

Rollback netcode has emerged as a popular solution in the world of fighting games, addressing the limitations of delay-based netcode. By predicting events before they happen and implementing intelligent logic to prevent significant rollbacks, rollback netcode effectively conceals latency. This approach ensures smoother gameplay even when faced with network fluctuations, providing a seamless user experience.

While some players may not perceive the subtle delays in delay-based netcode, rollback netcode places a strong emphasis on delivering consistency and responsiveness. This prioritization results in a superior user experience, enabling players to immerse themselves fully in the game without interruptions or frustrations caused by noticeable lags.

Unlike delay-based netcode, rollback netcode is not overly sensitive to distance. It successfully handles connections across different time zones, empowering players from around the world to engage in thrilling online battles with minimal disruptions. Acknowledging the undeniable benefits rollback netcode offers, leading fighting game developers outside of Japan have already wholeheartedly embraced this innovation, recognizing its ability to enhance the overall online gaming experience.

By adopting rollback netcode as the standard, game developers can effectively address the long-standing issues associated with inconsistent delay-based netcode, elevating the online fighting game experience to new heights. It is a pivotal step towards offering players worldwide the joy of playing with consistent gameplay, regardless of network troubles that may arise.


Does Tekken 7 use rollback netcode for online battles?

Yes, Tekken 7’s director, Katsuhiro Harada, confirmed the use of rollback netcode to handle latency and slowdown during online play.

What is rollback netcode?

Rollback netcode is a mechanism that predicts events in advance and prevents notable rollbacks, ensuring smoother gameplay even in the presence of network fluctuations.

How does Tekken 7’s rollback netcode differ from delay-based netcode?

Unlike delay-based netcode, Tekken 7’s rollback netcode has a variable key buffer that can lead to inconsistencies and different amounts of lag for players. However, it prioritizes consistency and responsiveness to provide a better user experience.

Why is rollback netcode gaining popularity in fighting games?

Rollback netcode addresses the limitations of delay-based netcode by offering smoother gameplay, even in the presence of network fluctuations, and handling connections across different time zones more effectively.

What are the limitations of delay-based netcode?

Delay-based netcode struggles with consistency, especially during network fluctuations, and requires artificial input delay that varies based on distance between players. It also treats all connection issues equally, resulting in a less smooth gameplay experience.

What are the benefits of rollback netcode over delay-based netcode?

Rollback netcode prioritizes consistency and responsiveness, providing a more enjoyable online experience for players. It is not hyper-sensitive to distance and can handle connections across different time zones effectively.

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