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Essential PlayStation Controls for UFC 4: A Comprehensive Guide

by Julia Blackwood
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Welcome to UFC 4 on PlayStation! Whether you’re new or experienced, knowing the controls is key. This guide will highlight vital controls for executing powerful moves. You’ll soon be mastering strikes, clinches, takedowns, and submissions with ease.

The PlayStation controls in UFC 4 make the game feel real and exciting. They include buttons and stick movements. These buttons can be changed to fit how you like to play. This makes your gaming experience personal.

Learning and using these controls will improve your gameplay. Whether you love striking, clinching, or grappling, knowing the controls helps. With practice, you’ll be a virtual UFC champion in no time.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about UFC 4’s PlayStation controls. Grab your controller and let’s start this journey. Get ready to dominate the virtual octagon!

Next up, we’re diving into the basics of UFC 4 on PlayStation. Prepare to let out your fighting spirit!

Getting Started with UFC 4 on PlayStation

Before diving into UFC 4 on PlayStation, let’s look at how to start. This includes setting up your PlayStation, starting the game, and using the menu. Knowing these basics will make your gaming time memorable.

First, make sure your PlayStation is set up correctly. Connect it to your TV, power it on, and add the UFC 4 disc. This starts your amazing journey into the world of fighting.

When the game starts, you’ll see the home screen. Enjoy the amazing graphics and sound. Use your controller’s buttons to move around the menu. You can choose different play modes such as career, online, or practice.

To start playing, pick a mode and follow the instructions on picking your fighter. You can change how they look and their fighting style. UFC 4 lets you make your fighter unique, showing who you are as a player.

As you play, win trophies to show off your achievements. Remember to set up a Sony account. This lets you share your trophies with others online.

To really enjoy UFC 4, learn the game’s core controls and features. Section 3 covers stand-up and clinch controls, while Section 4 is about ground fighting.

Starting your UFC 4 journey is exciting. Work hard to get better, and enjoy the feeling of winning in UFC 4 on PlayStation.

Mastering Stand-Up and Clinch Controls in UFC 4

Stand-up fighting is crucial in UFC 4. Mastering these controls is key to success in the game’s octagon. It’s all about throwing the right punches or landing powerful kicks to beat your rivals.

When in a stand-up fight, use the left stick to move your fighter. The right stick helps with head movement, allowing you to dodge strikes and be more defensive.

In UFC 4, you can throw a variety of strikes to keep your opponents on their toes. Use different button combos for punches, kicks, hooks, and uppercuts. Making your moves at the right time is critical, so practice these strikes well.

Being good at defence in stand-up fights is as important as attacking. You can block high or low to stop your opponent’s strikes. This keeps you safe and your rival’s moves from hitting their target.

In clinch combat, there are a whole new set of moves and tactics available. The controls let you grab your opponent, change positions, and land powerful strikes up close.

To win in UFC 4’s clinches, being skilled with the controls is a must. Use well-timed moves and strikes to beat your opponent. This gives you a big advantage in close combat.

Practice makes perfect in UFC 4. Spend time learning and perfecting the stand-up and clinch controls. With effort and perseverance, you can strike with accuracy and defend well against your foes.

Key Stand-Up Controls:

  • Left stick: Locomotion
  • Right stick: Head movement
  • Various button combinations: Punches, kicks, hooks, and uppercuts
  • High and low blocks: Defensive maneuvers

Key Clinch Controls:

  • Move initiations: Set up clinching maneuvers
  • Transitions: Seamlessly switch positions during the clinch
  • Strikes: Unleash devastating strikes from close quarters

With solid skills in stand-up and clinch fighting, you’re on your way to dominating UFC 4. Take up the challenge, show off your virtual fighting skills, and let your talent shine.

Dominating on the Ground with UFC 4’s Ground Controls

The ground game is vital in UFC 4, just like stand-up fighting. It’s key to know and perfect the ground controls. These include transitions, submissions, and ground and pound. Doing well with these helps players win against their opponents on the floor, either by pounding them or using submission moves.

Players in UFC 4 can choose from several powerful moves when on the ground. This includes strikes with the knees, elbows, and fists. These moves can really hurt an opponent. But, defending is crucial too. So, there are blocking techniques to shield against attacks and stay in control.

Getting good at ground controls makes you a better fighter overall. It lets you dictate the match and find chances to beat your opponents. You might shift positions, use accurate submissions, or pound your opponent from the ground. Knowing these controls well gives you an advantage to win.

Ground Controls Overview

Want to know more about UFC 4’s ground game? Let’s look at the key elements:

  • Transitions: Move smoothly to different ground positions to get ahead and keep control.
  • Submissions: Use various holds to make your opponent give up or weaken them for a follow-up attack.
  • Ground and Pound: Hit hard from the top to do big damage and maybe win by knockout.

Practising your ground game skills lets you spot and use your opponent’s weak points. It’s a major part of winning in UFC 4. Mastering ground controls is a big step towards victory in the octagon.

Famous Ground Fighters in UFC

“You can’t have a complete game without a ground game. The ground game is everything.” – Khabib Nurmagomedov, UFC Lightweight Champion

In the UFC’s history, many fighters have shown incredible ground skills. Some great ground fighters are:

Fighter Division
Demian Maia Welterweight
Frank Mir Heavyweight
Frankie Edgar Featherweight
Amanda Nunes Bantamweight/Featherweight
Marina Rodriguez Strawweight

These fighters used their ground skills to win and become champions. Remember, in UFC 4, being good at everything is crucial. Mastering the ground controls is key to beating your opponents in the virtual octagon.

Master the PlayStation Controls for UFC 4 and Become a Champion

To become a champion in UFC 4, you must know your PlayStation controls. You’ll use these controls for everything, from throwing punches to grappling on the ground. So, it’s vital to learn and perfect these moves.

By getting to know your PlayStation controls well, you’ll up your game in UFC 4. Learning the button presses, stick directions, and timings for each action is key. This knowledge will help you become a better fighter.

With practice, you can make your own fighting style. Figure out strong attack combos, how to block, and how to react fast. Being smart in the game is how you beat your rivals.

Get ready with your PlayStation controller and dive into becoming a UFC 4 champion. Show off your gaming prowess and defeat top opponents. Learning the controls well is the first step to your victory journey!


What are the PlayStation controls for UFC 4?

The PlayStation controls for UFC 4 have many button combos and stick moves. You use them for strikes, clinches, takedowns, and submissions.

Can the PlayStation controls be customized?

Yes, you can change the PlayStation controls in UFC 4 to what you like.

How do I get started with UFC 4 on PlayStation?

To start with UFC 4 on PlayStation, just check the manual. It tells you how to set things up, start playing, and move around the menu.

What are the stand-up controls in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, you move with the left stick and tilt with the right stick for head movement. Use buttons for striking and defending.

What are the clinch controls in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, clinch controls help in tight spots. You use them for starts, changes, and hitting.

What are the ground controls in UFC 4?

UFC 4 ground moves include shifts, submissions, and strikes. You can use your knees, elbows, or punch. There’s also how to defend.

How can I become a champion in UFC 4?

To win in UFC 4, learn the PlayStation controls well. Know many fighting moves and practise a lot.

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