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Executing the Spinning Backfist in UFC 4 on PS4: Technique Tips

by Lucas Grayson
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how to spinning backfist in ufc 4 ps4

Do you want to add some powerful moves in UFC 4 on PS4? The spinning backfist might be just what you need. It can surprise your opponents and even lead to big wins. We’re here to explain how to do the spinning backfist step by step.

In UFC 4 on PS4, pulling off a spinning backfist means knowing the right buttons. First, make sure your fighter stands in the usual way. Then, hit the L1, R1, and square buttons at the same time for a lead spinning backfist. For the back spinning backfist, use the L1, R1, and triangle buttons together. It’s vital to get the timing just right to make these moves really effective.

To get good at the spinning backfist, you need to practice. Use the game’s training mode to perfect your move. With time and effort, you can level up your game and become a serious threat in the ring.

Be ready for our next tips on mastering the spinning backfist in UFC 4 on PS4.

Tips for Mastering the Spinning Backfist in UFC 4 on PS4

Want to be a spinning backfist expert in UFC 4 on PS4? The key is to time it right. This technique works best when your opponent doesn’t see it coming. Instead of just throwing the move, set it up with feints and combos. This way, you can surprise your opponent.

It’s important to move your head and feet skillfully. This makes it easier to land the spinning backfist. By improving your accuracy and timing in training, you increase your chances of success.

“Timing is everything when it comes to executing the spinning backfist. Wait for the right moment, and you’ll catch your opponent off guard with this devastating strike.” – MMA Pro Fighter

Becoming a spinning backfist pro takes a lot of practice. Learn the move well and you’ll start to predict the best moments to use it. Mixing up your attacks and using the spinning backfist smartly will really help.

Advantages of mastering the spinning backfist:

  • Surprise your opponent with an unexpected strike
  • Deliver significant damage and potentially secure a knockout
  • Gain an edge over your opponents in the octagon

Disadvantages of improperly executing the spinning backfist:

  1. Leaving yourself vulnerable to counterattacks
  2. Wasting stamina by missing the target
  3. Struggling to recover and defend after a failed attempt

By practicing these tips, you can refine your spinning backfist. In UFC 4 on PS4, this move can be a game-changer. Don’t forget, with great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely and take over the octagon.

Advantages of Mastering the Spinning Backfist Disadvantages of Improperly Executing the Spinning Backfist
Ability to surprise opponents Increased vulnerability to counterattacks
Opportunity to deliver significant damage Potential stamina wastage
Potential for securing knockout victories Difficulty recovering and defending after a failed attempt

Unlocking the Potential of the Spinning Backfist in UFC 4 on PS4

The spinning backfist is a strong move in UFC 4 on PS4. It can catch your opponents off guard. It deals heavy damage and can even lead to knockout wins. So, don’t forget to add it to your fighting plan.

To get the most out of the spinning backfist, timing and accuracy are crucial. Watch your opponent closely to know when to strike. With enough practice, you can hit your target with perfect timing every time.

It’s important to keep your attacks varied in UFC 4. Use the spinning backfist alongside other moves. This keeps your opponent unsure about your next move. You’ll have a better chance of a successful hit this way.

With hard work, you can truly master the spinning backfist. This move can help you stand out in the UFC 4 world. So, keep training and showing off this powerful technique on your PS4.


How do I execute the spinning backfist in UFC 4 on PS4?

To do the spinning backfist in UFC 4 on PS4, you must learn the controls. Ensure your fighter is in the orthodox stance first. Now, for the lead spinning backfist, press L1, R1, and square at the same time.

For the back spinning backfist, it’s L1, R1, and triangle together. These moves need good timing and skill. Practice in the game’s training mode to get it right.

What are some tips for mastering the spinning backfist in UFC 4 on PS4?

Timing is vital for the spinning backfist in UFC 4 on PS4. Make sure to use it at the perfect moment. Doing it randomly can be risky because you might get hit back.

Use feints and combos to trick your opponent. This makes the spinning backfist more effective. Also, move your head and feet to find chances for the spinning backfist. Work on your accuracy in training to nail this move.

How can I unlock the potential of the spinning backfist in UFC 4 on PS4?

The spinning backfist is a great move in UFC 4 on PS4. Use it to surprise and beat your opponent. Good timing and being accurate are key.

Practice to predict your opponent’s moves and use the spinning backfist at the right time. Mix it with other attacks to confuse your opponent. Mastering this move will make you a better fighter in UFC 4 on PS4.

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