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Exploring ‘Cheese’ Tactics in UFC 4: What You Need to Know

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Welcome to UFC 4, a game where mastering skills is key to winning. We will explore ‘cheese’ tactics, sharing important strategies. These will help you win in the octagon, whether you are new or experienced.

First, what are ‘cheese’ tactics? In UFC 4, they are ways to beat opponents unfairly. This could mean using glitches, certain exploits, or making fighters that break rules. Using these tactics leads to strong opinions in the player community.

Some believe that ‘cheese’ tactics go against fair play. They think it ruins the fun and spirit of the game. Yet, others use them to gain an advantage. No matter what you think, using these tactics can change your game experience.

We are not here to say ‘cheese’ tactics are good or bad. Instead, we will give you tips to play better. With these strategies, you can protect yourself against unfair moves. This will improve your skills and make you stronger in the octagon.

Ready to learn how to beat ‘cheese’ tactics and win in UFC 4? Let’s find out how to be a skilled and respected player in the game.

The Controversial Portion Size of Cheese

In the food world, a big debate is happening over how much cheese we should eat. This started when Bupa, a big health company, said on Instagram that we should eat just 30g at a time. Many cheese fans were not happy and started arguing online.

This idea upset many who love cheese. They said in comments that eating only a small amount of cheese isn’t fun. They felt that 30g was too little to enjoy this tasty treat.

“30g per serving? Are they kidding? I need at least 100g to satisfy my cheese cravings!”

“Bupa must be living in a cheese-less world! How can they suggest such a small portion size? It’s an outrage!”

The online conversation got bigger as more people joined in. They talked about how much cheese is right to eat. Some supported Bupa, saying we should watch how much cheese we eat because it’s not always good for us.

But, many others didn’t like this idea. They said cheese is made to enjoy a lot. For them, enjoying cheese fully means eating more than Bupa suggested.

This discussion shows how much people love cheese everywhere. We don’t know yet if this debate will end or if people will keep talking about it. We just have to wait and see.

Effective Boxing Combinations in UFC 5

In UFC 5, mastering boxing combinations is critical. Good players know to avoid flashy moves. Instead, they focus on simple but strong moves. These give them an edge in the fight.

Let’s go over some reliable boxing combos:

  1. One-Two Combo: Start with a straight punch (the “one”), then hit them hard with a cross (the “two”). This basic move surprises your opponent. It opens the door for more attacks.
  2. Lead Double Jab: Jabs mess up your rival’s rhythm. Throw two quick jabs with your lead hand. It helps control the space and prepares your next move.
  3. Double Jab and Cross Combo: After two jabs, throw a powerful cross. This combo is about overpowering your opponent. It makes room for more punches.
  4. Lead Jab Lead Hook: Use this when you’re up close. Jab first to set up your hook. It’s powerful, aiming for your rival’s head or body.
  5. Cross and Lead Hook: Here, start with a cross followed by a hook. It can surprise your opponent. They might not see your next move coming.
  6. Lead Jab and Outside Hook: Throw a jab and then an outside hook. It’s an unpredictable move. It keeps your opponent unsure of your moves.
  7. Lead Jab and Hook to the Body: Mix up your strikes by attacking the body. A jab followed by a body hook. It tires your opponent and sets up more hits.
  8. Lead Jab to Head Straight to the Body: This time, jab to the head and then straight to the body. It confuses your rival. They won’t know what to expect.

The key is to practice and know when to use these combos. Keep it simple and use them accurately. Adapt them to your style. With hard work and the right strategy, you can be a strong fighter in the octagon.

Comparison of Effective Boxing Combinations

Boxing Combination Description Advantages
One-Two Combo Straight punch followed by a cross Quick and catches opponents off guard
Lead Double Jab Two consecutive jabs with the lead hand Controls distance and disrupts opponent’s rhythm
Double Jab and Cross Combo Lead double jab followed by a cross Overwhelms opponents and creates opportunities
Lead Jab Lead Hook Lead jab followed by a lead hook Effective for close-quarter situations
Cross and Lead Hook Cross punch followed by a lead hook Catches opponents off guard and leaves them vulnerable
Lead Jab and Outside Hook Lead jab followed by an outside hook Versatile combination attacking from different angles
Lead Jab and Hook to the Body Lead jab followed by a hook to the body Targets opponents’ body and weakens them
Lead Jab to Head Straight to the Body Lead jab to the head followed by a straight punch to the body Mixes up strikes and keeps opponents guessing


In UFC 4, the topic of “cheese” tactics is hot and hard to ignore. Many players find these tactics frustrating. They believe the game has become too complex for them. The cheese tactics debate also shows how passionate people are about their favourite food.

Yet, there’s good news for players. In UFC 5, mastering basic boxing combos can make a big difference. These easy, effective moves beat the complex ones every time. Learning and using these tactics can help players do better and have more fun.

So, whether it’s dealing with cheese tactics in UFC 4 or throwing punches in UFC 5, remember this. Passion and skill are essential for victory. Face the challenges, change your tactics, and aim for the top in the virtual Octagon. Enjoy your gaming!


What are “cheese” tactics in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, some players use what’s called “cheese” tactics to get ahead unfairly. These include making fighters with special features or taking advantage of the game’s faults. They also use specific parts of the game to secure easy wins.

Why do casual players find UFC 4 complicated and inaccessible?

Casual gamers may struggle with UFC 4 because it lacks clear tutorials. This makes it hard to dive in and enjoy the game. Add in tough AI and tricky online matchmaking, and it’s easy to see why they get put off.

What sparked the controversy regarding the portion size of cheese?

The portion size debate started with a Bupa Instagram post recommending 30g cheese servings. Cheese fans felt this was too little. They argued it didn’t cut it for proper cheese lovers.

What are some effective boxing combinations in UFC 5?

UFC 5 highlights the power of simple boxing moves. Effective combos include the one-two punch and the lead double jab. There’s also the double jab and cross, as well as the lead jab and lead hook. Learning these moves can really up your game.

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