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Exploring Depravity: Navigating the Wasteland of Fallout 4

by Oliver Taylor
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Fallout 4 Wasteland of Depravity

Welcome to the gripping world of Fallout 4. Here, the Wasteland of Depravity awaits your discovery. This mod presents a unique place with fascinating options and quests. Brace yourself for an adventure deep into darkness, where you’ll unveil secrets and meet unusual characters.

The Fallout 4 Wasteland of Depravity mod enhances the vanilla game with new features. You’ll find things like a sex dungeon, wild outfits, and companions based on popular culture. Enjoy 40 quests that offer about 20 hours of playtime. Also, meet custom companions and seven others from the original game, each with unique traits.

This mod goes beyond just adding content. It provides three special spaces for you to use and improve. You can join different groups, choose to spare Kellog, or even run Hotel Rexford. There are also new ways to experience the main quest from the original game. Your role-playing options are vast.

To begin, look for Stella, a child near the entrance of Concord. She starts you on a journey that will question your morals and decisions.

Stay with us for more on features, characters, and how to install the Wasteland of Depravity mod. Get ready for an extraordinary adventure in the wasteland!

Mod Features and Characters in Wasteland of Depravity

Wasteland of Depravity is a Fallout 4 mod. It brings loads of features to make your game better. You’ll find 40 quests to enjoy, adding up to about 20 hours of fun.

The heart of the mod is the six unique companions you’ll meet. They are fully voiced with unique traits and skills. On your journey, you’ll team up with Murphy, Harley, Eden, Alerios, Roxy, and Stella.

There are also seven well-known companions from the original game. Players can have deep chats and make friends with the likes of Kellogg and Cito. You might even find a kindred spirit with Slave Kasumi or tackle the wasteland together with Nat Wright.

Three cool bases are also part of the mod. These places, from hotels to a strongroom, are your safe spots. They have everything you need to repair and upgrade your armour and weapons.

The mod mixes in great RPG elements. Your choices really matter and can change the game’s story. For example, you can join factions or help out different communities. Or, you could get into the drug trade. The choices are yours to make.

Mod Features:

  • 40 quests with approximately 20 hours of content
  • Six fully-voiced custom companions: Murphy, Harley, Eden, Alerios, Roxy, and Stella
  • Seven vanilla-based companions: Kellogg, Tina de Luca, Slave Kasumi, Cito, Isabel Cruz, Sheng Kawolski, and Nat Wright
  • Three interior settlement/player bases: Concord Fallon’s, The New Rexford Hotel & Casino, and The Diamond City Strongroom
  • RPG elements that should have been in the vanilla game, such as working for gangs, sparing Kellogg, assisting Goodneighbor, and dominating the Commonwealth’s chem trade

Custom Companions:

Name Description
Murphy A fierce and resourceful warrior who will stand by your side through thick and thin.
Harley A charming and unpredictable character with a penchant for explosives and mischief.
Eden An intelligent and enigmatic individual who can offer valuable insights and assistance on your quests.
Alerios A skilled sniper with a mysterious past, perfect for taking down enemies from a distance.
Roxy A street-smart and resilient survivor who can navigate the dangers of the wasteland with ease.
Stella A courageous and resourceful kid with a knack for uncovering hidden treasures.

Vanilla-based Companions:

Name Description
Kellogg A feared mercenary with a dubious past, now at your command.
Tina de Luca A talented chemist who can synthesize powerful concoctions to aid you in battle.
Slave Kasumi A rescued slave seeking redemption and ready to fight for your cause.
Cito A tribal warrior driven by a desire to protect his home and eradicate threats.
Isabel Cruz An ex-Minuteman with unparalleled marksmanship skills and a fierce sense of justice.
Sheng Kawolski A talented young entrepreneur who can help you establish a prosperous trade network.
Nat Wright A daring journalist ready to expose the truth and rally for the people’s cause.

Compatibility and Installation of Wasteland of Depravity

Modding Fallout 4 needs you to think about compatibility and how to install the mods. Wasteland of Depravity isn’t just any mod. It changes the game a lot and needs to blend in smoothly. We’ll look at what it needs and how to add it for a great gaming experience.


Wasteland of Depravity works well with all the official Fallout 4 DLC. This includes:

  • Automatron
  • Far Harbor
  • Nuka World
  • Wasteland Workshop
  • Vault-Tec Workshop
  • Contraptions Workshop

You must have these DLC packs to get the most from this mod.

Also, the Outcasts and Remnants mod v1.4 or newer is a must for Wasteland of Depravity. It adds more to your gaming experience and helps the new content fit right in.

But, Wasteland of Depravity might not mix with mods that say they don’t work together. So, always check if the mods will get along before you add them.


Now, let’s see how to get Wasteland of Depravity and dive into the new Fallout 4 lands:

  1. Get the mod file from a trusted source, like the Fallout 4 Nexus website.
  2. Open your mod manager and add the mod file you downloaded.
  3. Turn on the “loose files” setting in your mod manager. Most mods, including Wasteland of Depravity, need this to run smoothly.
  4. If you want to make organizing and using mods easier, think about using Mod Organizer 2. The mod makers like it a lot.

That’s all! With the mod in your game, the wasteland is ready for you to explore in a whole new way.


Fallout 4 Wasteland of Depravity is a mod that throws players deep into the action. It’s set in the vast Fallout 4 world, making it adventurous and tough. The mod brings in new stories, quests, and friends, giving you a rich wasteland experience.

This mod is easy to add to your game. It works with other mods, making your Fallout 4 journey seamless. With Wasteland of Depravity, you dive into endless fun and surprises.

Looking for a fresh way to get lost in Fallout 4? Then, you need the Fallout 4 Wasteland of Depravity mod. Jump right in and see the chilling stories it has in store. It’s a great way to make your Fallout 4 experience even better.


What is Fallout 4 Wasteland of Depravity?

Fallout 4 Wasteland of Depravity is a mod for the base game. It adds new features such as a sex dungeon and quirky outfits. You can enjoy quests with pop-culture themed companions.

How many quests does the mod offer?

There are 40 quests in the mod. They offer a total of around 20 hours of gameplay.

What companions are included in the mod?

You’ll meet six unique custom companions in this mod. Their names are Murphy, Harley, Eden, Alerios, Roxy, and Stella. Players can also team up with seven familiar companions from the base game.

These include Kellogg, Tina de Luca, Slave Kasumi, Cito, Isabel Cruz, Sheng Kawolski, and Nat Wright.

Are there settlement/player bases in the mod?

Yes, players can use three special settlements in the mod. These are Concord Fallon’s, The New Rexford Hotel & Casino, and The Diamond City Strongroom.

What RPG elements are incorporated in the mod?

The mod makes the game even more like a role-playing adventure. You can join gangs, help Goodneighbor, and more. It also offers new ways to play through the main story.

Is the mod compatible with other Fallout 4 DLC?

This mod works with all the official Fallout 4 DLC. This includes Automatron, Far Harbor, Nuka World, and others.

What other mod is required for Wasteland of Depravity to work?

You need to have the Outcasts and Remnants mod v1.4 or a later version installed.

How do I install the mod?

The first step is to download the mod file. Then, activate it using your mod manager. Remember, most mods need loose files to work well.

For the best experience, the mod creators suggest using Mod Organizer 2.

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