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Explosive Encounters: Dealing with Burke in Fallout 3

by Julia Blackwood
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Head into the Fallout 3 post-apocalyptic world and meet Mister Burke. He’s a mysterious figure in Allistair Tenpenny’s inner circle. Burke hangs out at Moriarty’s Saloon in Megaton, a place known for its huge atomic bomb. Here, players must make a choice that affects Megaton’s future and its people. This choice is critical and defines the game’s direction.

Mister Burke’s Role and Interactions

Mister Burke is the loyal assistant of Allistair Tenpenny. You can meet him at Moriarty’s Saloon in Megaton, a key place in Fallout 3. He’s important because how you deal with him affects the game’s story and your choices.

In the task “The Power of the Atom,” Mister Burke has a bold idea. He wants someone to explode Megaton’s atomic bomb. If you agree, it will change a lot for you and the game’s world.

At Moriarty’s Saloon, you can talk with Mister Burke. You can try negotiation or, if your character is a woman with the Black Widow perk, seduction. Or, you might just decide to save the day by disarming the bomb.

“I can offer you a tidy sum to perform this simple task. I assure you, the reward is more than adequate. Who could pass up the opportunity to carry out such an easy assignment, for such an abundant reward?” – Mister Burke

What you do with Mister Burke changes the quest’s end and the game’s story. You have to think about what’s right because lives are at stake. These choices also affect how others see your character in the game.

In Fallout 3, your talks with Mister Burke at Moriarty’s Saloon are very interesting. They let you see how your choices in the game lead to different storylines. It shows you have power over the game’s events.

Interactions with Mister Burke Outcomes
Negotiate with Mister Burke Can potentially convince him to reconsider his plan
Seduce Mister Burke Available to female characters with the Black Widow perk, can have an impact on his response
Choose to disarm the bomb Contribute to the preservation of Megaton and its inhabitants

The Power of the Atom Quest

In Fallout 3, players face a big choice in the Power of the Atom quest. They must decide to blow up or disarm Megaton’s atomic bomb. This decision affects the town and the player’s Karma deeply. Lucas Simms wants the bomb disarmed. Mister Burke, on the other hand, wants it blown up for Allistair Tenpenny.

Deciding what to do is a moral challenge. Disarming shows a commitment to justice and protects Megaton. But blowing it up offers a big reward, though it would destroy the town and the people in it.

You side with Lucas Simms’ safety or accept Mister Burke’s tempting offer. Your choice not only affects Megaton but also your story and how others see you in the game.

Lucas Simms: “Megaton’s my home. I’m not about to let some lunatic blow it up because he thinks it’ll be fun!”

Mister Burke: “I’ll make it worth your while to see Megaton gone.”

Players can use their words to change the game if they have the Black Widow perk, especially if their character is female. Seduction can lead to an interesting twist with Mister Burke. Warning Lucas Simms about Burke’s plan is another option to consider. It could change things too.

The quest shows how Fallout 3 is all about choices. Players get to experience a deep, moral adventure. The decision about the bomb is entirely up to the player, underlining how their choices matter in the game world.

Quest Name Key Characters Player Decision Outcome
The Power of the Atom Lucas Simms, Mister Burke Detonate or disarm the bomb Fate of Megaton, Player’s Karma


Fallout 3 gives players the ability to change the world and story of the game through their choices. One big decision is whether to deal with Mister Burke in the quest “The Power of the Atom”. This choice is not easy, as players must think about what their actions could lead to.

Players can choose to help Lucas Simms and disarm the bomb in Megaton. This could mean saving the town and its people. Or, they might choose to work with Mister Burke. They could decide to blow up Megaton, knowing the harm it would cause.

Every choice in Fallout 3 makes a difference. The game shows how each decision impacts the story, the player’s character, and the world. The “The Power of the Atom” quest makes players think deeply about their actions.


What is the role of Mister Burke in Fallout 3?

Mister Burke is Allistair Tenpenny’s top aide. You’ll find him at Moriarty’s Saloon in Megaton. He plays a part in “The Power of the Atom” quest. In this quest, he tries to get the player to blow up Megaton’s bomb.

Where can I find Mister Burke in Fallout 3?

Mister Burke hangs out at Moriarty’s Saloon in Megaton.

What options do I have when interacting with Mister Burke?

You can talk things out with Mister Burke. If your character is female and has the Black Widow perk, you might sway him another way. Or, you can choose to stop the bomb from exploding.

What are the consequences of the choices made in “The Power of the Atom” quest?

In this quest, your choices can change the game’s story. Whether you blow up or disarm the bomb affects Megaton and its people.

Who else is involved in the “The Power of the Atom” quest?

Lucas Simms, Megaton’s sheriff, wants the bomb disarmed. Mister Burke wants it blown up. You can side with Simms or Burke. Your choice affects the town and your Karma.

Can I warn Lucas Simms about Mister Burke’s agenda?

Yes, you can choose to tell Lucas Simms about Mister Burke. This action affects how the quest plays out.

How do the player’s choices in Fallout 3 affect the game’s world and story?

Choices in Fallout 3 matter. The results of quests, such as “The Power of the Atom,” change your story and the game’s world.

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