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Fitgirl Fixes: Solutions for Fallout 4 with Fitgirl

by Julia Blackwood
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Love Fallout 4 but got problems with the Fitgirl version? We can help! This article is packed with solutions that will smooth out your gaming experience. You’ll soon be free of those frustrating speed and acceleration problems.

Many gamers noticed their Fitgirl Fallout 4 runs too fast. Everything, from talking to moving, looks like it’s in fast motion. But, we know why this is happening and we’ve got the fixes to slow things down.

The real issues are with the game settings like forced fullscreen and disabled Vsync. Some think setting a framerate cap might help. It could stop things from moving too quickly, even without Vsync.

To help you see the problems and fixes, look at this image:

Just follow our guide to take back control of Fallout 4. We’ll walk you through every fix so you can enjoy the game just like it’s supposed to be. Let’s turn Fallout 4 with Fitgirl into a true gaming gem!

Amygdala v1.5 + Windows 7 Fix

Amygdala is a horror game by Stigma Studios. Enter a chilling world and face your fears. Dive into dark dimensions and uncover nightmare secrets. Players love its scary story and intense play.

Amygdala has some issues on Windows 7. But, there’s a way to fix this. You can solve these problems and enjoy the scary adventure.

To make Amygdala work on Windows 7, use the game’s Fix extension. It stops issues and lets you play smoothly. Here’s how:

  1. Find the Windows 7 Fix extension in the game’s setup files.
  2. Open it and install following the guides.
  3. After installing, start playing Amygdala.
  4. Make sure the VxKex setting is on for the game. This makes it work well with Windows 7.

With these simple steps, you can play Amygdala without issues. Immerse in its dark world. Face your worst fears and solve its mysteries in this chilling game.

Boti: Byteland Overclocked – Deluxe Edition Build 13574595 + Windows 7 Fix

Boti: Byteland Overclocked is a thrilling 3D platforming game. It’s developed by Purple Ray Studio, Untold Tales, and CouchPlay Interactive. The game’s amazing look and exciting gameplay lead players on an adventure in the world of Byteland.

However, some players struggle with Windows 7. They find it hard to play the game. But, there’s a fix that makes gaming smoother.

Players need to add a few files to the game’s main folder. These files are in the Windows 7 Fix folder. By doing this, players can enjoy the game on Windows 7 without problems.

To even improve the game, players should also enable VxKex. This small change can make a big difference. It helps the game run even better.

By following these steps, players can fully enjoy Boti: Byteland Overclocked on Windows 7. They can then begin their amazing journey through Byteland in this top-notch 3D game.

Don’t miss out on the fun of Byteland Overclocked on Windows 7. Dive into a world where 3D platforming is pure joy.


If you’re having trouble with the Fitgirl version of Fallout 4, there’s hope. Try the fixes we’ve outlined for each issue. These steps could help with game speed, acceleration, and making the game work well on Windows 7.

Remember, these solutions are just for the games we talked about. They might not work for other versions or titles. Be sure to keep to the advice and check official game help or online communities if you need more help.

Following our tips can help you enjoy a smooth experience in Fallout 4 and any other game problems you might have.


How can I fix the speed and acceleration issues in Fallout 4 with the Fitgirl version?

To fix the speed and acceleration issues in Fallout 4 Fitgirl version, try to cap the framerate. This prevents fast movement due to Vsync removal. Also, avoid forced fullscreen, custom resolutions, and certain disabled settings. These can make the problem worse.

What should I do if I encounter issues running Amygdala on Windows 7?

If Amygdala has issues on Windows 7, use the Windows 7 Fix extension it comes with. This helps the game run better. Also, turn on VxKex for Amygdala’s file to improve performance.

How can I resolve the issues running Boti: Byteland Overclocked on Windows 7?

For Boti: Byteland Overclocked problems on Windows 7, add DLLs from the Windows 7 Fix folder to the game’s root. Then, also enable VxKex for the game’s file. This should make it work well.

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