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Highlights and Recap: UFC Event on February 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Relive all the excitement from the UFC event on February 4. This event was packed with thrilling moments that kept everyone watching closely.

Pogues made a strong comeback, marking his second UFC win. He took a clear win on points, showing off his impressive talents and drive.

In a close match, MarQuel Mederos emerged victorious over Landon Quinones. The fight was intense, with both athletes putting on a show of their skills.

Charles Johnson and Azat Maksum delivered a truly thrilling flyweight bout. Johnson won in a match that had the crowd cheering. Both fighters demonstrated their resolve and technical abilities.

The UFC event on February 4 was full of action, with these fight highlights being just the beginning. Stick around for more news and detailed breakdowns of the main card results coming your way soon.

Main Card Results from February 4 UFC Event

Here’s what happened on the main card at the UFC event on February 4:

  1. Chan Sung Jung pulled off an amazing knockout against Dennis Bermudez. Jung’s striking put on a clinic, thrilling the fans.
  2. Felice Herrig won a tough fight with Alexa Grasso. The judges were impressed with their skill and stamina, making Herrig the unanimous victor.
  3. Abel Trujillo won with a submission against James Vick in the third round. His ground game was spot on, showing his deep knowledge.
  4. Volkan Oezdemir claimed a close win over Ovince Saint Preux by split decision. It was a fight of high skill and will, a real treat for the audience.
  5. Marcel Fortuna stunned the arena with a quick knockout of Anthony Hamilton. His victory was swift, showing off his strength and accuracy.
  6. Jessica Andrade defeated Angela Hill in a clear win. Andrade’s aggressive style and technique led her to a well-deserved victory.

The fights on February 4 showed the UFC’s amazing talent and passion. More exciting bouts and unforgettable highlights are on their way in MMA. Be ready for more.

Derrick Lewis vs. Serghei Spivac: Main Event Recap from February 4 UFC Event

The main event at the February 4 UFC was highly anticipated. It featured heavyweights Derrick Lewis and Serghei Spivac. Spivac ended up winning, showing his strength and skill in the octagon.

This victory was huge for Spivac, marking his sixth win in seven fights. It shows he’s truly a major talent in the UFC. Lewis, on the other hand, found Spivac a tough opponent and couldn’t stop his winning streak.

Spivac won by using his grappling skills, finishing Lewis with an arm triangle in the first round. Through the fight, he was able to control Lewis on the ground. This left Lewis without much chance to fight back.

The event between Lewis and Spivac was full of excitement and thrills for fans. With Spivac coming out on top, it’s clear he’s making his mark in the heavyweight division. His win shows his potential and skill in the arena.


Who defeated Landon Quinones by unanimous decision in a closely contested lightweight bout?

MarQuel Mederos beat Landon Quinones in a close fight. He won by all the judges’ votes.

Who emerged victorious over Azat Maksum in a thrilling flyweight clash?

Charles Johnson won a thrilling fight against Azat Maksum. He came out as the winner.

When did these fights take place?

These fights happened during the UFC event on February 4.

Who scored a knockout victory over Dennis Bermudez in the main event of the evening?

In the main fight, Chan Sung Jung beat Dennis Bermudez with a knockout punch.

Who defeated Alexa Grasso by unanimous decision in a closely fought bout?

Felice Herrig won a very close fight against Alexa Grasso. All judges thought she was the winner.

Who submitted James Vick in the third round of their lightweight matchup?

Abel Trujillo made James Vick tap out in the third round. It was a lightweight contest.

Who secured a split decision win over Ovince Saint Preux?

Volkan Oezdemir won by a close split decision against Ovince Saint Preux.

Who knocked out Anthony Hamilton in the first round?

Marcel Fortuna knocked out Anthony Hamilton quickly, in the first round.

Who emerged victorious over Angela Hill in a unanimous decision?

Jessica Andrade won by all judges’ agreement against Angela Hill.

Who faced off against Serghei Spivac in the main event of the February 4 UFC event?

The main fight on February 4 was Derrick Lewis against Serghei Spivac.

Who secured a submission victory over Lewis in the first round with an arm triangle?

Spivac won with an arm triangle submission over Lewis in the first round.

What skills did Spivac showcase throughout the fight against Lewis?

Spivac showed his great grappling skills in the fight, especially on the ground.

How many victories has Spivac achieved in his last seven fights?

Spivac has won six times in his last seven fights, including this one.

What was Lewis looking to avoid in his fight against Spivac?

Lewis didn’t want his third straight loss. But Spivac’s skills were too much for him.

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