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How to Change Weight Classes in UFC 4: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Marcin Wieclaw
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can you change weight classes in ufc 4

Welcome to UFC 4, where you get to experience the thrill of the octagon. You can show off your fighting skills. This guide will show you how to switch weight classes in UFC 4.

It’s not hard to change weight classes in UFC 4. It can be done in a few simple steps. The guide helps you move up or down in weight. It shows you how to adjust your character’s settings.

Changing weight classes lets you try new strategies and fighting styles. This way, you can make your fighter fit different levels of competition. You can aim to be a champion in your weight class.

If you’re up for a new challenge in UFC 4, let’s start. Follow this guide to explore different weight classes. Get ready for an exciting journey to success.

Evolution of Career Mode in UFC 4

UFC 4’s career mode is a big step forward from the previous game. It has an exciting system called Fighter Evolution. This system makes the game more personal and detailed for players.

The Fighter Evolution system changes how your character grows. Instead of just getting points and levelling up, you focus on improving certain moves. This way, your fighter’s skills match how you want to play.

You can improve and unlock new moves through this system. It lets you make your fighter fight in your unique style. It’s all about being strategic in how your fighter learns and grows.

The game also lets you learn from other UFC fighters in sparring. These sessions help you get better and add new moves to your fighter’s set. They’re a great chance to learn from the best in the virtual Octagon.

“The Fighter Evolution system in UFC 4 has changed how career mode works. It makes your fighter’s journey truly yours.” – UFC Gaming Review

UFC 4’s career mode also has a story that changes based on your decisions. What you do off the field can really shape your path in the game. It offers you unusual chances and some tough hurdles to jump over.

The blend of Fighter Evolution with a story that responds to you makes for a deep experience. It draws players in, making them care about their fighter’s rise to fame.

If you love UFC or have just started, UFC 4’s career mode is a thrill. It invites you to use the Fighter Evolution system and see how far you can go in the UFC.

Fighter Progression in UFC 4

Level Fighter Progression
1 Unlock basic moves and create your fighter
5 Upgrade individual moves and unlock new moves
10 Participate in sparring drills to refine skills
15 Unlock advanced techniques and signature moves
20 Become a dominant force in the UFC


In UFC 4, players enjoy exciting changes, like switching weight classes. They get to pick their character and weight class easily. This process is guided step by step, making it simple to start.

Players can move between weight classes, exploring diverse fighting styles. They can challenge opponents of different sizes too. So, whether fighting in the lightweight or heavy division, players can aim for the top.

The career mode is where players can truly dive into the MMA world in UFC 4. They can personalise and grow their fighter using a detailed system. This includes training specific moves, levelling them up, and learning new ones.

EA SPORTS has made UFC 4 a standout game with its efforts on realism and detail. The game’s career mode is very deep, allowing for an immersive experience. Players can climb from any weight class, developing their fighter into a champion.


How do I change weight classes in UFC 4?

Changing weight classes in UFC 4 is easy. Just go to the main menu. Then, select Career Mode. After that, make your character and pick your weight class. Finally, start your fighting career.

What improvements have been made to the career mode in UFC 4?

The career mode in UFC 4 is much better than before. It has a new Fighter Evolution system. This means you can make your fighter better and more unique.

You do this by using and training specific moves. As you practice, you can level up these moves. And you’ll even unlock new skills by drilling with other UFC fighters.

Can I experience a comprehensive fighter progression system in UFC 4?

Yes, you can in UFC 4’s career mode. Just follow the steps after selecting Career Mode. You’ll be guided to create your character and choose a weight class. This starts your journey to becoming a top UFC fighter.

How can I level up my fighter’s moves in UFC 4?

To improve your fighter’s moves in UFC 4, use and train them often. Practice these moves in sparring drills with other UFC fighters. This way, you can unlock and get better at new moves.

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