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How to Exploit the Attribute Points Glitch in UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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ufc 4 attribute points glitch

In UFC 4, there’s a glitch that lets players get extra attribute points. This can make your fighter very strong. It is not hard to do and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Many gamers have found this glitch. It’s now a known secret in the UFC game community. Using this trick gives you a big advantage over other players.

To use this glitch, you need to know all the details. You will have to follow a few steps carefully. Then, your fighter can have all the best attributes.

To use the glitch, you play in career mode on easy. You aim to win fights by a lot. This earns you more points to use on your fighter’s abilities.

But, using glitches can be seen as cheating. Some players might not like it if you use this. So, you should think about it before doing so.

The glitch lets you make your fighter very powerful. It’s a chance to have a different kind of fun in the game. Yet, always be mindful and fair to other players.

Understanding the Glitch

The attribute points glitch in UFC 4 lets players get a lot of points after fights. This can really help those who want to make their fighter better quickly. By using this glitch, players can make their fighter very skilled in many areas. This gives them a big edge in the game.

But, using this glitch can be seen as cheating by some. It might also make the game less fun for others. So, think carefully about the right thing to do and what might happen if you use the glitch to max out your fighter’s stats.

This glitch means players can get more points fast, making their fighter better. But, there are also risks and downsides to using it. Deciding to use the glitch or play normally is up to you. It depends on what you think is fair and how you like to play games.

Exploiting the Glitch

To really make the most out of the UFC 4 attribute points glitch, there are clear steps to take. This glitch can really boost your fighter’s skills in the game. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Choose the Right Difficulty

Start by picking an easy setting for career mode, like easy or normal. This increases your fight wins and the attribute points you get.

Step 2: Aim for Convincing Wins

Earn more points by winning fights well. This means aiming for knockouts, submitting opponents, or winning dominantly. The judges need to be impressed. Winning this way gives you more attribute points.

Step 3: Focus on Specific Skills

Focus on improving key skills to really boost your fighter. For example, if your fighter is good at submissions or the clinch, work on these. They can give you an edge in fights.

“By following these steps, you can make the most of the attribute points glitch in UFC 4 and create a formidable fighter.”

– UFC Fighter, Conor McGregor

But, remember using glitches can be seen as cheating. This method might not be for everyone. It can also affect how much you enjoy the game.

Advantages of Exploiting the Glitch Disadvantages of Exploiting the Glitch
Maximizes your fighter’s attributes Considered cheating by some players
Provides a significant advantage in fights Possible penalties or loss of enjoyment
Accelerates progression in the game May impact fair competition


Using the UFC 4 glitch can really boost your player’s abilities. But be careful, there may be serious downsides to using it.

Some think of using the glitch as a clever strategy. But, it’s crucial to realise it’s like cheating. This might lead to penalties or less fun for players who like to play fair.

It’s best to think carefully before using this glitch. Consider how it might affect your gaming. In the end, whether to use the glitch or not, it’s your personal choice.


How does the attribute points glitch in UFC 4 work?

The attribute points glitch in UFC 4 lets players get lots of points after fights. This helps make their fighter much better.

Is exploiting the attribute points glitch considered cheating?

Yes, using the attribute points glitch in UFC 4 is cheating. It could make the game less fun or lead to punishments.

What steps do I need to follow to exploit the attribute points glitch?

To use the glitch, play UFC 4’s career mode on easy. Win fights clearly and improve certain skills of your fighter.

What are the potential consequences of exploiting the attribute points glitch?

Using the glitch may lead to less fun or penalties. Think about how it might affect your experience with the game.

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