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Is UFC 4 Crossplay Enabled Between PS4 and Xbox? Details Inside

by Lucas Grayson
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is ufc 4 crossplay ps4 and xbox

UFC 4 is a highly anticipated fight game. It has drawn a lot of eager players wanting to compete in the game’s ring. A key question is often asked: can PS4 and Xbox players fight each other? We will look into this important topic and find out the truth.

Sadly, there is no crossplay in UFC 4 between PS4 and Xbox. Even though games like Gang Beasts let players from different consoles fight together, UFC 4 doesn’t. So, PS4 players can only fight other PS4 users. The same is true for those on Xbox.

The reason is that adding crossplay is tricky, needing detailed work. This aims to keep the competition and fairness intact across different platforms. But UFC 4’s setup likely makes this very hard to achieve.

However, lack of crossplay isn’t all bad news for UFC 4 fans. Other features like cross-progression are available to make switching between consoles smoother. Plus, the game works across different console generations without needing a new purchase.

Even without crossplay, UFC 4 offers many ways to play. It includes an updated career mode and exciting online matches. What’s missing is the split-screen but there’s plenty of fun to be found.

Although UFC 4 can’t do crossplay, it’s still loved worldwide. Its real-looking graphics and exciting gameplay make it appealing. So, grab your friends with the same console. Set the stage for amazing fights that will thrill you.

Why is UFC 4 Not Cross-Playable/Platform?

UFC 4 doesn’t allow players on different consoles to play together. This includes consoles like PS4 and Xbox. This feature is missing because game development and user experience get affected.

The task of adding cross-platform play is full of technical and licensing hurdles. Different console specifications and fairness issues make it hard. It needs a lot of effort to ensure everyone has a fair chance.

EA Sports, the maker of UFC 4, chose not to add crossplay. This choice likely came from the difficulties mentioned earlier. It’s key to listen to EA’s official news, not just what others say.

Despite the circulating rumors, there is currently no confirmed evidence that UFC 4 will become crossplay compatible in the future.

Setting up crossplay demands a lot of effort from all gaming platforms. But, some technical and policy differences can stop this teamwork. That’s why not all games can offer crossplay.

“UFC 4 does not offer crossplay or cross-platform capabilities. Implementing cross-platform play in video games involves complex technical and licensing challenges.” – EA Sports

Even without crossplay, UFC 4 still offers an exciting experience. It lets players carry their progress and items to different consoles. Also, it’s ready for the next-gen consoles without extra costs.

EA Sports worked hard to make UFC 4 great on every platform. Players get a unique, enjoyable experience on their chosen console.

The Future of Crossplay in UFC 4

For now, UFC 4 doesn’t have crossplay. But, the gaming world is always looking for new ways to thrill players. Developers may find ways to add this feature in the future.

If you’re eager for crossplay, watch for updates from EA Sports. They might share great news soon. For now, enjoy UFC 4’s exciting MMA action on your console.

Comparison of Crossplay Availability in Popular Games

Game Crossplay Availability
Gang Beasts Available
UFC 4 Not available
Call of Duty: Warzone Available
FIFA 21 Available


So, UFC 4 doesn’t let players on PS4 and Xbox play together. But, it has cool stuff like cross-progression and playing across different console generations. This makes the game exciting, even without crossplay.

Players might feel sad about the missing crossplay. They can check out other games that allow this to enjoy gaming with friends on different consoles. Even though UFC 4 is praised globally, it’s unsure if it will add crossplay in the future.


Is UFC 4 crossplay enabled between PS4 and Xbox?

Currently, UFC 4 doesn’t have crossplay between PS4 and Xbox.

Why is UFC 4 not cross-playable/cross-platform?

The game faces obstacles in offering cross-platform play due to tech and legal issues.

Does UFC 4 support cross-progression?

Yes, UFC 4 lets players carry over their progress and items when changing consoles.

Can I play UFC 4 on next-gen consoles like the PS5?

Yes, you can play UFC 4 on the PS5 without buying the game again.

Does UFC 4 support split-screen gameplay?

Sadly, UFC 4 doesn’t support split-screen play. It’s designed for one player per console.

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