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Jared Cannonier’s Tactics and Strength in UFC 4

by Lucas Grayson
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Jared Cannonier packs a punch in the MMA world. Getting ready for his fight with Sean Strickland at UFC Vegas 66, everyone is excited. They want to see his amazing skills and strength up close.

Israel Adesanya might have beaten him before, but Cannonier is still a top Middleweight. His fists are extremely powerful. A strong blow from him can quickly change the outcome of a fight.

What makes Cannonier unique is his striking approach. He surprises opponents with his shifting punches and unpredictable timing. This catches them off-guard, forcing them to react without a clear plan.

Cannonier uses feints a lot. This approach tests his opponent’s movements before he launches serious attacks. His long, hard-hitting jab opens up opportunities for his more powerful strikes. He also uses clever low kicks to keep his competitors unsure and off balance.

At close range, he’s devastating. Moves like the one-two or jab-overhand are his specialty. They often leave rivals dazed and struggling to counter attack.

Wrestling might not be his best skill, but Cannonier has improved his takedown defense. He prefers to keep the fight on its feet. If taken down, he works hard to stand up quickly.

He’s 38, and he knows he doesn’t have unlimited time in the ring. But Cannonier is driven. He uses his willpower and grit to push forward. He wants a win against Strickland, to climb even higher in the Middleweight rankings, and eventually, to get another shot at the title.

Striking Style and Techniques

Jared Cannonier has a unique, effective striking style. His timing and precision catch opponents off-guard. This leaves them open to his powerful hits.

Cannonier often uses feints in his battles. He starts with slower moves to make the opponent feel safe. Then, he hits quickly and strongly, showing his smart reading ability.

His favourite move is a long, impactful jab. This disrupts the opponent’s timing and opens chances for Cannonier to attack. He also uses low kicks to the leg and calf, working well with his jabs by blinding the opponent briefly.

Up close, Cannonier is great at delivering strong hits. He likes simple combos like the one-two, keeping his foes unsure. His mixing of attacks keeps them from guessing his next step.

Cannonier is also known for changing his fighting stance. This helps him attack from unusual angles, surprising his rivals. He can deliver strong strikes in both orthodox and southpaw positions.

His leaping hooks are notable, often leading to the clinch, a position he excels in. In the clinch, he controls his opponents, landing hard blows. This mix of striking and clinch work shows his diverse fighting skills.

“Cannonier’s striking style is a masterclass in fluidity and precision. His ability to read his opponents and capitalize on their openings is nothing short of impressive. Whether it’s his deceptive feints or his devastating punches and kicks, Cannonier’s striking techniques are enough to make any opponent think twice before stepping into the octagon with him.”

Technique Description
Jab A long, hard jab that disrupts the opponent’s rhythm and sets up further strikes.
Low Kicks Targeting the opponent’s leg and calf to weaken their foundation.
Combination Strikes Utilizing simple yet effective combinations like the one-two or jab-overhand to keep opponents guessing.
Switch Stances Confusing opponents with unexpected angles and maximizing his striking power.
Leaping Hooks Leading to the clinch, where Cannonier can control his opponents and land devastating strikes.

Cannonier displays his striking skills against top foes such as Anderson Silva and Robert Whittaker. His comprehensive skills and strategic approach to fighting place him as a top contender in the MMA world.

Wrestling and Takedown Defense

Even though Jared Cannonier isn’t a wrestling expert, his takedown defence has kept improving. He focuses on stopping takedowns and standing up fast. This way, he can use his powerful striking techniques more effectively. Cannonier’s refusal to be taken down, his strength, and being in top shape help him a lot. He uses the fence to escape from the ground.

When facing skilled wrestlers like David Branch and Jack Hermansson, Cannonier proved he can stop takedowns. He did this by using his overhook and forearm frame well. These strategies helped him keep the fight in a standing position. This is where his powerful striking attacks are most dangerous.

However, Cannonier did face a tough time with Derek Brunson’s wrestling. Brunson managed to outwrestle him a few times. He even almost put him in a rear-naked choke hold. Despite this, Cannonier learned a lot from that fight. It showed him areas where he needs to improve his wrestling defence.

Yet, Cannonier’s strength, quick power, and ability to stand up again fast make him hard to deal with. He is focused on becoming even better at defending against takedowns. This ensures that he is a tough competitor in the Middleweight division.

Opponent Successful Takedowns Takedown Attempts
David Branch 0 5
Jack Hermansson 0 6
Derek Brunson 2 10

The table above shows Cannonier has been great at stopping takedowns. This is against opponents who are strong in wrestling. It highlights his skill in stopping takedowns and using his body well to do so.

Jared Cannonier wrestling takedown defense

Overcoming Adversity and Looking Towards the Future

Jared Cannonier’s time in the UFC faced many challenges, yet he always fought on. In a tough battle with Israel Adesanya, Cannonier lost. Adesanya’s moves were too much for him. This loss only makes Cannonier want the Middleweight title more.

At 38, Cannonier knows he’s not young in the fight world. But, this hasn’t dampened his spirit. It’s made him want to show the world what he’s made of. He’s tough. He’s proven this over and over. Even when faced with a broken ulnar bone, he kept going.

He’s fully focused on his journey in martial arts. And he’s got great support, from his wife and team. Every win gets him closer to the top in the Middleweight division. And he won’t stop until he gets that title shot again.


What makes Jared Cannonier’s striking style unique?

Jared Cannonier stands out because he uses feints, changes his timings, and throws punches in unexpected ways. This strategy helps him surprise his opponents.

How does Jared Cannonier utilize his jab and low kicks in his striking?

He throws a powerful jab and mixes this with low kicks. It keeps his rivals guessing. The jab could even blind his opponent for a moment, allowing him to land the kick.

What type of combinations does Jared Cannonier rely on in close quarters?

In close combat, Jared often chooses combos like the one-two or jab-overhand. These combos let him throw strong punches at close range.

What is Jared Cannonier’s proficiency in the clinch?

Jared Cannonier knows how to strike effectively in the clinch. He often uses his knees and elbows, delivering powerful blows to his opponents.

How has Jared Cannonier’s takedown defense improved over the years?

His takedown defense has gotten better with time. Now, he uses overhooks and his forearms to stop his opponents’ takedown attempts. He’s also quick to get back on his feet.

What is Jared Cannonier’s focus when it comes to wrestling?

Defending against takedowns and standing back up is Jared’s biggest focus. He prefers not to go for takedowns or submissions himself.

What challenges has Jared Cannonier faced in his MMA journey?

He had a tough fight with Israel Adesanya but managed to bounce back. Jared has also dealt with injuries, showing his strength and perseverance.

What is Jared Cannonier’s motivation to continue pursuing his martial arts journey?

His main goal now is the Middleweight title. Jared finds support from his wife and his team. They all encourage him to keep chasing his dream.

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