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Jorge Masvidal in UFC 4: Fight Style and Strategy

by Lucas Grayson
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EA’s UFC 4 game has impressed players by mirroring the real Octagon experience. Jorge Masvidal stands out with his special way of fighting. He moves in a way that makes it hard for others to hit him. Then, he lands hard punches of his own, which can finish a fight in one blow. His move, a running knee, is well known for taking down Ben Askren with one hit.

This game also helps players master cool combos and moves that really work. For instance, they can learn to block, then counter punch, or dodge and hit back. A move that starts with a jump and ends with a kick to the leg can weaken an opponent. To stop lots of hook punches, players can use a special dodge move. And if they want to surprise their opponent, they can throw a big punch followed by a quick uppercut. There are even cool moves like the showtime kick. Learning and using these combos and special moves can help players do great in fights online.

UFC 4 has a big list of fighters. People like Jorge Masvidal are rated highly because of their skills. Other big names, like Jon Jones and Khabib Nurmagomedov, are also in the game. Some fighters can be unlocked as you play more or when the game has updates. New fighters keep getting added, so there’s always someone new to try.

Each fighter is good at certain things, like punching or defending. Players should check which fighters match their own style. This way, they can really enjoy the game and do well.

Effective Combos and Moves in UFC 4

Learning powerful combos in UFC 4 gives you a big edge. You can beat your rivals and win in the cage. Here, we will look at some of UFC 4’s most powerful moves and combos.

Countermoves for Knockdowns and Flash Knockouts

If you’re being attacked, countermoves like block hook counter and slip counter can save you. They help avoid hits and strike back accurately. Doing this at the right moment by watching your opponent is key.

Leg Strikes Combo

Try the lunging strike to inside leg kick. It hurts your rival’s leg and slows them down. This weakens their fighting ability.

Devastating Punch Combinations

The pull back counter is perfect against hook-heavy foes. It helps dodge and hit back hard. Another good move is the outside overhand punch and lead uppercut. It stuns and can finish the fight.

Impressive Advanced Techniques

UFC 4 also has cool advanced moves. Takedown reversals get you out of bad spots on the ground. The showtime kick is especially fun. It’s a flashy kick to surprise your rival.

Get good at these UFC 4 moves to become a better player. Mastering them will help you win more online matches. Choose moves that fit your style well for the best gaming thrill.

Fighter Ratings and Unlockable Fighters in UFC 4

In UFC 4, there’s a big range of fighters, each with different skills. Jorge Masvidal leads the bunch with a high rating of 4.5. Other stars like Jon Jones, Amanda Nunes, and Khabib Nurmagomedov are also top-rated.

This means you can see their real moves and styles in the game. It makes the experience true to real fights.

UFC 4 also has fighters you can unlock. These new fighters come as you play or with updates. So, the game always has fresh faces for you to try.

Every fighter is unique. They have different skills in striking, defending, and health. This lets you pick fighters that match how you like to play.

Whether you love big punchers, fast grapplers, or all-round stars, UFC 4 will excite you. Check out all the fighters and pick your favourites. This lets you dive deep into the action of mixed martial arts.

With your dream fighters, have epic battles. Test your own fight IQ and climb to the top in UFC 4.


Can I play as Jorge Masvidal in UFC 4?

Yes, you can play as Jorge Masvidal in UFC 4. Choose him from the fighters’ list. See his special fighting style and tactics.

What is Jorge Masvidal’s fight style and strategy in UFC 4?

Jorge Masvidal has a unique way of fighting in UFC 4. He moves his feet in a special way to dodge hits. Then, he aims to land powerful counterpunches. One famous move he has is his running knee, known from knocking out Ben Askren.

Are there any effective combos and moves in UFC 4?

Yes, UFC 4 comes with lots of strong combos and moves. For example, try the block hook counter and slip counter to stun your opponent. The lunging strike to inside leg kick combo is also effective.

When facing many hooks, use the pull back counter.

Jorge Masvidal’s favorite combo is the outside overhand punch followed by a lead uppercut. You can also impress with easy takedown reversals or the showtime kick.

Can I choose a fighter based on their ratings in UFC 4?

Yes, each fighter in UFC 4 has special ratings in different areas like striking and health. Pick a fighter based on how they match your playing style. For example, Jorge Masvidal excels in the game with a rating of 4.5 overall. Jon Jones, Amanda Nunes, and Khabib Nurmagomedov are also top choices.

Are there unlockable fighters in UFC 4?

Yes, there are unlockable fighters in UFC 4. Find them through playing the game or with updates. New fighters are added regularly. This way, players can always discover more characters with unique styles.

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