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Mastering Kick Combos in UFC 4: A Fighter’s Tutorial

by Lucas Grayson
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Welcome to UFC 4, the world where Octagon thrills turn into virtual reality. In this tutorial, we’ll explore kick combos’ art, crucial for boosting your fight skills. Whether new or seasoned, learning these power-packed moves will lift your game.

UFC 4’s kick combos let you deliver fierce strikes and outsmart rivals. It’s not just about being strong. Success in these techniques needs timing, accuracy, and a variety of creative kicks.

This UFC 4 tutorial will dig deep into kick combos, equipping you to triumph in the virtual Octagon. We’ll cover everything from basics to advanced tactics. You’ll learn to unleash your full fighting capability.

Discover how to dominate UFC 4 with the game’s top kick combos. Learn to fight like real champions, whether you want to move like Dominick Cruz or build your own strategies. This guide will help you make your mark.

Ready for an exciting journey to improve your UFC 4 experience? Let’s explore kick combos and enhance your fighting prowess.

Effective Advanced Kick Combos in Mixed Martial Arts

Want to boost your mixed martial arts game? Advanced kick combos are key. Once you learn these moves well, you’ll surprise opponents. This gives you an advantage in fights.

Kickboxing and Muay Thai Styles

It’s smart to add Kickboxing and Muay Thai to your practice. These martial arts are famous for their hard kicks. They lay a great foundation for MMA kick combos.

Learning different kicks, like the lead teep and switch kick, is crucial. With the right mix, you can outsmart your rivals. Use these moves correctly, and you can really take them by surprise.

Examples of Advanced Kick Combos

Here are some great kick combos to try:

  1. Lead teep, switch kick, cross, hook, rear roundhouse kick
  2. Step back, inside leg kick, cross, low kick
  3. Jab, cross, lead teep, rear roundhouse kick
  4. Lead jab, lead hook, lead teep, rear roundhouse kick
  5. Jab, cross, left hook, spinning back kick
  6. Hook, feint hook, spinning back kick
  7. Jab, cross, lead hook, high kick
  8. Jab, jab to the body, teep, slide teep

Training with shadowboxing, mitts, and bags is vital. It lets you practice your combos until they’re perfect. This makes them feel natural in an actual fight.

Getting good at these moves takes hard work and practice. The more effort you put in, the better and more surprising you’ll be. Keep at it, and you’ll see huge improvements in the cage.

Always look for new moves and listen to your coaches. With effort, you can really stand out in the MMA world. Keep training hard to master those combos.

Tips for New Players in UFC 4

Are you new to the intense world of UFC 4? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. These essential tips will kickstart your journey. They’re designed to help you get started and boost your skills. With these beginner tips, facing opponents will become easier and more fun for you.

1. Master the Basics

Start in the training area to learn the game’s mechanics. Here, focus on strikes, clinches, and takedowns. Getting these down will build a strong foundation. You’ll execute moves better and counter your foes’ moves.

2. Protect Your Body

It’s vital to defend your body in UFC 4. Block and dodge to avoid serious damage. Keep your guard up and move smartly. This strategy will reduce your opponent’s hits and up your winning chances.

3. Manage Your Stamina

Stamina is key. Don’t use all your energy quickly on big moves. Instead, go for controlled and well-timed strikes. Watch your stamina bar and adjust your game. This keeps you strong throughout the match.

4. Unlock the Submission Mechanic

Don’t forget about submissions. They’re crucial and add depth to your game. Learn how they work and practice timing and technique. Being good at submissions can turn the tables in fights. You can force your opponent to give up with the right holds and locks.

5. Keep Your Hands Up

Don’t let down your guard, especially around your head. Keep your hands up to block strikes. With a strong guard, you can stop most of your opponent’s punches. This means less damage for you.

6. Utilize Body Shots and Leg Kicks

Body shots and leg kicks can really wear your opponent down. Use these strikes to your advantage. By mixing them into your attacks, you control the fight better. You’ll also find openings for stronger hits.

7. Create Distance and Control

Figuring out when to keep your distance is a major UFC 4 skill. Use footwork and push-aways well. This helps you reset, think, and plan your next strike. Managing the fight’s pace and distance gives you a solid edge.

8. Clinch when in Trouble

If things are looking bad, turn to the clinch. It helps you take a breath and change the game. Clinching stops your opponent’s hits and sets you up for your own moves. Master the clinch to be strong in close combat.

With these new player tips, you’re ready to dive into UFC 4. Remember to practice, keep calm, and have fun. The journey to becoming a top fighter is an exciting one, enjoy it!


Mastering kick combos in UFC 4 is a journey needing practice, dedication, and deep game understanding. Training with different styles and focusing on combos will boost your game. It turns you into a strong fighter in the virtual octagon. This is true for both new and seasoned players.

Every practice makes you more confident with precise strikes and powerful combos. Practice using various kicks and punches. Try different combos in various situations to surprise and control your opponents. Embrace the challenge of mastering kicks. This will make you a better fighter in UFC 4.

It takes time to become a kick combo master. You need patience, persistence, and a learning mindset. Don’t let setbacks stop you. Use them to spot where you can get better. Keep improving with smart training and play strategies. You will grow and reach your true fighting potential in UFC 4.


How do I perform kick combos in UFC 4?

Mastering kick combos in UFC 4 takes practice. Start with Kickboxing and Muay Thai. Learn moves like lead teep, switch kick, and many more.

To get better, shadowbox and hit the heavy bag. Also, train with focus mitts and spar. This will help you get the timing right.

What is the best way to defend against opponent moves in UFC 4?

To defend in UFC 4, learn the game’s mechanics well. Don’t go into the power of your enemy’s attacks. Defend your body and watch your stamina.

Always keep your hands up to protect your head. Use clinch and defend against body and leg kicks. Control the fight by creating distance and using push-away.

How can I improve my skills in mastering kick combos in UFC 4?

Getting better at kick combos means dedication. Learn the game’s mechanics. Mix up different styles to surprise your opponents.

Focus on training. Study how others play. Master how to submit your opponent. This will make you a better fighter in UFC 4.

Are kick combos important for both new players and veterans in UFC 4?

Kick combos matter for everyone in UFC 4. They will take your game to the next level.

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, keep working on those kicks. Enjoy making your way to the top of the virtual octagon.

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