Mastering Leg Kicks in UFC 4: Technique and Timing

Leg kicks are essential in the UFC 4 striking world. They slow down foes, limit their movement, and can lead to a win. Siyar “The Great” Bahadurzada, a top coach and MMA champ, will show you the best way to use leg kicks in UFC 4. This will boost your game in the Octagon.

In this article, we’ll cover various leg kicks like the outside, inside, and calf kick. You’ll pick up the right way to throw these kicks. Plus, how to time them well. This insight is crucial for making your leg kicks count, while avoiding takedowns.

Perfecting these moves will give you a big edge in the striking department. It’ll take your game and strategy up a notch. No matter your skill level, adding leg kicks to your moves will strengthen your play in the virtual Octagon.

Throwing the Outside Leg Kick

The outside leg kick is a key move in fighting sports like MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. In this move, you kick your opponent’s leg hard with your back leg. To do this kick well, you need to focus on power, make sure you’re all in, set it up right, and keep safe.

To kick with power, you must use your lower body muscles right. This lets you hit your opponent’s leg hard, affecting how they move and stand. By twisting your hips and using your supporting foot to turn, your kick will hit hard and cause damage.

For a great outside leg kick, you must be fully committed. Put your weight into the kick so it goes through any defence. Staying focused and confident helps make your kick strong. Plus, it shows your opponent you’re in control.

The set-up is also vital. Start with a strong punch to their face or body. This opens them up for your leg kick. It also lets you see how they might react, helping you time your move.

When you kick, move right to protect yourself. After the kick, step to the side and back. This helps avoid getting hit back or taken down. It keeps you ready for the next move.

The outside leg kick can be a great tool, but you need to use it smartly and well. Focus on power, commitment, set-up, and staying safe. This way, you can really impact your opponent with your kicks.

Key Points to Remember for the Outside Leg Kick:
Generate power through proper technique and full-body engagement.
Commit to the strike, using your entire body weight to maximize impact.
Set up the kick with a well-timed jab or combination.
Step outside and away from your opponent after delivering the kick to maintain distance and readiness.

Executing the Inside Leg Kick

In UFC 4, mastering leg kicks is key for fighters. The inside leg kick has its own benefits over the outside one. Hit the lower part of their thigh with your front leg to disrupt their balance. This also slows down their movement. Knowing the right technique and ways to counter is essential for a successful inside kick.

The inside and outside leg kicks differ in timing. For the inside kick, place your back leg out to the side for a stronger hit. Target just above the knee on the opponent’s thigh. This spot is sensitive and causes real pain. The right cross can be a good decoy before the inside kick, distracting your opponent and giving you an opening.

Having the right technique for the inside leg kick is very important. Twist your standing foot and your hips to make it powerful. Keep your balance by being ready and staying stable. Don’t forget, hitting the right spot accurately is crucial for a good kick.

But, using the inside leg kick can open you up for counters. Your opponent might try to grab your front leg to take you down. To avoid this, keep a strong position and use takedown defensive moves. Or, use their counter against them by adding more hits or a takedown after your kick.

Improving your inside leg kick takes practice and knowing how your opponent will react. By adding this move to your skill set, you can control the fight. This keeps your opponent guessing and gives you an advantage in UFC 4.

Advantages of the Inside Leg Kick Counter Opportunities
Disrupts opponent’s balance Takedown attempts
Hinders opponent’s movement Opportunity for follow-up combinations
Targets vulnerable area above the knee Use opponent’s reaction to your advantage

The Calf Kick and Defense Strategies

The calf kick is a skillful leg kick that’s becoming more popular. It aims at the top of the calf, which is thick with muscle. This can slow the opponent and throw off their balance. Other kicks target thighs or shins, making the calf kick special in its approach.

To pull off a good calf kick, you need the right technique and timing. The aim is to hit hard without losing balance or being countered. A well-executed calf kick can really slow down an opponent’s moves.

There are several ways to use the calf kick, each suited to different moments. One method is to attack as your opponent moves towards you. A well-timed calf kick here can surprise them and mess up their plan.

Using the calf kick to halt an opponent’s advances is another smart move. Landing several calf kicks as they come towards you can keep them at bay. This tactic also opens up chances for more strikes by messing with their balance.

But, knowing how to defend against calf kicks is just as crucial. A common method is to check the kick. This means lifting your leg and turning your shin to meet their kick. Doing this right blocks or softens the kick’s blow.

Defending with smart footwork is also key. Keep your kicking leg nimble and move it out of the way. This makes it harder for the opponent to land a successful calf kick.

“The calf kick is a potent move, but learning to use and defend against it can be a game-changer in a fight.”

Summary of the calf kick and defense strategies:

Calf Kick Defense Strategies
Targets the top of the opponent’s calf. Utilize the check technique to clash shins.
Slows down opponent’s movement and compromises their balance. Maintain good footwork and lateral movements.
Can be used to counter an oncoming attacker or stop aggression. Keep the targeted leg light and mobile to evade the kick.
Creates opportunities for follow-up combinations.


Mastering leg kicks in UFC 4 is key for any fighter wanting to do well in striking. These methods can really change the game when used right, thanks to their power. Whether it’s the hard outside leg kick, the smart inside leg kick, or the planned calf kick, you need the right skills, perfect timing, and smart strategies.

Adding leg kicks to your skills gives you a big edge in the Octagon. They can slow down foes, limit their movement, and maybe finish them off. But, it’s also vital to know how to defend against leg kicks. This way, you won’t be caught off guard by your rivals.

To become an expert in leg kicks in UFC 4, focus on getting your moves and timing just right. Learn about the different kicks and when to use them, and work on them during practice. Use feints and smart tactics to surprise your foes, making sure you hit them hard.

Plus, work on defending against leg kicks by learning how to check and move your feet correctly. With these skills, you’ll be ready to take on anyone in the Octagon. Mastering leg kicks in UFC 4 can really boost your striking skills and help you win through precision, skill, and timing.


What is the purpose of leg kicks in UFC 4?

Leg kicks slow down opponents. They make it hard for them to move or even finish the fight.

What types of leg kicks are covered in this article?

This article talks about the outside leg kick, inside leg kick, and calf kick.

How can I throw the outside leg kick effectively?

To do the outside leg kick right, set up with a jab. Then, step outside and hit the same spot on their thigh.

What is the technique for executing the inside leg kick?

Performing the inside leg kick means stepping out with the back leg. Aim for the lower thigh. Use the right cross to set it up.

What is the calf kick and how do I execute it?

The calf kick aims for the top meaty part of the calf. The article shares methods like countering an attack or stopping someone who’s aggressive.

How can I defend against leg kicks?

The article talks about blocking leg kicks. It mentions using the check technique to prevent damage.

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