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Mastering Unorthodox Chokes in UFC 4: A Complete Guide

by Lucas Grayson
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In UFC 4, learning unorthodox chokes can really boost your game. There are key skills you need to work on. These include setting up a triangle choke, getting the hold right, keeping control, and avoiding moves that can stop you. And, of course, you must know how to end the choke perfectly. By getting good at these, you’ll be a tough fighter in UFC 4.

Triangle Choke: Threatening and Locking the Choke

The triangle choke is a powerful move in UFC 4. To use it well, you must understand two key things: how to set it up and how to tighten it. Knowing these will make you strong in the UFC octagon.

Threatening the Triangle

Threatening the triangle means getting ready to trap your opponent’s head and arm between your legs. The right setup is key to catching your opponent and to finish with the choke. Use moves from strong positions like mount or back mount. You can also take advantage of your opponent’s attempts to take you down.

“Threatening the triangle is like laying a trap. You want to create opportunities for your opponent to fall into your web, and once they do, it’s nearly impossible for them to escape.” – UFC Champion

Constantly threatening with the triangle puts your opponent under pressure. It makes them careful about their moves, which lets you take the lead. This is how you get the chance to lock in the triangle choke.

Locking the Triangle Correctly

After setting up the triangle, locking it the right way is key. A good lock puts a lot of pressure on your opponent’s neck and shoulder. This makes it very hard for them to break free.

Improve your lock by lying on your side and using your hips. This way, you make the choke tighter. The right hip angle also stops your opponent from trying their own moves.

“Locking the triangle correctly is like tightening the noose. Every angle and adjustment matters. The tighter the lock, the more likely your opponent will submit.” – UFC Champion

Knowing how to lock the triangle well helps you finish the choke more often. It makes you dangerous on the mat.

Taking It to the Next Level

Threatening and locking the triangle are just the beginning. There are many ways to improve your triangle choke. Try out different angles, transitions, and setups to find what suits your style best.

  1. Try different ways to set up the triangle. Use feints, distractions, and draw your opponent into bad spots.
  2. Learn from top UFC fighters who are great with the triangle choke. Copy their moves to make yours better.
  3. Chain submission moves together for a fluid attack. This keeps your opponent guessing.

Improving at the triangle choke takes a lot of work. Learn the details and practice a lot. With effort, you can be a master, defeating your opponents with the triangle choke.

Countering Common Defenses and Finishing the Triangle Choke

It is key to know how to keep control of the triangle choke. Opponents often try to escape in several ways. Some may try to stand up, stack you, or roll out of the hold. To beat these moves, keep the triangle tight and don’t let them get away.

Use your legs and hips to make the choke tighter. This keeps your opponent’s head and arm stuck. It also limits how much they can move. Hold their arm well to stop them from breaking free.

Be ready to act fast against their escapes. If they try to stand up, grab their neck or shoulder with your other arm. This stops them from getting strong or finding an opening. If they try to stack you, use your core strength to stay down. You can also adjust the choke to keep it effective. If they roll, move with them. Keep the triangle locked until you’re in a good position to finish.

To end the choke, there are many techniques you can use. You can switch to an armbar, to omoplata, or try a D’arce choke by rolling. Each method has its own strengths. They can surprise your opponent and help you win.

Finishing the triangle choke takes skill and strength, but also a strong mind. Keep the hold tight, stop their moves, and be ready to change the finish. With dedicated practice, you can excel in using triangle chokes. Spend time perfecting your technique to be successful in UFC 4.


Learning uncommon chokes in UFC 4 is about really understanding the moves and strategies. Target the triangle and ways to beat defenses. Then, learn how to successfully complete the choke.

Keep practicing these steps to get really good. Then, you can really shine in the UFC 4 octagon. So, work on your skills, understand the moves, and use unique chokes in UFC 4.

By using a range of chokes, you can surprise your rivals and win by submission. Include the triangle choke and other uncommon ones in your moves. This will lift your UFC 4 game skills to a new level.


What are unorthodox chokes in UFC 4?

Unorthodox chokes are special submission moves in UFC 4. They are different from the usual ones. They help you control your opponents in unique ways.

How important is mastering unorthodox chokes in UFC 4?

Mastering unorthodox chokes is very important. It boosts your fighting skills. This gives you an edge over others in the game.

What is the triangle choke and how can I use it effectively?

The triangle choke is a top move in UFC 4. It’s very effective. You use it by trapping your opponent’s head and arm between your legs. Then, lock it tight to finish.

How do I maintain the triangle and stop my opponents’ counters?

To keep the triangle, adapt to what your opponent does. Know how to stop them from breaking free. This needs a good grasp of counter moves and how to beat them.

What are some strategies for finishing the triangle choke?

For snaring the triangle choke, you need different ways to surprise your rival. Study various finishes. This lets you catch your opponent unaware.

How can I become proficient in unorthodox chokes in UFC 4?

For skill in unorthodox chokes, work on trapping and locking triangles. Also, learn to counter the usual defenses. Regular practice in these areas is key. It makes you a strong player in the game.

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