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Perfecting Max Holloway’s Combos in UFC 4: A Complete Guide

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Max Holloway is a big name in the UFC 4 world. To reach champion level, you need to know his best combos. This guide will help you master Max Holloway’s combos in UFC 4.

Max Holloway is known for his strong attacks. He uses techniques like the D’arce Choke & Slicing Elbows and Windmill Punches. Other moves include the Knees from Thai-Clinch, the Liver Kick, and the Spinning Back Elbow. To use his skills well, you must practice his various combos and moves.

Key to playing as Max Holloway is mastering his combos. Start by learning the techniques mentioned above. Get to know his moves well. Then, focus on being accurate and fast with your strikes. This is important as Max Holloway is all about precision.

Keep your opponents guessing by using different attacks. Also, learn how to move and defend aggressively. Knowing how to avoid hits makes you a stronger player. By studying and applying these tips, you’ll play like Max Holloway himself. This is how you win in UFC 4.

Becoming a champion in UFC 4 means learning Max Holloway’s combos. Practice hard by mixing together his moves in the game. Use our advice to level up your skills. Soon, you’ll be dominating as Max Holloway. With time and effort, you can truly shine in UFC 4.

Key Combos and Techniques

Max Holloway is well-known for his diverse striking abilities in UFC 4. To shine like him, you must learn his combos. These tricks can help you win in the Octagon. Here’s a look at what you should add to your moves list:

D’arce Choke & Slicing Elbows

His D’arce Choke and slicing elbows are a match-winning combination. They end fights fast.

  • Knees from Thai-Clinch & Windmill Punches
  • Entering the Matrix
  • Armbar & Casting Punches
  • 52 Block Guard
  • Liver Kick (Giga kick)
  • Spinning Back Elbow, Tainted Eye Pokes & Oblique Kicks
  • Ketchel Shift, Squaring-up n Shadowing with Hooks
  • Ezekiel Choke
  • Anaconda Choke
  • Leg Kick & Chin
  • Flappy Hands into Left Straight
  • Liver Shot
  • Left High Kick (Cemetery)
  • Desperation Takedown & Rear-naked Choke
  • Question Mark Kick
  • Jab & Clinch Against Cage
  • Backpack & Single Leg to Python
  • Knee Tap Takedown
  • Switch Cross

Here are just some of the lethal moves and styles Holloway uses. Using them will make you a more unpredictable player. This boosts your chances of winning in UFC 4.

Holloway’s powerful and skilful strikes shine bright in every fight. Learning his moves can make you a top player. You’ll conquer the Octagon like a champion.

Perfecting Your Gameplay

If you want to get the most out of Max Holloway in UFC 4, it’s essential to know some tips and strategies. These will make your striking better and help you beat your rivals.

Familiarize Yourself with Max Holloway’s Moveset

Start by learning the moves and combos that were mentioned. Knowing Max Holloway’s moves will let you perform his special hits smoothly. It’s important to get the timing and accuracy right, just like Max. Spend time to get each move down pat.

Utilize Varying Strikes for Strategic Advantages

Max Holloway has a wide range of strikes. Use this to your benefit by mixing up your hits well. This will confuse your opponents and set up powerful combos. Try punches, kicks, and more to keep them on their toes.

Study Max Holloway’s Footwork, Head Movement, and Defensive Skills

Max Holloway stands out for his great footwork and defence. These skills help him avoid hits and control the fight. Try to copy his moves. Work on your footwork and defense. Being good at dodging and blocking will make you harder to hit.

A strong offence works best with a great defense. Spend time making your defence solid. This will make your overall gameplay much better.

Keep refining your skills with these tips, and you’ll excel as Max Holloway in UFC 4. Practise, be patient, and stay determined. These are essential for getting to the top in the game.


Learning Max Holloway’s combos in UFC 4 is key for fighters who want to step it up. Dive into his special moves and practice a lot. This guide is full of great advice to help you master these powerful combos.

Becoming great in UFC 4 takes hard work and training. Use the tips in this guide to get better at striking and win more fights. With Max Holloway’s combos, you can aim for the top.

Get into the octagon and try different moves. Your fighting skills will get better every time. Take on the challenge and strive to use Max Holloway’s power. With effort, you can stand out in UFC 4 and impress everyone with your abilities. So, go and become the best fighter in UFC 4!


How can I master Max Holloway’s combos in UFC 4?

To master Max Holloway’s combos, practice is key. Learn his moves well. This means getting to know his special moves and ways of hitting.

Know what he’s known for and try to do these moves yourself in the game. This will help you get better at the game.

What are some key combos and techniques that Max Holloway uses in UFC 4?

Max Holloway is great at a mix of strikes. He does the D’arce Choke & Slicing elbows. Also, Knees from Thai-Clinch & Windmill Punches are his thing.

He’s also into Entering the Matrix, Armbar & Casting Punches, and much more. Knowing and using these moves will make your game stronger.

How can I perfect my gameplay as Max Holloway in UFC 4?

To be the best as Max Holloway, keep practising his combos. Work on your timing and how accurate you are with these moves.

Also, look at how he moves his feet, head, and how he defends. Use all these strategies in your games. They will help you win as Max Holloway.

Why is mastering Max Holloway’s combos important in UFC 4?

Learning Max Holloway’s moves is game-changing. It can make you unbeatable in UFC 4. By knowing his moves well and using them, you can outplay anyone.

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