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Perfecting the Switch Kick in UFC 4: Tips and Tricks

by Lucas Grayson
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how to do switch kick ufc 4

The switch kick is a big deal in Muay Thai and MMA. It sets up big hits and new attacks. A famous switch kick was when Georges St-Pierre knocked out Matt Hughes to grab the UFC welterweight title.

It’s great when you can’t land your rear kicks. Switching stances lets you throw better kicks. This move needs good technique, and you’ve got to move your hips and shoulders right. Being quick to change stances is key. If you get it right, the switch kick is a strong move to have.

Find out how to do the switch kick in UFC 4. Learn cool moves to improve your fighting skills.

How to Perform the Switch Kick in UFC 4

Start in a conventional Muay Thai stance to begin the switch kick in UFC 4. Shift your weight backwards. Let your rear foot bear most of your weight, making the front foot light. This makes the switch easier. Then, skip into your switch. Bring your rear foot ahead and your front foot back. Your feet should be close, and you should stand on the balls of both feet.

Once your feet have switched, use power from your rear foot (now in front). Rotate your hips and throw the arm on the kicking side down, while the other arm goes up. This action gives your switch kick its power. Make sure to keep your front foot’s ball touching the ground. By practicing these steps with precision, you’ll master the switch kick in UFC 4.

Remember, the key steps for executing the switch kick in UFC 4 are:

  1. Start in a conventional Muay Thai stance.
  2. Shift your weight backward, with your rear foot carrying most of your weight.
  3. Skip into your switch by bringing your rear foot forward and your front foot backward.
  4. Keep your feet closer together than in your normal fighting stance, and be on the balls of both feet.
  5. Explode with your rear foot while rotating your hips and swinging your arms for maximum power.
  6. Stay on the balls of your lead foot throughout the kick.


“The switch kick is a fundamental technique in UFC 4. It can surprise your opponent and deliver powerful strikes. By mastering this move, you’ll improve your fighting skills. This will help you dominate in the octagon. Remember, practice and repetition are essential to perfecting the switch kick.”

Advanced Techniques and Strategies for the Switch Kick in UFC 4

Take your switch kick game in UFC 4 to the next level with these advanced strategies. The double switch is a key move. You switch twice quickly to confuse your opponent. This can create the chance for strong hits.

Try adding a teep or push kick to keep your opponent guessing. If they’re blocking your switch kicks, the teep kick can surprise them. It might throw off their balance, giving you an edge.

Aiming for their thighs with an inside leg kick can also be effective. Attack their lower body to make their stance weaker. This sets you up for more attacks.

Change up your switch kicks to be unpredictable. Use them to counter or prepare for other hits. By working on your switch kicks from different stances, you’ll make them more powerful. This will make your switch kick game in UFC 4 stand out.


What is a switch kick?

A switch kick is a key move in Muay Thai and mixed martial arts. It lets a fighter hit hard and set up more moves.

How is the switch kick performed in UFC 4?

In UFC 4, start in Muay Thai stance. Move your weight back, rear foot supporting you. Skip into a switch, bringing your back foot forward and your front foot back. Then, with the rear foot, kick hard. Rotate your hips. Swing the arm on the same side as the kicking leg down, and the other arm up.

When is the switch kick useful in UFC 4?

Use the switch kick when the opponent blocks rear kicks well. By switching fast, you can land better kicks and stay unpredictable.

What does it take to master the switch kick?

To master it, focus on good technique, especially hip and shoulder movement. Being quick to switch stances is crucial. When done right, the switch kick is a strong move.

Are there any advanced techniques for the switch kick in UFC 4?

There are advanced techniques like the double switch and switching to different types of kicks. You can also switch to an inside leg kick, aiming for your opponent’s thighs.

How can I enhance my switch kick game in UFC 4?

Improve by using advanced techniques and strategies. Practice your technique well. Get used to doing switch kicks from both stances. This will boost your switch kick in UFC 4.

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