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Perk Priorities: Creating the Ultimate Fallout 4 Perk Tier List

by Julia Blackwood
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fallout 4 perk tier list

Welcome to our guide on creating the best Fallout 4 perk tier list! If you love exploring the wasteland or are just starting, the right perks are key. They help you survive and do well in this RPG. Our detailed tier list will help you pick the best perks and boost your character’s power.

Creating the top perk tier list for Fallout 4 involved a serious approach. We looked at perks’ rankings in different modes, their SPECIAL and level requirements. This method gave us tier ratings from S (best) to F (worst).

Now, let’s look at the strength and perception perks. These are important for your character’s fighting skills and success in the game world.

Strength Perks

In Fallout 4, strength is key for surviving the harsh wasteland. The game offers special perks to boost your abilities. You can pick from a variety of strength perks to enhance how you play.

Iron Fist (Tier B)

Iron Fist boosts your power in hand-to-hand combat. With each level, you hit harder. This perk is great for those who love fighting up close without any weapons.

Big Leagues (Tier A)

Big Leagues makes melee weapon attacks stronger. It’s ideal for players who enjoy attacking enemies with weapons like bats and swords. As you level up this perk, you can easily cut through foes.

Armorer (Tier A)

Armorer helps you make and enhance armour. Each level lets you craft better armour, making you tougher. It’s perfect for players wanting to focus on staying safe in combat.

Blacksmith (Tier A)

Blacksmith allows you to improve melee weapons. You can make your weapons stronger and add special effects. It gives you the upper hand when fighting with melee weapons.

Heavy Gunner (Tier C)

For those who like to use big guns, there’s Heavy Gunner. This perk ups your heavy weapon damage. It’s good in certain fights but not the top choice among all strength perks.

Strong Back (Tier B)

The Strong Back perk helps with carrying stuff. It increases how much you can carry and lets you travel even when burdened. This is a must if you love collecting items in the game.

Steady Aim (Tier D)

Steady Aim boosts your aim with guns. It can be handy in fights but isn’t as key as some other perks. Players focusing on shooting might still find it useful.

Basher (Tier F)

Basher makes your bashes with melee weapons better. However, it offers less benefit than most perks. Unless you particularly enjoy the bash attack, it’s not the best choice.

Rooted (Tier B)

Rooted makes you tougher and stronger when you stand still. It’s great if you prefer to fight defensively. By combining this with the right tactics, you can hold your own in battles.

Pain Train (Tier D)

Pain Train lets you bash into foes, pushing them back. It looks cool but it’s not essential. Compared to other perks, it offers less significant advantages.

The strength perks in Fallout 4 offer many ways to play. Whether you like fighting up close, from a distance, or defending yourself, there’s a perk for you. Choose wisely to make a character that’s strong, smart, and ready for anything the wasteland throws at them.

Perception Perks

In Fallout 4, perception perks are key to your character’s success in the tough world. Perks like Pickpocket and Rifleman help your character. They can make the game more fun by adding special skills.

Pickpocket lets you take things from people without them noticing. It’s good for getting needed items or ammo. This perk can be a lifesaver in hard times.

Rifleman is great if you like using rifles. It makes you better at aiming and doing more damage. If sniping or taking long shots is your style, you will love this perk.

Awareness is all about knowing your enemies’ weak spots. It tells you what they are more or less resistant to. This helps you plan your attacks smarter, giving you an advantage.

Four Leaf Clover is good for getting more critical hits. It boosts your chance to do extra powerful hits. With luck, you can defeat foes quicker and easier.

Don’t forget how important perception perks are in Fallout 4. They can make you a better thief, a sharpshooter, or a lucky fighter. Each perk helps you in different ways to beat the game.

Perception Perk Tier
Pickpocket C
Rifleman A
Awareness A
Four Leaf Clover B


To make the best Perk Tier List for Fallout 4, we need to look at each perk closely. We consider their strengths, what you need to use them, and when you can get them in the game. This helps players pick the right perks for their journey in the game.

Some perks focus on strength, like Iron Fist and Big Leagues. They help you deal more damage with your fists or close combat weapons. On the other hand, some Perception perks, like Rifleman and Awareness, boost your accuracy and chances of a critical hit. These top perks can make your character very strong in the game’s tough fights.

Your own style of play and what you like in the game can change which perks you think are the best. Even with a good list, it’s fun to try different perks and builds. This way, you can make a character that fits your style perfectly.


How can I determine the ultimate perk tier list for Fallout 4?

To choose the best perks in Fallout 4, make a list. Consider each perk’s rank in normal and hard modes. Think about their SPECIAL and level requirements too.

How are the perks ranked in the tier list?

Perks in Fallout 4 are rated from S to F. Strong perks like Iron Fist and Big Leagues get B and A ratings. Perception perks such as Pickpocket and Rifleman fall in the C and A tiers.

What are the strength perks in Fallout 4?

Strength perks like Iron Fist and Big Leagues are key. Others include Armorer, Blacksmith, and Heavy Gunner. You also have Strong Back, Steady Aim, Basher, Rooted, and Pain Train.

How are the strength perks ranked in the tier list?

In the rankings, Iron Fist and Big Leagues shine. They get B and A spots. Armorer and Blacksmith are in A. Heavy Gunner and Steady Aim fall in C and D respectively. Strong Back makes it to B. Basher and Pain Train get F and D rankings. Finally, Rooted is in B.

What are the perception perks in Fallout 4?

Perception offers Pickpocket, Rifleman, Awareness, and Four Leaf Clover.

How are the perception perks ranked in the tier list?

In tier list, Pickpocket hits a C. Rifleman gets a strong A. Awareness and Four Leaf Clover join them with A and B ranks.

What benefits do these perks provide?

They boost rifle damage and your chance to score critical hits.

How can I create a powerful character in Fallout 4 with these perks?

To make a strong Fallout 4 character, choose top perks. Get Iron Fist and Big Leagues for more unarmed and melee punch. Add Rifleman and Awareness for better shooting and hit chances.

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