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Post-Game Problems: Fixing Fallout 3 Crashes After Starting a New Game

by Lucas Grayson
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fallout 3 crash after new game

Is Fallout 3 crashing when you start a new game? It can be really frustrating. But don’t worry. This article is here to help. We’ll share expert tips on how to fix these crashes.

Steps to Resolve Fallout 3 Crashes

Crashes in Fallout 3 can be annoying. However, there are ways to fix them. Here are the steps:

Fixing Fallout 3 Crashes on Modern PCs

Modern PCs sometimes don’t run Fallout 3 well. This can result in crashes. If your game is crashing, follow these tips:


Don’t let Fallout 3’s crashes spoil your fun. By following these steps and tips, you can get back to your post-apocalyptic adventures without trouble. Remember to update Games for Windows Live, disable unnecessary features, and use mods and patches when needed. With these fixes, you can enjoy exploring the wasteland again!

Steps to Resolve Fallout 3 Crashes

Experiencing crashes in Fallout 3 after starting a new game? Don’t fret. We’ve got several steps for a smooth fix. This way, you can keep exploring the post-apocalyptic world.

First, make sure your Games for Windows Live is up to date. This software is important for Fallout 3 to run well. You can download the latest version from the official website. Install it on your PC.

2. Disable Unnecessary Features

Some Fallout 3 features don’t work well on today’s systems. Turning off the overlay can help. Launch Games for Windows Live. Go to Settings and uncheck “Enable Games for Windows Live in this game”.

3. Edit the FALLOUT.INI File

Open the FALLOUT.INI file in your Fallout 3 folder and tweak it. Find the line “bUseThreadedAI=0” and change it to “bUseThreadedAI=1”. Then, add a new line: “iNumHWThreads=2”. This can make the game run better and prevent crashes.

4. Install Patches

Bethesda has put out patches for Fallout 3’s issues. Make sure you’re up to date. Visit the company’s official website for patches. Or, let the game update itself. These updates often solve crash problems and more.

5. Use Mods as Necessary

If nothing else works, you might turn to mods. The Fallout 3 modding community has tweaks to stabilise the game. But be careful. Mods can bring their own issues. Always check out mod descriptions and reviews before you put them in.

Follow these steps to get past the crashes in Fallout 3. Do the Windows Live update, disabled unused game features, tweak the FALLOUT.INI file, make sure you have the latest patches, and use mods if needed. Time to beat those post-install problems in Fallout 3!

Fixing Fallout 3 Crashes on Modern PCs

Fallout 3, a fan favourite post-apocalyptic game, can have issues on new PCs, especially with 4-core CPUs. If you see lots of game crashes, there’s hope. Follow some tips to fix the problems and enjoy the game without interruptions.

1. Update Games for Windows Live

Updating Games for Windows Live can reduce crashes. This is the service Fallout 3 uses. Download the latest version from Microsoft’s official website.

2. Disable Unnecessary Features

Try turning off some settings in the game. First, disable “Multicore/Threading” in the launcher settings. Then, set the game to run like it would on older Windows, like XP or 7.

3. Edit the FALLOUT.INI File

The FALLOUT.INI file is where you can change settings for Fallout 3. Editing this file can fix some issues. Use a text editor to change the file like this:


Save the file after making these changes. This might stop crashes linked to multi-core processors.

4. Install Patches and Updates

Bethesda released updates to fix many issues, including crashes. Make sure your game is updated by looking for patches on Bethesda’s website or Steam.

Always back up your game saves before updating. This helps avoid losing your progress.

Follow these tips to play Fallout 3 smoothly on your PC. Go through each step patiently, testing the game after every change. Stop compatibility issues from ruining your fun. Get back to exploring Fallout 3’s world right away!


Fixing Fallout 3 game crashes can be hard. Yet, with the right steps and fixes, you’ll soon be gaming smoothly again. Tips in this guide like updating Games for Windows Live, turning off extra features, and changing the FALLOUT.INI file will help a lot. Also, adding patches and mods can make your game even better.

Keep up to date with the game’s new updates and what your PC needs. This is key to fighting off crashes in Fallout 3. With these tweaks and the fixes we’ve told you about, you can beat the game’s post-start issues. Then, you can continue enjoying Fallout 3 without a glitch.

Enjoy your time in the wasteland and epic fights without fear of crashes. Learn how to solve these problems, making your time in Fallout 3 great. With our help, no obstacle will keep you from winning and ruling the world after doomsday.


Why does Fallout 3 crash after starting a new game?

Fallout 3 can crash when you start a new game because of modern PC issues. This includes 4-core CPUs. Also, older software, setting conflicts, and missing updates may lead to these crashes.

How can I fix Fallout 3 crashes after starting a new game?

To stop Fallout 3 from crashing after you start a new game, try these fixes:

  • Make sure Games for Windows Live is up to date.
  • Turn off in-game voice chat and lower graphical settings.
  • In the FALLOUT.INI file, change settings. For example, turn off intro videos or enable multithreading.
  • Get any new patches or updates for Fallout 3.
  • Use mods or patches made by the community to fix crashes.

What should I do if Fallout 3 crashes on my modern PC?

If Fallout 3 is crashing on your modern PC, try these steps:

  • Check that your PC meets Fallout 3’s minimum requirements.
  • Run Fallout 3 in a compatibility mode for an older Windows version.
  • Try running the game as an administrator.
  • Update your graphics card drivers to the latest version.
  • Play the game in windowed mode rather than full-screen.

Are there any other solutions to fix Fallout 3 crashes?

Yes, there are other ways to fix Fallout 3 crashes. You can verify game files through Steam or GOG Galaxy, turn off antivirus software temporarily, and do a clean game reinstall. Doing these could help with persistent Fallout 3 crashing problems.

How can I enjoy a smooth gaming experience in Fallout 3?

For a smooth Fallout 3 experience, update needed software, turn off unnecessary features, and edit the FALLOUT.INI file. Also, install updates and use mods when necessary. Following these tips can help avoid game crashes and let you deeply enjoy Fallout 3’s world.

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