Dell 3.5 Hard Drive Caddy Precision: T1600, T1650, T1700, T3600, T3610, T5600, T5610, T5810

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Dell 3.5 Caddy Hard Drive

Dell Hard Drive Caddy 3.5


  • Weight: Approx 32g
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Plastic & Metal
  • Part Numbers: DN8MY PX60023
  • Compatible With: 3.5″ Dell hdd Caddy and Dell drive Caddy Precision: T1600, T1650, T1700, T3600, T3610, T5600, T5610, T5810
  • dell t1700 hard drive caddy and dell precision t1700 hard drive caddy
  • dell t3600 hard drive caddy and dell precision t3600 hard drive caddy
  • Highly appropriate with dell precision caddy, dell precision hard drive caddy, hard drive caddy dell, and dell 7010 hard drive caddy

Package include:

  • 1 x Caddy

Dell Hard Drive Caddy



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