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Pushing the Right Buttons: Understanding Button Functionality in Fallout 4

by Marcin Wieclaw
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Welcome to our in-depth guide on button functionality in Fallout 4. We, as gamers, understand the importance of mastering game controls. This knowledge helps us navigate the Wasteland smoothly. In this piece, you’ll learn all about the different buttons in Fallout 4. We aim to make your gaming experience better.

Buttons in Fallout 4 help you control your character’s every move. They are vital for everything, from opening menus to using powerful weapons. Knowing how buttons work will make you a better survivor.

Players often face a problem with the B/O button on their controllers. Sometimes, pressing it by mistake can close the game. This issue affects players using Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo controllers. Trying to fix this by changing settings has not worked. The issue is with how Steam detects the controller, which causes the game to close accidentally.

To solve this issue and enhance your gameplay, it’s important to look at alternative controls. Learning about different button settings can help you avoid accidental game exits. This way, you will have a smoother experience in Fallout 4.

Let us show you how to quickly access your favourite gear and items. We will also discuss an effective way to use grenades in fights. This will make your combat experience more enjoyable.

By understanding how buttons work, you can become a skilled player in Fallout 4. Keep reading for tips on setting up buttons for easier access to weapons and items. Also, we will share the best ways to use grenades. Let’s explore the Wasteland together and dominate it!

Mapping Favorite Weapons and Stimpaks

In Fallout 4, you can set your top weapons and stimpaks for quick use. This helps you save time and be ready for fights in the game.

To start, open your inventory. Then, pick the weapon or stimpak you want to set. Hit the R1 button after choosing.

A grid will pop up. Pick a D-pad direction to link your item to. For instance, connecting a gun to ‘up’ lets you use it fast by pressing up.

Don’t forget to press X to confirm your choice. This step makes sure your item links correctly. It lets you personalise your game and pick what suits your style.

Direction Mapped Weapon Mapped Stimpak
Up Assault Rifle Stimpak
Left Shotgun RadAway
Right Sniper Rifle Med-X
Down Combat Knife Psycho

Use the table above as a guide. It shows how to link weapons and stimpaks to D-pad directions. This makes switching gear easy and fast in fights.

Setting up your D-pad with favourite items improves how you play Fallout 4. When you need a gun or health quickly, just press a button. No more long menu searches.

Throwing Grenades in VATS

In Fallout 4, VATS lets players carefully aim their shots. But, there’s a catch when it comes to grenades. Players can’t throw them in VATS mode.

To toss a grenade, you first must select it in your items. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Pip-Boy menu by pressing the designated button.
  2. Navigate to the “Items” tab and find the grenade in the “Aid” category.
  3. Select the grenade to equip it.

Now that you’ve got your grenade ready, throwing it is next. Hold the right bumper (or its equivalent) to get ready. Aim, and then let go to launch the grenade at your target.

But, you can’t aim your grenade’s throw or adjust its distance. When you let go of the bumper, the grenade flies straight at your target.

Grenades still play a key role in battles. They’re great against groups or to create distractions. Their use outside of VATS adds strategy to the game, making every choice important.

“Grenades may not be compatible with VATS, but their explosive impact can still turn the tide of battle in your favor.” – Player X

Grenades, despite the VATS issue, are powerful tools. With smart use, they can change the course of a fight. Mastering grenade throwing opens up exciting tactical options in Fallout 4.


In Fallout 4, knowing how the buttons work opens a world of adventure. Remember, the B/O button can close the game by mistake. But, you can avoid this by setting up your favourite items for quick use. When fighting, this preparation lets you act fast and heal when you need to.

Using grenades means getting them ready and then pressing R1 to throw. It’s important to practice these moves. This way, players get good at handling the tough challenges of the game.

Once you understand Fallout 4’s controls, your game improves a lot. You can attack powerfully, heal quickly, and win every battle. So, be bold and start your epic journey in Fallout’s post-apocalyptic world.


How do I map my favorite weapons and stimpaks in Fallout 4?

To set your best weapons and stimpaks in Fallout 4, first open your inventory. Then, pick the one you want and press R1. This action opens a grid. Select where to map it using the D-pad. Make sure to hit X after to save your choice.

Can I throw grenades in VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) in Fallout 4?

No, you can’t use VATS to throw grenades in Fallout 4. You must first equip a grenade. In-game, hold R1 to prepare to throw it, and let go to release. Remember, the game doesn’t let you control the throw’s force or arc.

What should I do if the B/O button on my controller closes the game window in Fallout 4?

If the B/O button is bugging you in Fallout 4, try tweaking controller settings. This might include adjustments in Steam and the game settings. The glitch often links to Steam misreading it as a keyboard’s B key.

How can I master button functionality in Fallout 4?

To get good at using buttons in Fallout 4, learn their actions. Even if you face B/O button issues, you can play well. Knowing how to set your items and throw grenades will help. It makes your time in Fallout 4 more fun and engaging.

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