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Retro Illumination: Antique Lights in Fallout 76

by Lucas Grayson
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Antique Lights Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, players can make their Wasteland homes shine with antique lights. They can craft Candles, Oil Lamp, and Wall Scone lights with the Antique Lights plan. This plan lets you make these beautiful lights at your C.A.M.P. or workshop.

These items are sold by vendors like Grahm and Pendleton at The Whitespring Resort. Each light is worth 150 caps and weighs 0.25 units.

Unlocks and Locations

The Antique Lights plan lets players create three types of lights. These are Candles, Oil lamp, and Wall sconce. You can craft them at a C.A.M.P. or workshop, making your Fallout 76 home look charmingly retro. They bring an old-timey feel that’s warmly familiar.

To get this plan, you need to find certain vendors in Appalachia. Look for Grahm and Pendleton at The Whitespring Resort. They sell various workshop plans, including the Antique Lights one. Buy the plan from them to start crafting these lovely lights.

Light Type Crafting Materials
Candles 1 Cloth
Oil lamp 1 Glass, 1 Oil
Wall sconce 1 Glass, 1 Oil

For each light, you’ll need different materials. Making Candles needs 1 Cloth. The Oil lamp and Wall sconce need 1 Glass and 1 Oil. While finding these, players can make their chosen Antique Light to improve their Fallout 76 space.

Once you have the plan and the materials, crafting is fun. Show your creative side by putting these lights together. They don’t just light up your home; they take you back in time with a gentle, nostalgic glow.

Quintessentially Retro

“Antique lights in Fallout 76 are more than just workshop objects; they are testament to the resilience of craftsmanship in a post-apocalyptic world. Embrace the beauty of the past and illuminate your virtual home with a touch of nostalgia.” – Vault Dweller Monthly

Workshop Objects and Variants

The Antique Lights plan lets you make three lovely types of antique lights in the game – Candles, Oil lamp, and Wall sconce. These items make homes look nicer and brighter in Fallout 76. To make them, players need materials like cloth, glass, and oil. Gather these items to bring a warm, old-time feeling to your virtual home.

Distinct Variants

The Antique Lights plan lets players create three unique workshop objects:

  • Candles: They are a timeless option, offering a warm glow and working well in every part of your home. They make spaces feel snug with their soft, dancing light.
  • Oil lamp: These lamps have a traditional feel, reminding us of the past. They’re ideal for adding a bit of history to your home, casting a gentle, peaceful light.
  • Wall sconce: These are fixtures for your walls, combining beauty with practicality. You can place them to light up paths, stairs, or make your art stand out.

Each type of light lets players get creative, deciding where and how many to put. You can mix and match them to make your Fallout 76 house look just right.

See the table for what you need to craft each light:

Variant Materials
Candles Cloth, Glass, Oil
Oil lamp Cloth, Glass, Oil
Wall sconce Cloth, Glass, Oil


Antique Lights Fallout 76 lets players make their virtual homes a retro haven. Once you unlock the plan, you can make Candles, Oil lamp, and Wall sconce. These special lights give your space a vintage feel.

Adding antique lights in Fallout 76 makes your virtual home feel cozier and welcoming. You can choose from different types, like candles or wall sconces. It’s a great way to bring a bit of the old days into your in-game home.

Go for a retro look in Fallout 76 with Antique Lights. Get the plan, gather what you need, and start crafting. These lights will make your space magical and full of memories from a time gone by.


What is the Antique Lights plan in Fallout 76?

The Antique Lights plan lets you make Candle, Oil lamp, and Wall sconce lights. You can place them in your home at a C.A.M.P. or workshop in Fallout 76 to give it a bit of a retro look. They are sold by traders like Grahm and Pendleton at The Whitespring Resort.

Where can I find the Antique Lights plan in Fallout 76?

You can get the Antique Lights plan from traders at The Whitespring Resort. Look for Grahm and Pendleton. They sell this plan that lets you make special lights.

How can I craft the Antique Lights in Fallout 76?

First, find the Antique Lights plan. Once you have it, you can make Candles, Oil lamp, and Wall sconce at your C.A.M.P. or workshop. To make them, you’ll need cloth, glass, and oil.

How do Antique Lights enhance my home in Fallout 76?

Adding Antique lights to your home in Fallout 76 brings in a nostalgic vibe. They make your space feel brighter and more welcoming with their vintage style. So, your place looks a bit old-school but cosy.

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