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Setting Up 2-Player Mode in UFC 4 on PS4: A Quick Guide

by Lucas Grayson
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how to play 2 player ufc 4 ps4

Welcome to UFC 4 on PS4, a game where you can fight with a friend. This guide shows how to set up the 2-player mode on your PlayStation 4.

Start by turning on your PS4. Insert the UFC 4 disc with the label facing up. When the game icon shows on the home screen, press the cross button to start.

You need two working controllers for 2-player mode. Make sure both are good to go.

Choose a mode together. You can pick intense Fight Now matches or the immersive Career Mode. Just follow the game’s steps to start playing.

Now, play UFC 4 with a friend. See who wins in exciting matches on one screen.

Keep practising to get better. Try new moves and strategies to win in UFC 4 on PS4!

Getting Started in UFC 4 on PS4

Before you step into UFC 4 on your PS4, knowing the game’s settings and controls is key. This advice goes for both newbies and those who’ve played before. Knowing how things work helps you do better.

UFC 4 offers modes like Career, Fight Now, and Online. In Career Mode, you build your fighter from scratch. You start unknown and aim to become a UFC star. Along the way, you’ll face challenges and make choices that affect your career.

Learning the game’s controls lets you do cool moves and win fights. The controls make it easy to switch between moves. This means you can fight in different ways depending on the situation.

When you’re striking, you press different buttons for different attacks. For example, the square button lets you jab, and triangle makes you do back crosses. Mixing up your strikes keeps your enemy on their toes.

On the ground, you can do things like takedowns and submissions. Getting these right can really change a fight. To strike your opponent while on the ground, use ground and pound moves wisely. Timing matters a lot for these moves.

Now, let’s look at the basic controls:

Striking controls:

  • Lead Jab: Square button
  • Back Cross: Triangle button
  • Hook: Circle button
  • Leg Kick: X button

Ground controls:

  • Takedown: L2 + R1
  • Transition: Right Stick
  • Submission: Various button combinations
  • Ground and Pound: L1 + Strike buttons

Take some time to get good at the controls by practicing. Getting better needs work and not giving up. You can get really good at UFC 4 if you stick with it. Good luck!

Tips for Success in UFC 4 on PS4

Want to rule the octagon in UFC 4 on PS4? Let’s look at some key strategies and tips. They’ll boost your gaming and make you play at your best.

First, in stand-up play, get good at combining strikes and moving your head. Use various strikes such as jabs, hooks, and kicks. This will keep your opponent uncertain and help you take the lead.

Moving to the clinch, understand how to control your opponent. Doing this lets you strike hard or start a takedown. It’s a big plus in the fight.

When it’s ground game time, know your moves. Learn about transitions, submissions, and ground and pound. Focus on timing and accuracy for powerful takedowns and submissions.

Also, make your fighter unique. Use the game’s progression system to customise attributes and skills. This way, you play in a style that gives you an edge.

Remember these hints and strategies. They will help you stand out in UFC 4 on the PS4. Best of luck! Go show them what you’ve got!


How do I set up 2-player mode in UFC 4 on PS4?

Start by turning on your PlayStation 4. Insert the UFC 4 disc with the label up. Once the game shows on the screen, select it and press cross to start. Ensure you have two controllers ready.

To play together, pick a mode like Fight Now or Career Mode. Follow the steps on the screen to set up your game. Have fun with your friend in split-screen mode!

How do I get started in UFC 4 on PS4?

Before you enter the octagon, learn the game. UFC 4 on PS4 has Career Mode, Fight Now, and Online play. In Career Mode, become a UFC star. Learn how to strike, grapple, and use ground moves.

Use different button combos for strikes. For instance, square for jabs and triangle for crosses. On the ground, try takedowns and more. Practice the controls to get better.

What are some tips for success in UFC 4 on PS4?

For a better game in UFC 4 on PS4, focus on your stand-up game. Master striking and move your head to dodge. Use a variety of strikes to surprise your opponent.

In the clinch, control your rival to land hits or take them down. On the ground, know your moves well. Learn takedowns and submissions. Customise your fighter to make them strong. With these tips, you can rule the octagon in UFC 4!

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