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Hello and welcome to PC Site. Are you looking for computer solutions? To buy refurbished computers/PCs? Then look no further as you have landed on the right page. At PC Site, we offer premium Computer/PC solutions to cater to all your needs regarding individual or bulk purchase of workstations or specially customized computers. We have specialized workstations designed for specific needs, whether it is a grade A gaming PC you require, a workstation designed for video or image processing, office workstations or a custom-built PC for a dedicated task, you can rely on us to provide you with a PC solution.

We offer a wide variety of branded refurbished PC workstations and PCs, in varying grades (A & B). Along with providing new and refurbished computers, we also provide our valued customers with accessories like HDD, SSD (Hard Drive), RAM Memory, Processors, and a wide range of workstation and PC models. So, whether it’s a workstation, a gaming PC, high-performance workstation (for video or image processing, CAD design, 3D, motion graphics ) or simple desktops for everyday tasks, we can be your reliable partner to provide you with a computer solution of your choice.

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