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Strategies to Win Two Belts in UFC 4: Ultimate Fighter Guide

by Lucas Grayson
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how to win two belts in ufc 4

Welcome to our ultimate fighter guide. Here, we’ll share the key strategies for winning two UFC 4 belts. These tips are great for newcomers or experienced players. They’ll help you reign supreme in the octagon. Let’s get started on your path to dual-division champion status.

Changing the Game with Effective Strategies

To grab two UFC 4 belts, grappling must be your forte. Change your grapple assist to Legacy mode. It enhances your ground game, letting you do more in fights with ease.

If career mode is your target, make your own character in not the heavyweight class. This opens the door to seizing both titles. Choosing a striker style, such as a kickboxer, works well in this mode.

In the octagon, it’s about having all-around skills, smart choices, and perfect moves. Follow these strategies. They’ll take you closer to being the unbeatable fighter in UFC 4.

Achieving The Legend Achievement

Every UFC 4 player aims to be the best in career mode. They seek The Legend achievement to show their skills. To win this award, you must perform exceptionally and promote your fights well.

Performance Goals

To become a legend, you must excel in your career’s performance. You need to achieve various goals, showing your skills and dominance:

  • Submit your opponents 15 times, displaying your exceptional grappling abilities.
  • Devastate your adversaries with 12 knockouts, demonstrating your striking prowess.
  • Secure a remarkable 17 consecutive wins, proving your dominance over the competition.
  • Participate in 35 UFC fights, revealing your longevity and endurance in the Octagon.
  • Rise to the challenge and become a two-division champion, cementing your legacy as a versatile fighter.

Accomplishing these goals will prove your talent and edge you closer to The Legend status.

Promotional Goals

Success in your career also depends on how well you promote yourself. You should aim to reach these promotional goals:

  • Ascend the ranks of career earnings, establishing your financial success as a top-tier fighter.
  • Generate a substantial number of pay-per-view buys, drawing in a large audience for your fights.
  • Build a strong following of fans who support you and engage with your content.
  • Compete in main events, showcasing your ability to draw attention and perform under pressure.

By promoting your fights effectively and engaging the audience, you can achieve these goals. This will help you earn The Legend achievement.

Remember, reaching The Legend level needs both top-level fighting and strong self-promotion. Perfect your skills, draw in the fans, and make your mark in UFC history. This is your chance to join the elite of the sport.

Career Progression and Challenges

As your career moves forward, you’ll encounter tough hurdles and big wins. These events will define your path to being a top fighter. They challenge your abilities, forcing you to get better to rise in the MMA world.

Making your amateur debut is a key start. Then, you get to show off your skills and set the stage for your pro journey. It’s vital for facing the upcoming trials and achievements.

Along your path, you’ll tackle specific goals. These include managing 5 takedowns in a fight, improving a skill in training, and taking on a skilled wrestler in an amateur match. Overcoming these tests pushes your game up and brings you respect and experience.

Meeting these challenges earns you titles like Thrown to the Wolves and Stay Down!. These marks show how far you’ve come. They prove you can beat any trial and stand triumphant.

It’s vital to focus on and improve key moves. Doing this boosts your chances of winning. Strengthening your skills makes you ready for the tough obstacles ahead.

Making smart contract choices and defending your championships are crucial. They aid in your growth and lead towards winning multiple titles. Each choice and win gets you nearer to MMA greatness.


What are some strategies to win two belts in UFC 4?

To increase your chances of winning two belts in UFC 4, switch your grapple assist to Legacy. This gives you more ground control. In career mode, pick a lighter weight class to go for two championships. Choose striker-type fighters, like kickboxers, for smoother matches.

How can I achieve The Legend achievement in career mode?

For The Legend achievement in career mode, hit certain performance and promotional targets. You need to reach 15 submissions, 12 knockouts, and 17 straight wins. Also, fight in 35 UFC bouts and secure titles in two weight classes. Make sure to create a lot of buzz around your fights. This boosts your chances of meeting these goals.

What are some career progression and challenges in UFC 4?

In career mode, you’ll face different tasks and milestones. You might have to debut as an amateur, or land 5 takedowns in one fight. Upgrading moves, winning amateur fights against high-level opponents, and completing other challenges will earn you achievements. Focus on improving specific moves to up your success rate.

Also, signing contracts and keeping your titles are key parts of progressing in your career. These steps will help you work towards the goal of winning two belts.

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