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Switching Stances in UFC 4: Techniques for a Dynamic Fight

by Lucas Grayson
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how to switch stance in ufc 4

Switching stances in UFC 4 can change how you fight. It’s useful for fighters at any level. By becoming skilled at changing stances, you can improve your game.

Fighters like Nonito Donaire, Vasyl Lomachenko, and Terence Crawford have shown us how effective this can be. Switching between orthodox and southpaw stances confuses opponents. It breaks their defence and makes it harder for them to predict your moves.

This approach lets you attack from different sides. Your opponent will struggle to guess what you’ll do next. Being unpredictable is a big advantage in the UFC.

So, how do you get good at this in UFC 4? We’ll look at why switching stances is great and give you tips for doing it well in the virtual octagon.

Advantages of Switch-Hitting in UFC 4

Switch-hitting in UFC 4 helps fighters gain a tactical edge in a bout. They can easily switch stances, confusing foes and breaking down their defence. This move can totally change the game in the octagon.

Switch-hitting lets fighters change their stance, keeping their enemy guessing. By using both orthodox and southpaw stances, they stay unpredictable. This surprise factor makes it tough for rivals to defend against unpredictable attacks. In a fight, this can earn switch-hitters a big advantage.

This style also lets fighters use both hands effectively. Even if they have a favourite hand, switch-hitting allows them to strike hard with both hands. Opponents find it hard to see or stop these strikes. Skilled fighters can find openings in their enemy’s defences and land powerful hits.

Switch-hitting gives an edge in both attacking and defense. It helps fighters avoid strong punches and move out of harm’s way. This quick change can save them from dangerous hits, keeping the upper hand in the fight.

Adding shifting to switch-hitting makes it even better. Shifting smoothly between stances keeps the attack strong. It creates moments for sneak attacks, surprising the rival. Syncing switching with shifting is a potent strategy in UFC 4.

In short, switch-hitting is full of benefits for fighters in UFC 4. It lets them confuse the foe, use both hands well, and defend effectively. By mastering this skill, they can boost their fighting style, making it thrilling and unpredictable.

Advantages of Switch-Hitting in UFC 4
Advantage Description
Confuses opponents Provides different looks and angles, making it difficult for opponents to defend
Utilizes both hands effectively Makes it harder for opponents to predict and defend against strikes
Enhances defensive maneuvers Allows fighters to avoid power punches and pivot out of danger
Combined with shifting Enables smooth transitions and surprise attacks

Mastering the Art of Switching Stances in UFC 4

Switching stances well in UFC 4 makes fighters more flexible and hard to predict. It’s about getting good at both right-handed and left-handed stances. These skills help fighters deal with any fight moment and make the most of their strong points.

To be great at switching, fighters need to work on using both hands. They should feel at home with attacking and defending in different ways. This makes it easy to change stances smoothly. It also confuses opponents, stopping them from knowing what’s coming next.

It’s not just about the moves. Fighters need to learn to do better when holding and when moving from one stance to another. They should hit small but smart blows and stop their opponents from moving well. This gives fighters an advantage in close-up fights.

Knowing when to back off is also key. Fighters shouldn’t get tired out. Staying sharp with their energy levels stops them from being weak or open to strikes. This way, they can keep their edge all through the match.

In short, being good at changing stances boosts a UFC 4 player’s skills. Adding these moves and strategies to training helps improve the game. It could mean more wins inside the ring.


How do I switch stances in UFC 4?

To switch stances in UFC 4, press the left arrow on your controller. This changes your stance. You can go from orthodox to southpaw or the other way around.

Can switching stances confuse my opponents?

Yes, changing your stance can be confusing for your opponents. It helps you show them different attacks. This makes it hard for them to know how to defend.

What are the advantages of switch-hitting in UFC 4?

Switch-hitting in UFC 4 offers lots of benefits. It confuses your opponents. You can use both hands effectively, which can surprise your opponent. You will also find chances to attack from different sides.

How can switch-hitting be used as a defensive strategy?

Using switch-hitting defensively can help you avoid your opponent’s big hits. By changing your stance often, you make it tough for them to know what you’ll do. This can stop them from hitting you well.

How can I become proficient in switching stances in UFC 4?

To get good at changing stances, start with the basics of each one. Work on offence and defence in both orthodox and southpaw styles. Also, get good at grappling, changing momentum, and managing your stamina.

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