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The Power of the Fist: Crafting an Unarmed Build in Fallout 76

by Julia Blackwood
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Fallout 76 Unarmed Build

Unarmed weapons can be a strong choice for close fighting in Fallout 76. They give a unique and fun way to play for anyone surviving the wasteland. The Power Fist stands out among them. It has a big damage range of 48-58. Whether you find it at Sunnytop Ski Lanes or buy it from Vendor Bot Phoenix in Watoga, this weapon will help you in your tough fights.

The Power Fist is special because it can have a Vampiric effect. This lets you get health back with each hit. Having this effect can make you very hard to defeat in battle.

But using the Power Fist well is more than just having it. You should spend your SPECIAL points wisely for the best unarmed fighting. For instance, focus on Strength to hit harder, Endurance to last longer, and Agility to move quicker.

Choosing the right Perk Cards is key for your build’s success. Perk Cards like Solar Powered, Adrenaline, Martial Artist, and Blocker boost how well you fight and survive. They give you special advantages to overcome enemies with your fists.

Don’t forget about Mutations and Legendary Perks to make your build even stronger. Try getting the Speed Demon mutation for faster movement. Look into legendary perks like Exploding Palm, Retribution, and Brawling Chemist to enhance your unarmed capabilities.

Set out on a path of great strength and toughness with your unarmed build in Fallout 76. The wasteland is ready for you, with the Power Fist as your tool for victory.

The Best Stats and Perks for an Unarmed Build in Fallout 76

Creating a strong unarmed build in Fallout 76 is all about using your SPECIAL points wisely. With the right stats, you can boost your unarmed combat skills. This makes you a serious contender in the game’s battles.

For a good unarmed build, it’s advised to set your SPECIAL points this way:

Strength 15 points
Perception 1 point
Endurance 15 points
Charisma 3 points
Intelligence 6 points
Agility 12 points
Luck 4 points

This setup gives you the strength and endurance needed for powerful attacks. It also boosts other important skills like agility and luck.

Now, let’s look at some critical Perk Cards to make your unarmed build even stronger:

Martial Artist

The Martial Artist Perk Card is essential for any unarmed fighter. It speeds up your hits and makes your weapons lighter. This means you can land more hits quickly.


Blocker is key for your survival. It cuts down melee attack damage, giving you an advantage in close fights. This could be your edge over enemies.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist boosts your unarmed attack damage. Your punches will be stronger, dealing more damage. This can quickly defeat your foes.

Solar Powered

The Solar Powered Perk Card helps during the day. It adds a point each to your Strength and Endurance, improving your attacks and defence.


Adrenaline increases damage per kill. As you defeat enemies, you’ll hit harder. It can turn you into someone very hard to beat in combat.

Bloody Mess

With Bloody Mess, your damage increases. It applies to your unarmed hits, creating more chaos on the battlefield.


Barbarian gives you more defence as you are stronger. It helps you withstand more hits in fights, making you tougher to defeat.

Using these Perk Cards with the right SPECIAL stats can turn you into a Fallout 76 powerhouse. Enjoy the extra speed, protection, and damage boosts to rule the game.


An unarmed build in Fallout 76 is both strong and fun. It’s all about the right weapons and where you put your SPECIAL points. The Power Fist is top for close fights, combining high base damage and a chance for a Vampiric effect. With it and the right Perk Cards, your character can rule close-range battles.

To make your build even better, think about the Speed Demon mutation. It boosts your agility and how fast you move. This helps you cross the wasteland’s tough ground fast and catch up to foes in no time. Don’t forget to pick Legendary Perks that up your unarmed hits or make you tougher. They’re key to surviving the tough wasteland.

With the perfect unarmed build, you can take on anything in Fallout 76. Go into battle without fear, knowing you have the skills and gear to win. Grab your Power Fist and show everyone in the Fallout 76 world what you’re made of.


What is the best unarmed weapon in Fallout 76?

The best unarmed weapon is the Power Fist. It’s found at Sunnytop Ski Lanes. Or you can buy it from Vendor Bot Phoenix in Watoga Station.

How much damage does the Power Fist deal?

The Power Fist does 48-58 base damage. You can add the Puncturing mod for more armor penetration.

What is the ideal legendary effect for an unarmed weapon?

Vampiric is the best legendary effect for unarmed weapons. It lets you heal with each hit.

Which SPECIAL points should I focus on for an unarmed build?

Focus your SPECIAL points on Strength, Endurance, and Agility for the best unarmed build.

What Perk Cards are beneficial for an unarmed build?

Look into Perk Cards like Solar Powered and Adrenaline. Martial Artist and Blocker are also great for an unarmed build.

What mutation is the best choice for increased movement speed?

For extra speed, choose the Speed Demon mutation in an unarmed build. It works well for moving quickly.

What Legendary Perks can enhance an unarmed build?

Legendary Perks like Exploding Palm, Retribution, and Brawling Chemist can make your unarmed build even stronger in Fallout 76.

How should I allocate SPECIAL points for an optimal unarmed build?

For the best unarmed build, put 15 points in Strength. Add 1 point in Perception. Then do 15 points in Endurance. Charisma needs 3 points. Intelligence gets 6 points. Agility should have 12 points. Luck gets 4 points.

What Perk Cards are particularly useful for an unarmed build?

Solar Powered, Adrenaline, Martial Artist, Blocker, Bloody Mess, Barbarian, and Iron Fist are key Perk Cards for unarmed builds.

How can I optimize my character for unarmed combat in Fallout 76?

To make your character great at unarmed combat, use the Power Fist. Place your SPECIAL points well. Pick the right Perk Cards. Enjoy the benefits of the Speed Demon mutation. Include helpful Legendary Perks.

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