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Top Cryptocurrency Influencers to Follow

by Lucas Grayson
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Cryptocurrency influencers are key in the digital currency world. They share important insights and info with their followers. Following them helps you keep up with trends, news, and learning about cryptocurrencies.

Studies show that in the cryptocurrency world, 44% of marketers like working with small, strong influencers. These influencers are often community favourites rather than big names or celebrities. Based on this, here’s a list of 16 top crypto thought leaders1. They’re highly respected and loved by the crypto community, according to reliable stats.

These influencers, found through Fedica’s Search & Explore tool, have followers ranging from 13,072 to 163,7661. Our recommended influencers include experts like Benjamin Cowan and Coin Bureau. Also, James from InvestAnswers is on our list1. These choices are based on the strong quality of their content and recommendations from the crypto community1.

We’ve also found influencers with hidden potential for those seeking more focused, engaged audiences. They also range in followers from 13,675 to 163,7661.

It’s vital to team up with influencers who care about their community. They should focus on creating great content. This method works better than just promoting yourself heavily in the crypto field1.

Learning about cryptocurrencies means following key developers and using various online sources. This way, you get a full picture of the crypto world1.

Key Takeaways

  • 44% of marketers prefer collaborating with small but strong community influencers in the cryptocurrency industry1.
  • A curated list of 16 popular crypto thought leaders based on strong reputations and positive community feedback1.
  • Influencers found using Fedica’s Search & Explore tool have follower counts ranging from 13,072 to 163,7661.
  • The list of recommended crypto influencers includes Benjamin Cowan, Coin Bureau, and James from InvestAnswers1.
  • Engaging with influencers who prioritize community building and quality content is crucial in the cryptocurrency industry1.

Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin is a well-known name in the crypto world. He co-founded Ethereum when he was only 28 years old2. This was a big step forward in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Today, Ethereum is seen as the second biggest crypto after Bitcoin2.

Ethereum has become a key player in the market. Its currency, Ether, powers a massive ecosystem worth trillions2. Thanks to Buterin, not only experts but also many new investors have joined the financial world2.

But Buterin’s work goes beyond Ethereum’s creation. His efforts in the crypto world have made him a big influencer. For example, he wrote for Bitcoin Weekly in 2011 and was paid 5 bitcoins per article2. Today, those bitcoins would be worth roughly $200,0002.

Buterin is also a go-to person for news on Ethereum and crypto, offering valuable insights. Subscribing to TIME’s “Into the Metaverse” newsletter is a good way to keep up with him2.

On X (formerly Twitter), Buterin has about 5.2 million followers3. This shows his strong influence. He is followed by many in and out of the crypto community. He also has close to 180,000 followers on Farcaster3.

Buterin’s work has profoundly affected Ethereum’s growth. Since its start in 2013 and official launch in 20154, Ethereum has hit many important milestones. For example, Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange, has seen over $2 trillion in trades4. Joseph Lubin, another Ethereum co-founder, created ConsenSys, a top blockchain software company4.

Buterin’s vision isn’t just limited to Ethereum. Chris Dixon co-founded Hunch, which offers personalised suggestions4. Joseph Delong has also played a key role from his time at ConsenSys. Additionally, Péter Szilágyi leads a team at Ethereum as a software developer4.

Dealing with fame in the crypto field isn’t easy. Tyler John’s post on X in January 2024 discussed some issues. Buterin started saying “srry 4 ratio-ing” in his replies. This was because of an increase in fake accounts and bots3.

To sum up, Buterin has significantly influenced the crypto space. His knowledge benefits anyone keen on understanding cryptocurrencies. We can learn a lot from following his ideas and work2.

Michael Saylor, Chairman of MicroStrategy Incorporated

Michael Saylor leads MicroStrategy Incorporated with great success in the cryptocurrency world. His wealth was estimated at $4.8 billion on Monday, by Forbes. This shows he’s doing well in the crypto market5.

Saylor and MicroStrategy are known for investing big in Bitcoin. They put $250 million into it, becoming one of the biggest holders. Currently, they have 174,530 Bitcoins6.

Besides leading MicroStrategy, Saylor is also a software developer and keen Bitcoin investor. His wealth is about $1.8 billion. He’s in the top 10 for having the most Bitcoins. People follow him a lot because he knows a lot and makes strong predictions6.

On X (formerly Twitter), Saylor has 3 million followers. He shares Bitcoin news and insights daily. Many in the crypto world trust his information7.

There have been recent talks about Saylor and tax fraud. He settled to pay $40 million, making it the largest such case in DC. It was said that MicroStrategy helped him avoid over $25 million in local taxes since 2005. Yet, Saylor’s impact in cryptocurrency is still big5.

Michael Saylor Bitcoin

Follow Michael Saylor for the Latest Bitcoin Insights

Following Michael Saylor is essential for Bitcoin market updates. His vast knowledge and large following offer valuable insights. Whether you’re new or experienced in investing, Saylor’s advice is crucial7.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Cryptocurrency Educator

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a famous educator in the cryptocurrency world. He has over 757,000 followers on X and 323,000 subscribers on YouTube. Born in 1972 in London, he studied Computer Science and Networks at University College London8. With more than 30 years in the tech field, Antonopoulos is not just an author and expert. He uses his skills to help people and businesses understand and use new tech like blockchain9.

Antonopoulos is well known for his work in cryptocurrency. He became the Chief Security Officer at Blockchain.info in January 20148. He wrote important books like “Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Currencies”. His books teach and inspire those curious about digital money and blockchain9.

As a speaker, Antonopoulos has talked all over the world. From speeches and workshops in North America to educational sessions in Africa. People everywhere praise his talks on blockchain, DeFi, and digital currencies9. His ability to make complex topics simple is why so many find him so helpful for learning about cryptocurrency10.

Antonopoulos also made big impacts in the cryptocurrency world. In December 2017, people gave him over 100 bitcoins as donations. This shows how much others value his knowledge and advice8. His insights are key in spreading the use of digital money and blockchain tech9.

Antonopoulos is not only respected in finance but also teaches in important places. He talked about Bitcoin’s future in Canada before the Senate of Canada on October 8, 20148. His work is not just about teaching but about changing how we use money and tech globally9.

Ben Armstrong, Founder of BitBoy Crypto

Ben Armstrong is a key figure in the world of cryptocurrency. Known as BitBoy Crypto, he has over 1.45 million YouTube subscribers and 1 million followers on X. This makes him a big name in the world of digital currency.

His channel, BitBoy Crypto, brings updates and live streams about the latest in crypto. This means by watching Armstrong, investors can keep up with market trends and find new opportunities in digital currency.

Both mainstream media and the crypto world have noticed Armstrong. But he’s also faced tough times. In 2022, his worth hits around $10 million, as reported by DataWallet11.

Armstrong also does promotions. His media kit shows his prices – a review costs $35,000, a livestream mention is $20,000, and a YouTube interview is $40,000. For a Telegram AMA, he charges $10,000. To publish an article costs $2,50011.

Not every project Armstrong supports does well. The project DistX, for example, dropped nearly 90%, causing big losses11.

A lot of people in cryptocurrency face challenges. Richard Heart and his efforts, including Hex and PulseChain, got into trouble with the SEC. They were accused of fraud and not following registration rules. They managed to raise more than $1 billion11.

Armstrong was part of promoting SafeMoon, which later faced SEC accusations of fraud. But he’s also been linked to a project called BEN Coin. This project shows how influential people like Armstrong can change the fate of digital currency apps11.

Armstrong got money for promoting crypto on CNBC. This detail is important for investors to know. But it’s just as vital for them to research and think for themselves when they look into investments11.

Listening to Armstrong’s views on the market can be helpful for fans of BitBoy Crypto. But always remember: research your investments, diversify, and maybe even get advice from professionals.

Learning about Armstrong’s story and the issues he’s met can help someone new to cryptocurrency understand this market better. It can give them the confidence to make smart moves with their money.

BitBoy Crypto Services Price
Dedicated Review $35,000
Livestream Mention $20,000
YouTube Interview $40,000
Telegram AMA $10,000
Website Article $2,500

Table: BitBoy Crypto Services and Prices

Layah Heilpern, Crypto Analyst and Author

Layah Heilpern stands out in the world of cryptocurrencies12. She combines her knowledge of finance with new tech like blockchains. This makes her a go-to person for reliable info in the sector12.

By managing her media firm and working with crypto outlets, Heilpern shows her expertise12. She talks about cryptos, politics, staying motivated, and how to run a business on The Layah Heilpern Show12.

What sets Heilpern apart is her deep bitcoin analysis and easy-to-understand videos12. She helps her viewers understand the often complicated world of digital currencies12. Heilpern’s YouTube channel has more than 467K followers13. It’s a key place for those wanting to learn a lot about cryptos.

To keep up with crypto’s latest trends and get insights from a true expert, follow Layah Heilpern12. Her knowledge and commitment to teaching make her a crucial resource12. This is for anyone keen on Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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Lea Thompson, Entertaining Crypto Content Creator

Lea Thompson, who goes by Girl Gone Crypto, is a big name in making crypto content.

She has more than 225,000 fans on X and 16,000 on YouTube14. Thompson is famous for her fun and informative work.

Thompson explains tricky crypto stuff in easy ways. Her aim is to reach many people, not just a few.

She talks about guides, crypto news, and fun bits14. Thompson’s skill is simplifying hard topics into simple ones, which are fun to learn.

Watching Thompson, you learn about crypto, and it’s fun14. Her videos are all about enjoying the process, for new and old crypto fans14.

She dives into new crypto trends and project reviews. Her clips are always both fun and packed with info14.

Thompson’s way of making crypto content is unique14. Her videos are creative and interesting, keeping people hooked14.

Besides YouTube, Thompson is big on Instagram, with 28.4k followers15. Her influence goes beyond one platform.

Thompson’s mix of fun and facts has made her very popular. She’s respected in the world of crypto influencers15.

If you want fun crypto tips and exciting content, follow Lea Thompson14.

Crypto Jebb, Bitcoin Analyst and Educator

Crypto Jebb is a key figure in the Bitcoin analysis and education. He has over 221,000 YouTube subscribers. This makes him a reliable source for Bitcoin news and technical analysis.

His videos offer in-depth technical analysis of Bitcoin. They help his viewers understand the cryptocurrency market better. Crypto Jebb is known for simplifying complex ideas. This makes his content useful for traders of all levels.

By keeping up with Crypto Jebb’s videos, you can make more informed trading choices. He helps you know the latest in the Bitcoin world. This makes you ready to face the changes in the market.

He is active on Twitter too, with over 27,000 followers. People depend on his views on the platform. His Instagram has over 9,000 followers, showing how much his audience values his work.

“Crypto Jebb’s insights on Bitcoin have improved my trading. His clear explanations and deep insights have boosted my strategies.”16

Crypto Jebb doesn’t just work online; he connects through LinkedIn too. He has over a hundred followers there. On LinkedIn, he has made a community of crypto fans. They share his passion and respect his knowledge.


Keeping up with cryptocurrency influencers is key to understanding the digital asset world. Influencers like Vitalik Buterin and Andreas M. Antonopoulos shape the crypto market.17 They can change investor choices and market trends with their know-how. These experts use platforms like Twitter and YouTube to share their views.17 They often influence market feelings and digital asset prices.17 Their recommendations can make certain investments very popular, like Initial Coin Offerings (ICIOs).17

Yet, investors should be careful about who they trust.18 Though influencers offer good insights, it’s wise to research their tips carefully.18 Be aware that some may get paid to push certain projects, which might cloud their judgement.18 This could lead to promoting schemes for personal profit.18 It’s critical to be skeptical and check the credibility of these influencers.1819

It’s also key not to let emotions, like the fear of missing out, guide your choices.18 Focusing on a variety of sources can help. Knowing the market well is essential.1819 Plus, using tools to follow influencer campaigns can be a good move.19 The future of influencer marketing in crypto will likely include AI and better personalisation.19

Although crypto influencers give helpful advice, it’s vital to mix their insights with your own research and critical thinking.18 This approach will help investors make smarter choices in the complex world of cryptocurrencies.


Who are cryptocurrency influencers?

Cryptocurrency influencers include experts or celebrities. They enlighten people about cryptocurrencies on social media.

Why should I follow cryptocurrency influencers?

They keep you informed about trends, news, and educational stuff in the cryptocurrency sector. This makes following them beneficial.

Who is Vitalik Buterin?

Vitalik Buterin co-founded Ethereum. This is a top cryptocurrency. He’s very influential and offers important insights into crypto.

Who is Michael Saylor?

Michael Saylor chairs MicroStrategy. He is a key figure in crypto. People follow him for daily Bitcoin news.

Who is Andreas M. Antonopoulos?

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is widely respected in cryptocurrency education. He deeply understands cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. His work includes sharing precious info and hosting Q&A sessions on YouTube.

Who is Ben Armstrong?

Ben Armstrong is also BitBoy Crypto. He’s famous for streaming live about crypto. This includes his insights on investing in cryptocurrencies.

Who is Layah Heilpern?

Layah Heilpern is an insightful writer and analyst. She discusses the advantages of cryptocurrency. Her work includes updates on Bitcoin and the latest industry trends.

Who is Lea Thompson?

Lea Thompson makes fun and informative crypto content. Her videos are easy to understand and cover many crypto topics like tutorials, news, and fun segments.

Who is Crypto Jebb?

Crypto Jebb is known for analysing Bitcoin and educating about it. If you want to understand Bitcoin’s technical side and market trends, his channel is a must-watch.

Why should I follow cryptocurrency influencers?

They are a great source for learning more about cryptocurrency. Their insights and knowledge are valuable in understanding the crypto world.

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